Pregnancy Problems!

JWOWW - Pregnancy Problems

This is actually the story of my life, LOL! Please tell me again why pregnancy is so awesome…


  1. Xavier Sweeney 

    just take your time you guys be great parents.

    April 22 at 2:36pm  / Reply
  2. desiree 

    Kegals. They are your new best friend. Do them often throughout the day. Especially after having baby. You pee yourself a heck of a lot more after baby and kegals sure help. Congrats on your bundle of joy growing away. :) .

    April 22 at 2:55pm  / Reply
  3. brooke taylor 

    Because of the most precious baby u get to take home..These are the hardest 9 months u will prob have to deal with but the baby girl in the end is worth all of it.

    April 22 at 6:06pm  / Reply
  4. Janae 

    The day you give birth you will see why

    April 23 at 4:50am  / Reply
  5. Ashley 

    Because you will get a beautiful baby from it. My husband and I are going through fertility treatments….I would give almost anything to experience what you are so I could have a baby….

    April 23 at 5:44am  / Reply
  6. Val 

    Please dont feel bad. im a very petite woman. i hated being pregnant. it was very uncomfortable and painful for me. since i didnt have much space my kids were always either on my pelvic bone or in my ribs. i could barely breathe. i had horrible “morning” sickness – it lasted all day- it was quite an experience. But i did it twice!!!! its very rewarding when its all over- i promise!

    April 23 at 8:35am  / Reply
  7. babycakes 

    Its awesome because u get to experience all the magic of bringing a new life into the world that carries a part of u …almost as if u have a new start to “right your wrong”….so sad some people don’t realize how amazing they have it until their in someone’s shoes like mine and they can’t or its almost impossible. #just venting!!

    April 24 at 12:05am  / Reply
  8. Rachie 

    Why don’t you stop complaining and be grateful that you have something that a lot of us will never get?

    April 24 at 11:10pm  / Reply
    • jessica 

      How is she complaining? It seriously is hard to not pee when you sneeze. Baby sits right on ur bladder at times you can’t help it. And it’s not that ppl complain about being pregnant they r just stating the parts that aren’t so fun which is true it’s had breathing u feel like a huge whale and no matter what ur always uncomfortable but there is those amazing times like when u get ur ultrasound done and feel baby kicking pregnancy has it’s UPS and DOWNS and trust us if u ever get pregnant you will understand. But I don’t complain about my pregnancy other than being out of breath almost all the time which I find so funny. Mine was wonderful no morning sickness no foot swelling up and my labor was perfect I was only in labor for about 15 hours and the contractions weren’t as bad as people say they would be.

      May 1 at 12:01pm  / Reply


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