Pregnancy Advice with Snooki!

I have my first question for Snooki as I go through my pregnancy journey. Listen to my question and then go to her blog to find out the answer to my question!!

Don’t forget to tune in tonight at 10/9c on MTV to watch the season finale of Snooki & JWOWW!! xoxo


  1. Michelle Jones 

    I’m a grandma….mother of 6. Pregnant is my area of expertise. The iron in the prenates make it hard to poop. Try eating fruit or prunes (yuck) but most important drink ALOT OF WATER. Good luck . Hope t hat everything comes out ok ; ) no pun lol.

    January 14 at 11:34am  / Reply
  2. Denise 

    Rainbow Light prenatal a are good. They have Ginger in them and they are all Vegan. Don’t seem to constipate and the ginger works wonders for morning sickness.

    January 14 at 12:05pm  / Reply
  3. Felicia 

    That song is so annoying seriously make these better, that was so awkward and both of you seemed like you were faking it and uncomfortable.

    January 14 at 1:18pm  / Reply
    • Amy 

      I totally agree. They both seemed very awkward, definitely not like two bf’s talking pregnancy.

      January 15 at 8:17am  / Reply
  4. isarijova 

    Kiwi is better!

    January 14 at 1:53pm  / Reply
  5. Charisma 


    January 14 at 9:50pm  / Reply
  6. Vanessa.A913 

    Lol snookis face when jwow ask about pooping is so funny

    January 15 at 8:15am  / Reply
  7. jax 

    Vegetable laxatives, mineral oil, miralax.

    January 15 at 8:19am  / Reply
  8. veronica 

    She seems like shes taking her pregnancy as “whatevers” idk well best of luck to her.

    January 15 at 8:23am  / Reply
  9. Jessica 

    These two are so ridiculous. I feel bad for their babies. Way too immature to be Having kids.

    January 15 at 8:40am  / Reply
  10. Kristin 

    You should buy miralax, it is a tasteless powder you mix into a drink and it will help you “go”. Trust me this was my best friend lol!

    January 15 at 8:45am  / Reply
  11. Leslie 

    There are prenatal “gummies” that don’t taste bad, and are easier on the stomach (and other parts)

    January 15 at 11:19am  / Reply
  12. Pam 

    Citranatal prenatals have an added gentle stool softener. That are a pregnancy must.

    January 18 at 10:21am  / Reply


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