Pregnancy Craving: Chocolate and Peanut Butter

jwoww - quest bar delivery pregnancy craving

Thank you so much to Quest nutrition for coming to the rescue!!! They know I’m pregnant and love chocolate lmao so I got this in the mail and LIFE IS GOOD!!! Hits the spot and is a perfect low calorie high protein treat!! Now to make sure I don’t eat all of this in one sitting!!! SOOOOOO FREAKING GOOD! I’m addicted! XOXOX


  1. Alicia Moreno 

    i love jwoww and
    snooki my favorite to girls

    April 25 at 11:17am  / Reply
  2. anniepants 

    How’s their pasta??? Im intrigued!

    April 25 at 11:46am  / Reply
  3. cha cha 

    perfect that your intruiged anniepants because this is a shameless product plug.

    April 25 at 2:22pm  / Reply
  4. cheree 

    I love you your so awesome and I can’t wait to see you be a mommy oon TV. U and Roger will be great parents. Xoxo, your fangirl.

    April 26 at 8:07am  / Reply
  5. francesca 

    thats funny all i craved was sweets when i was prego with my daughter

    April 26 at 1:05pm  / Reply
  6. Adele Ofman 

    You crave sweets when your having a girl. You crave meat when your having a boy.

    April 30 at 4:11am  / Reply
  7. guest 

    I couldnt eat meat while preg with a boy.craved alot of chicken and salty hot chips.also lebanese food with garlic sauce.i ate well when pregnant and i enjoyed it. I was twice as hungry as normal.

    April 30 at 9:17pm  / Reply


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