Pregnancy And Me Don’t Mix…

JWOWW - Pregnancy and I dont mix

Duhhhhhh! This should come as no surprise to anyone who reads my blog and has been on my pregnancy journey with me!


  1. Cynthia Nicole Wohlford 

    I hated being pregnant an had 3 I tell everyone I’ll take what comes after all that but I don’t want to be pregnant ever! Good luck though love the worst part hasn’t happened!!

    April 29 at 11:07am  / Reply
  2. Michelle 

    I’d take her pregnancy and all its bad over not being able to have a baby anyday…

    April 29 at 11:27am  / Reply
    • ashley 

      Me 2 I am thinking about adoption or Foster parenting and I am only 25 and was told I would never be able to have kids so adoption is something I am looking into

      April 29 at 2:40pm  / Reply
      • Jennifer Tufts 

        Dont give up just because a doctor says u can never have children. I was told the same thing at 19 and it stayed true until I was 34. I had my daughter at 35 and im now 10 weeks pregnant at 37. I hope this gives u hope:) no matter how u end up with a child u are truly blessed when given the responsibility to teach and nurture a life.

        April 29 at 4:35pm
      • BRANDI.C 


        April 30 at 9:19am
      • BRANDI.C 


        April 30 at 9:21am
      • Dawn 

        I was told By 3 doctors I would never have kids , And low in behold It happened , As soon as I came to terms with it, It happened , My daughter is now 14 healthy and happy..Don’t give up hope.

        May 1 at 6:16pm
    • naydeen 

      me too

      April 29 at 3:45pm  / Reply
    • Nicole 

      Definitely agree Michelle! I’d kill for a baby we have tried almost 4 years and nothing. I feel like all she’s doing is complaining and she had been given the best gift ever.

      April 29 at 5:14pm  / Reply
      • Kath 

        She was legitimately seriously ill because of her pregnancy. How she feels about being sick is really not for you to comment on.

        April 30 at 1:58pm
  3. casandra 

    I just had my son and I agree pregnancy sucks I tried so hard to have him since 34 weeks because he was ready to come out. I finally had him at 36 weeks and people keep telling me oh your gonna miss being pregnant… bullsh** it sucks. But my beautiful son is amazing just don’t let it get you down and keep moving

    April 29 at 11:46am  / Reply
    • tesa 

      Why in the hell would you want to have your son at 34 weeks? Why would you try to have him that early? If pregnancy was really that miserable for you that you’d risk your sons health just so you could be comfortable I hope you don’t plan on having anymore kids.

      April 29 at 1:46pm  / Reply
    • Kath 

      …what is wrong with you?

      April 30 at 1:59pm  / Reply
  4. Rhonda Kaye 

    I was one of those who loved being pregnant. I know that its not for everyone. The end result will be worth it all!

    April 29 at 12:30pm  / Reply
  5. Kat 

    I loved being pregnant. The last few weeks were uncomfortable but it wasn’t too bad. Wanted to get pregnant again right after

    April 29 at 12:40pm  / Reply
  6. Kristina Marie 

    I’m currently 29 weeks pregnant with my second child . I love pregnancy , yes it feels uncomfortable but who cares it could be worse and in fact it makes us stronger ! No man could ever handle what we go through!!

    April 29 at 1:19pm  / Reply
  7. Jessica 

    Shouldn’t of gotten pregnet !!! Should of bought
    Yourself a doll now your getting fat and your

    April 29 at 3:23pm  / Reply
    • Kath 

      She can lose the baby weight. You can’t lose your shitty personality.

      April 30 at 2:00pm  / Reply
  8. Amanda v 

    I’ve had three babies horrible pregnancy so bad I get hospitalised for morning sickness ..I am now preg with my fourth it was a twin pregnancy but at 3 months I lost one … . Just because were blessed with being able to have a child doesn’t mean we have to love being pregnant after all it is for 9 months and it’s a long to time , watching your body change your hormones go crazy you feel horrible isn’t a lovely experience to go through .
    But I must say the end product a beautiful healthy baby is worth it all …

    April 29 at 3:40pm  / Reply
  9. casry 

    I’m 33 weeks pregnant an I’m already wanting this baby put but its a fact of life that some women will gp through but im also very young to be having a baby az well but i learnt my leson tho

    April 29 at 3:55pm  / Reply
  10. suzie 

    Everyone has different thoughts on pregnancy it will be over soon and u will forget about all the grossness and hate towards it and think wow this mini me is pretty awesome. Jessica get a dictionary and keep your hate to urself.
    Ive had three kids and love my monkeys to bits .

    April 29 at 4:03pm  / Reply
  11. Jeri 

    It amazes(actually disgusts and ashamed me as a woman) when I hear any woman bitch n complain bout being pregnant!! HOW F***ING DARE YOU!! Every conception is a MIRACLE and not every woman is BLESSED enough to for 1. Conceive and for 2. Carry a baby full term!! NOT to mention the women who use drugs n alcohol the whole 10 months of pregnancy only to screw the child’s entire life up or the women who CHOOSE to use Abortion as THEIR BIRTH CONTROL!! These embryos/ babies DON’T choose to be in your stomach or to do your drugs/alcohol BUT YOU HAVE THE CHOICE TO STOP THAT CRAP FOR JUST 10 MONTHS OUT OF YOUR LIFE!! Quit treating your miracle like it’s such an inconvenience when it’s such a miracle and not all women get to experience pregnancy!!!

    April 29 at 4:21pm  / Reply
    • Nicole 

      Jeri I couldn’t agree more! People don’t realize how blessed they are and take it for granted while others would do anything for a child and just can’t. It’s heartbreaking to be one of those people wishing and hoping while others just bitch and moan about something many of us wish we had.

      April 29 at 5:17pm  / Reply
    • Cheshirecat394 

      And @Jeri, you all are ridiculous, get down off your high horse. HOW DARE YOU tell anyone else what they have the right to bitch about!!! It is not your body and its not in anyway anyone’s fault that you cannot have kids so maybe YOU should quit bitching until you know what its like to be pregnant and deal with all the possible complications that come with it! Thanks.

      April 29 at 5:25pm  / Reply
      • Jeri 

        FYI CHESHIRECAT I do have a right to speak! I am the LUCKY Mom of 2 boys and 1 BEAUTIFUL Gran baby!! My first pregnancy was perfect the whole way through and he weighed 8lbs 11oz but my second pregnancy was not as easy….Nausea through whole pregnancy, baby went breach-then side ways- then head down then breach again and finally head down so they had to in
        duce me 2weeks early and he was still 9lbs4oz!! And I had 10lbs of excess Amnio fluid so they thought he may be born with short limbs SO DON’T TELL ME I DON’T KNOW WHERE I’M COMING FROM!! REGARDLESS EVERY BABY IS A MIRACLE NO MATTER HOW YOU LOOK AT IT!! How can you sit there and say that the mere fact that as a woman we are able to actually grow a NEW LIFE inside OUR BODIES is not a miracle???

        May 2 at 6:36pm
    • Cheshirecat394 

      Oh and also, I’ve been on medication this entire pregnancy too. My baby is forced to be subjected to the “drugs” I take because I take pain meds from being in a hit and run car crash with a drunk driver and cannot function without them. And guess what. My baby is perfectly healthy. My daughter is also a healthy happy 10 month old. So don’t judge what you obviously don’t know ANYTHING about. As you said you can’t even get pregnant so quit judging women just because they ARE able to experience a NATURALLY occurring in nature thing and you can’t. You sound like a totally self absorbed bitch.

      April 29 at 5:35pm  / Reply
      • cris 

        Jeri I think you are an inconsiderate human being. .just because a woman says she does not enjoy pregnancy does not make her a bad person. .it makes her an honest one..and that is perfectly fine…I disliked 90% of my pregnancy but I took care of myself and protected my child while in the womb..and now I’m an amazing mother! …so relax yourself and let any woman express her likes/dislikes while being pregnant….yes it is a miracle and amazing but also extremely difficult for some woman….so shhhh….The drug part obviously I agree with you..otherwise I think your a judgmental ass

        April 29 at 7:00pm
    • XX 

      Jeri and Nicole, get over yourselves! How you can you even compare being miserable and sick during pregnancy to taking drugs. That’s a totally different thing.
      It must be hard to not be able to have a baby when you want one but sometimes being pregnant sucks! I have friends who had a healthy pregnancy and felt well enough to enjoy it. But I was miserable the whole time. Couldn’t eat and vomited ALL day and night for months, chronic back pain and got by on 2 hours sleep most nights. I hated being pregnant but doesn’t mean I didn’t appreciate the miracle and feel blessed.

      April 29 at 10:07pm  / Reply
    • Jessica  

      Jeri, you are an evil woman saying what u say, maybe that’s why you won’t be given the privilege of having children. Jen is just being honest about her feelings towards her bodies reaction to pregnancy. She hasn’t said a word about her baby other then excitement. I suggest unless you experience it first hand don’t talk about it.

      April 30 at 6:43am  / Reply
  12. Cheshirecat 

    Pregnancy is not a fun time. Its painful, your sick and tired every day and personally I have a 9 month old to take care of on top of it all. this pregnancy has been full of complications and I’ve been MISERABLE (I WAS on the pill after having my daughter so this time was a total surprise) anyways, no matter how much you complain about the misery of pregnancy that does NOT in any way mean you are not thankful. And do not love your little one. Our body’s deal with a LOT and we have every right to complain all we want to! Ur doing a great job keep up the good work and you will be done before you know it and blessed with a beautiful baby girl!!!!

    April 29 at 5:21pm  / Reply
  13. bob 

    Get over it u open ur legs so deal with it. Im a mum of 2. And doing it my self. Stars theses days think oh fun fun fun. Not. Have a look at ur self

    April 29 at 5:39pm  / Reply
    • Kath 

      Something tells me your shitty personality is why you’re alone.

      April 30 at 2:04pm  / Reply
  14. Melissa Heinzmann 

    Haters get over yourselves. Pregnancy in general sucks. And hating pregnancy doesnt mean she is ungrateful for the child she is carrying….it just means pregnancy SUCKS. Im 3 months pregnant myself and i have also said pregnanfy doesnt agree with me…i hate it. But i am super excited to have a child and to not be pregnant anymore. Im sure she feels the same

    April 29 at 5:41pm  / Reply
  15. nikki 

    I have had three out of five….so I know the ups and downs of prego….my two year old was a vanishing twin…that was the worst pregnancy I had…I was doin stupid stress test every week last trimester…he was also a two vessel cord…so yea women complain and bitch but really need to choose the right ones to vent to…as a mom…as a a human being you need to respect the privilege of a blessed miracle and consider the ones who are not as blessed…you need to think before you speak out or bitch…both sides…try not to offend …and try not to take offense…remember the freedom speech thing…. and adoption is more of a blessing in my opinion because there is so many that need a good family out there and take a child not of ur blood and love them like they were is a bigger step and bigger blessing for both child and new parent

    April 29 at 6:02pm  / Reply
  16. Angela 

    Being pregnant is different for everyone. I was sick for the whole 9 months with both of my boys. When you finally meet your little one, you will forget all about your swollen ankles, being sick, and anything else uncomfortable. I would suggest that you remember that one day, your little one will be able to read and what are you going to say to them, when they ask you if they really made you that miserable? You are one tuff girl and Roger is a lucky man, just be brave a little longer, you can do it! Best of Luck and God Bless you and your sweet family~

    April 29 at 7:00pm  / Reply
  17. Lisha 

    Best of luck to you and Roger and your beautiful bundle. ..When you see that little beauty you will forget all about the pregnancy….God Bless you

    April 29 at 8:13pm  / Reply
  18. Vanessa 

    Ive lost my 1st baby at 26 weeks. My 2nd was full term late actually I was on meds and I was in extreme pain the whole time I suffered alot I was miserable but I love my baby just because you dont enjoy something doesn’t mean ur ungrateful.

    April 29 at 8:29pm  / Reply
  19. sarahevans 

    I found out in Oct 2013 that I was pregnant. It was a total shock since I was told I wouldn’t be able to have children from a fertility specialist. My whole pregnancy seems to be complicated one thing after another. That’s the part that sucks. I’m due in 4 weeks, May 28. I’m hoping she decides to come a little early. Now it freaks me out to give birth.

    April 30 at 12:58am  / Reply
  20. Adrianna 

    Jenni, you should watch ‘What to Expect When Your Expecting’, Great movie!!!

    April 30 at 5:14am  / Reply
  21. guest 

    This woman obviously never had a vain bulging out of her ass like a giant serpent while pregnant or exhaustion or daily vomiting….

    April 30 at 9:13pm  / Reply
  22. Sarah Medley 

    I actually loved being pregnant. As soon as the heinous morning sickness went away. I was sick all day everyday for the first 4 months. After that, it was great.

    May 1 at 11:12am  / Reply
  23. Erika Schnidrig 

    My pregnancy wasnt too complicated. The birth, however, was. Although my pregnancy wasnt complicated, it wasnt fun. The women in my family are extremely sensitive to hormones and I felt sick the entire time. I didnt get morning sickness, it was this terrible, debilitating hungover feeling that lasted the entire time. I would have gone through anything to have my daughter, though, so anything is worth it. Pregnancy isnt for everyone. I know plenty of women who absolutely loved it and felt amazing during those 9 months. I also know many like myself who felt like hell. Either way, its worth it! Admitting struggle is not being ungrateful, nor is it condemning the child. Its normal to feel like crap, dont judge anyone for speaking their truth. Comedies based on pregnancy exist for a reason.. there are a LOT of changes that happen in the mind and body and it is not always great, haha.

    May 1 at 7:51pm  / Reply
  24. Jennifer Rood 

    Wow! People love to tear apart and psychoanalize every word that comes out of your mouth…geez.
    I loved being pregnant, all three times. Even my middle son who was 11 pounds and 23 inches long and was born naturally and almost killed me. I gained normal 25-30 pounds, had morning sickness that stopped at about 4 months, had silly cravings, and babies were born around due dates. No one would have thought I was evil if I said I hate my pregnancy. So, what’s the big deal if Jenny says it? She’s famous and I’m not. Give me a break. Jenny you’ll be a great mom!!

    May 6 at 11:15am  / Reply


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