Pregnancy Problems: Painting While Pregnant

jwoww - painting daughter nursery with disney theme aladdin

I had to draw Abu laying on my side completely sideways because my back gave out. LOL. So glad he came out ok and my best friend Joey helped finish him off LMAO.


  1. thalia 

    Too cute disney classics

    May 19 at 3:17pm  / Reply
  2. sarah 

    That’s incredible I didn’t know u could draw

    May 19 at 3:19pm  / Reply
  3. emelie 

    So cute! You and Roger will be great parents! Love Guys hehe! <3

    May 19 at 3:20pm  / Reply
  4. sindy Díaz 

    I love it!!!

    May 19 at 3:21pm  / Reply
  5. Jessica 

    You did soo good drawing him! He’s my favorite character from Aladdin!

    May 19 at 3:28pm  / Reply
  6. Stephanie Ochoa 

    Nice room

    May 19 at 3:36pm  / Reply
  7. Mickey Marie 

    Aww I love aboo when are you due

    May 19 at 3:46pm  / Reply
  8. pthomson 

    Sooo sweet!!!!!!!

    May 19 at 3:57pm  / Reply
  9. salena 


    May 19 at 5:14pm  / Reply
  10. Amanda Tillinghast 

    AWWW I love it!!!

    May 19 at 5:47pm  / Reply
  11. Rachel Nix 

    Thank you for putting up unisex classic disney stuff instead of girly girl things or stuff thats all sports! Aladin is da bomb diggity <3

    May 19 at 6:02pm  / Reply
  12. XxJayRheyXx 

    This is adorable, You are really talented.. Congrats on your baby girl, You will be a great mommy <3..I am SO HAPPY for you and roger :) I've always been a huge fan of you !! Hope everything is going good and your pregnancy is good .. This is incredible and Disney is the BEST <3.. Hope you show pictures of your little girl when She gets here.. I know She will be beautiful :) <3.

    XoXo, <3

    May 19 at 6:04pm  / Reply
  13. Hayley Sharp 

    Wow! I would have thought they were wall stickers! Great job :)

    May 19 at 6:05pm  / Reply
  14. KF810 

    Who knew? Hot & Talented! Lol..

    May 19 at 6:18pm  / Reply
  15. NANCY 

    It’s worth it !!..loveit♥

    May 19 at 6:22pm  / Reply
  16. Austin 

    Think she will ever read these comments or respond to the questions?

    May 19 at 6:22pm  / Reply
    • Darik Fannon 


      May 19 at 6:39pm  / Reply
      • Jenna 


        May 20 at 5:34pm
  17. Joni 

    So cute!!! Going a great job!! U n roger will be amazing parents!!!

    May 19 at 6:37pm  / Reply
  18. Darik Fannon 

    I love them as well and have sent Many messages from me and my wife and no reply so no she won’t but I still like them and wish them the best in life and Jennifer is not a dumby its played up for the show or it would be boring

    May 19 at 6:42pm  / Reply
  19. Madie 

    My hubby could have done it for a fee.

    May 19 at 6:53pm  / Reply
  20. nikole 

    Why would she pay your husband when she can do it for free

    May 19 at 8:25pm  / Reply
  21. Amber McDonnell 

    So cute

    May 19 at 8:46pm  / Reply
  22. Jess 

    Jwoww me encanta la habitación de Aladin que le estas haciendo a tu niña. Es preciosa!!

    May 20 at 2:09am  / Reply
  23. Stacy Brownfield 

    That turned out so cool. I’m a artist my self. Hope you fell better. It’s really sweet to have a nice friend to help finish. Turned out so cool :) :)

    May 20 at 4:37am  / Reply
  24. kayla 

    so jealous of ur daughters room lol!! Aladdin is one of my all time favorite disney movies!!! and u did an excellent job!!!

    May 20 at 5:45am  / Reply
  25. Amy Levy Iglesias 

    I would love to watch all the room

    May 21 at 4:39pm  / Reply
  26. Jennifer Garcia 

    It looks great.. Great job your going to be a great mother. God bless.

    May 22 at 2:27pm  / Reply


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