Pregnancy Craving: Ice Cream

Mmmmmm! My mouth is just watering looking at these pics! Just ordered an ice cream maker, because I need sugar-free, fat-free, dairy-free (basically everything free lmfao) ice cream!!!!!! Damn heat is killing me!!!


  1. Tierra Deyo Phelps 

    So if you want “free everything” eat ice that’s fat free dairy free and carb free and does all the same thing ice cream does bc all ice is frozen water oh did I mention it’s money free too??? Eat ice

    June 19 at 12:17pm  / Reply
    • campenb 

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      June 22 at 7:30pm  / Reply
  2. Jenny 

    So basically you are saying… you want Ice. LOL

    June 19 at 12:35pm  / Reply
  3. Truelove2011 

    I know how u feel I carried all my kids thru the whole summer it sucks

    June 19 at 12:55pm  / Reply
  4. tina monterrubio 

    Looks yummy

    June 19 at 12:58pm  / Reply
  5. tina monterrubio 

    Looks yummy

    June 19 at 12:59pm  / Reply
  6. Adriana 

    That’s great jenny..I bought an icee makee great for the kids.

    June 19 at 1:04pm  / Reply
  7. Karleigh Jackson 

    Not really you can get basically nonfat unsweetened soy or almond milk and make ice cream from that or frozen bananas food processed and flavoured it’s not really hard to make your own low fat sugar free ice cream without having to eat only ice lol

    June 20 at 4:37am  / Reply


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