Pregnancy Craving: Subway Sandwiches

JWOWW - Subway Five Dollar Footlong New Spokesperson

Subway should hire me to replace Jared LMAO! I seriously live there at this point. I’ve become so obsessed since I’ve become pregnant! #judgementfreehaters


  1. erica 

    Don’t eat subway they have a comical in the bread that’s put in yoga mats

    March 4 at 3:10pm  / Reply
    • Nicky 

      Comical? Now, that’s funny!

      March 4 at 8:23pm  / Reply
      • Amber 

        She means chemecial…. and pregnant women should not eat deli meat unless it has been cooked through in a fry pan or in the oven.

        March 5 at 9:07am
      • Elizabeth 

        Chemical! Lol

        March 5 at 10:22am
  2. Nicole 

    Pregnant women are not supposed to eat deli meats Jwoww. The bacteria called Listeria can cause death/trauma in the fetus. And pregnant women are 20x more likely to get sick by the bacteria. Not much you can eat there while pregnant.

    March 4 at 3:14pm  / Reply
    • Brianna 

      Steak, chicken Terriaki, Roasted chicken, meatball marinara, chicken pizziola, chicken parm, veggie sub, pizza, any deli meat heated and toasted before hand… There is plenty to eat there while pregnant.

      March 4 at 3:40pm  / Reply
      • Melissa 

        Having Subway & Deli meats is completely fine… I’ve been doing it my whole pregnancy. You just get your sandwich toasted, that kills off any bacteria that might be there…. The veggies are just as risky anyway considering they use the same gloves to make the entire sandwich

        March 5 at 9:08am
      • Nate 

        Eating subway is not ok while pregnant. While you may have gotten away with it it doesn’t make it safe and so everyone knows toasting the sub does not work. However you can ask them to heat your lunch meat in the microwave and then put it on the sub and you will be fine. It may seem like a long shot but pregnant woman are 20x more likely to get it so why take the chance?

        November 7 at 1:48pm
    • tash 

      Lol shut up, you people are always having your word in everything.

      March 4 at 5:05pm  / Reply
    • Hollie 

      I’m surprised that your doctor didn’t tell you that you are not supposed to eat cold cuts/deli meats while pregnant…one lady said eat what you want..but listera is real and one of my friends baby’s died because of it….she didn’t think anything would happen if she indulged. But it did!! Don’t take a chance

      March 4 at 5:08pm  / Reply
    • Myrissa 

      Hmm, I ate here ALL THE TIME when I was pregnant with my first child, who is now 3 years old. She is living and healthy. Not a big deal, really. I had a delicious LARGE coca-cola and greasy chips with my footlong sandwich too. Was so delicious. :)

      March 4 at 5:20pm  / Reply
      • Nate 

        I’m glad your daughter is alive and well but that doesn’t mean every one else will be! You took a chance even being a relatively small one and got away with it. Try tell the woman whose baby’s died from listeria that it’s ok. It’s not a myth and it’s not being over paranoid, look it up. I’m sorry if I’m coming of as a jerk her but it infuriates me when people post comments like ” i did it my whole pregnancy and my baby was fine”. Well mine was not! My little girl would have been 2 right now if it wasn’t for listeria so yea do what you wan but be warned it CAN happen to you.

        November 7 at 2:04pm
      • Rose 

        awesome that allof these mothers gave birth to healthy children, but if they would’ve killed or damaged the baby/babies brain(due to the fever they could’ve gotten due to Listeria) they would’ve been dead wrong. All I know is that my child means waaay too much to me, I refuse to play russian roulette with his life. ESPECIALLY since Subway recommends that pregnant women avoid their cold cuts REGARDLESS if they are toasted or not. Subway recommends that pregnant women choose from their tuna, chicken(breasts/strips), meatballs, or steak.

        February 4 at 3:55pm
    • PJ 

      That’s all I ate while PG with #3 and he’s happy and healthy. Everything in moderation. Oh, yeah, and it was the tuna!!

      March 4 at 5:36pm  / Reply
    • Ash 

      You know, she probably already knows about deli meats during pregnancy. I’m sure her doctor has talked to her about it. She could have easily asked them to heat it up before making a sandwich. I LOVE me some Subway and it’s all I wanted during my last pregnancy! Yum yum!!

      March 4 at 5:42pm  / Reply
    • Jennifer 

      I have 4 babies and ate lunchmeat with all off Then and they are completely heathly….just sayin

      March 4 at 8:23pm  / Reply
    • Nicole 

      Which is easily solved by getting it toasted!!

      March 5 at 7:24am  / Reply
  3. mommyof2 

    I ate deli meats and drank alil caffeine my children are 100% heathy!!

    March 4 at 3:37pm  / Reply
    • Terra Hubbard 

      So did I (:

      March 4 at 5:07pm  / Reply
    • Amanda Coughlan 

      I did too :) mine are healthy!

      March 4 at 5:11pm  / Reply
  4. Laura 

    I work at subway and they do not have a chemical in the bread. But the other person is right it can be bad to eat deli meats while pregnant. But I guess it’s bad to do anything while your pregnant Anymore. You just keep doing what you do. Would love to see you come into my subway but you live to far away. Your the best though.

    March 4 at 3:43pm  / Reply
    • rn2014 

      Hey yes they do BC they even admitted it on reports and they are trying to find a solution to it. Yes you really.are. not supposed to eat deli meats but ummmmm not all in fact haven’t heard.of.a child die yet BC.of the meats.

      March 5 at 1:25am  / Reply
    • Jessica 

      That actually do and other places such as mcdonalds, Burger King and many others have it as well. Only difference between the others and subway is that subway said they would be taking it out of their ingredients. Read it on an article from cnn or some place like that

      March 5 at 8:39am  / Reply
    • Teri 

      The chemical in the bread is ADA, its a dough additive and is banned throughout the world except for US and Canada. But, I did read a recent article that Subway is one of the ONLY restaurants to be removing this chemical in light of a new study showing its carcinogenic effects.

      March 5 at 12:32pm  / Reply
  5. jacintq 

    God ppl I ait it with both my kids and they r fine. Dont listen to em. Eat what u want

    March 4 at 3:50pm  / Reply
  6. Alicia Reece Kucel 

    There is nothing wrong with lunch meat, I ate with all of my kids and they’re perfectly fine

    March 4 at 5:05pm  / Reply
  7. Terri Brunning 

    i worked at subway while i was preggers with both my bbys i ate the food and my kids are fine

    March 4 at 5:06pm  / Reply
  8. Terra Hubbard 

    Girl eat it up u will go rite back I was 99lbs before I got prego didnt really have cravings but starbucks but whatever I ate I ate a LOT of n gained 85 lbs lol I am now 125 n didnt take me long at all if ur going 2 breast feed it helps a lot I still dont watch wat I eat roger will love u know matter wat enjoy ur pregnancy n 4 get what others say

    March 4 at 5:06pm  / Reply
  9. lakenja 

    I ate it with both my kids as well actually doctors tell you to eat it just to have them warm your deli meat up for 20 seconds and it must be a pregnancy thing cause I was obssessed with them to

    March 4 at 5:07pm  / Reply
  10. Lacey 

    I ate subway everyday for lunch at work while I was pregnant (5 days a week) plus a soda and chips and all was well. People are ridiculous anymore.

    March 4 at 5:07pm  / Reply
  11. Tiffany Laventure 

    I craved and ate subway throughout my pregnancy too. I had a beautiful, healthy little girl.

    March 4 at 5:08pm  / Reply
  12. Erica 

    Just make sure the meat is heated up :) cold lunch meat is not good for baby

    March 4 at 5:09pm  / Reply
  13. Connie 

    Please eat what you want I have had 6 kids all very healthy. Just enjoy being a mom they grow up fast.

    March 4 at 5:15pm  / Reply
  14. Rissa Lee McPeters 

    I am currently craving mashed potatoes, so I KNOW THE FEELING!!! :) <3

    March 4 at 5:17pm  / Reply
  15. Marie 

    I craved Subway during my pregnancy too! It was weird.

    March 4 at 5:23pm  / Reply
  16. Jamie Altshue 

    Who cares? Jennifer should be able to eat whatever she’s good to eat fruits and vegetables too and everything..but still. More than likely if you’re pregnant your going to have cravings..if that’s what the baby wants then it shouldn’t be a big deal. Everyone has to make a big deal out of everything and it’s stupid.

    March 4 at 5:25pm  / Reply
  17. Diamond 

    Yeah my Midwife told me deli meats can be harmful for the baby just make sure the deli meat is warmed up before eating. Funny because during my first months all I craved was ham sandwiches lol

    March 4 at 5:28pm  / Reply
  18. Kayla 

    Ur not supposed to eat cold lunch meat, toast it. I’m pregnant too

    March 4 at 5:30pm  / Reply
  19. Kassie 

    If your concerned about listeria have them microwave any deli meats befor putting it on your sandwich or toast it… It kills it so there is no worry.

    March 4 at 5:36pm  / Reply
  20. new mama of 2 

    If you haven’t lost a baby you don’t know the risk. Listeria can happen to anybody who eats cold meat, including cold chicken. it doesn’t happen often but it happens! You can have a deli sandwich as long as you toast it. The bacteria dies once the meat is heated up.

    March 4 at 5:38pm  / Reply
  21. jennywilliams 

    eat girl all you wont we wont a health baby not a under weight baby. so just eat what the hell you wont……….

    March 4 at 5:46pm  / Reply
  22. Amber 

    i’m sorry but really? don’t eat deli meats because you’re pregnant. i am sure that people have been doing that for YEARS. just eat!!!

    March 4 at 6:54pm  / Reply
  23. candice 

    don’t they usually heat up there meats and such first before they make the subs?. with my first i craved there chicken bacon sub and had it microwaved and toasted. my son was born perfectly healthy the only thing craved alot of was iced it the brisk kind lol

    March 4 at 7:07pm  / Reply
  24. tom 

    You and every other pregnant bitch lol

    March 4 at 7:13pm  / Reply
  25. Christine Blanchard 

    BMT is my favorite sub mmmm wishing for one now lol. 3 months pregnant lol

    March 4 at 11:04pm  / Reply
  26. Melissa Dawn 

    You can eat deli meat as long as you warm it up. I ate it all thru 4 of my pregnacys and they all came out just fine.

    March 5 at 4:00am  / Reply
  27. Amanda can eat deli meat ppl!! Where the hell r u getting ur info.from? Its healthier to eat un processed and like no fillers but thats for anyone not just pregnant ppl!! And Jenni all I ate with both my pregnancies was subway and salads!! Cause everything else didntvsettle right! And with my last daughter I craved Snickers and Pepsi!! Lol…and now my daughter is a junk food junkie!!

    March 5 at 4:36am  / Reply
  28. Jennifer Marie 

    Ain’t a damn thing wrong with eating subway when ur pregnant!!! I ate it when i was pregnant with ALL 3 OF MY BOYS & They was all born very healthy and happy!!! So JWOWW if u wanna eat subway then eat subway!!! #TheChickenBaconRanchIsTheBest!!!

    March 5 at 8:53pm  / Reply
  29. krystina 

    Subway was my favorite thing while i was pregnant also! It’s the best thing ever when your pregnant! Mmm mmm!

    March 6 at 8:45pm  / Reply
  30. julie 

    I worked at Subway while I was pregnant! so I was craving it and eating it all the time. I would always heat the turkey in the microwave and then toast. When you are the one making the sandwich you get to experiment a lot more and try different things. Turkey & Pepperoni was my favorite.

    March 12 at 10:17am  / Reply
  31. Majestic 

    What makes you guys so sure that she’s eating the deli meats from there. I ate ham and cheese sandwiches all through out my second trimester and some what of third and my baby is healthy as can be.

    March 12 at 10:23pm  / Reply
  32. Juicy love 

    How the hell do u all kno she’s eating it cold she has hella money n probly got a dam good dr I’m sure she knows tht come on ppl

    March 18 at 8:12pm  / Reply
  33. laura 

    The chemical in their bread is yoga mat!

    April 15 at 12:52pm  / Reply


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