Pregnancy Update: Food and Workout

Jwoww - Pregnancy Update workout and favorite foods
Hi loves,

I promised you guys I’d give you a little pregnancy update on what foods I like and my workout since you booboos have been asking!!

For my workouts, I have been doing both morning and nighttime exercise. In the morning, I do 45 minutes of cardio on the treadclimber followed by some push-ups. At nighttime I like to walk around 3-4 miles on the treadmill. For me, maintaining an exercise routine has really helped me stay healthy and feel good during my pregnancy. I’ve been told that cardio really helps with labor, so I’ve been incorporating that into my workouts.

When it comes to eating, I eat 4-6 small meals a day. I’ve been really trying to add more veggies into my diet so I’ve been juicing more, but I’m kind of obsessed with carbs right now! I love love love them!!! All I want to do is eat pizza! Can you blame me, LOL! Like with my exercise though, it’s all about moderation and finding a balance that works for you. As long as I eat healthy, I allow myself a few cheat meals a week. I’m not a junk food or dessert person but give me something with bread and I’ll be in heaven LOL!

I love sharing my experience and what has been working for me throughout this whole process and hearing your experiences too! So comment with your workout routine or fave foods to eat during pregnancy!! I’m dying to know! XOXO


  1. Rebecca 

    I am 8 months preggo and still shocked at how small I am.. Dr even did an ultrasound to make sure she is not growth restricted but she is right on target the tech said and she is very much so healthy just mom is not big and I gain exactly what I should and where I should! LoL I have other kids so that’s my workout routine! ;p good luck with everything just don’t be too afraid to let that belly show it really is a beautiful thing and sometimes I wish I did show more! LoL

    February 7 at 7:42am  / Reply
  2. Laytha Cecelia Jandreau 

    i use to have to eat three lemons a day with pickles Lol and i would play kickball with my family and go on walks all the time.! (:

    February 7 at 7:54am  / Reply
  3. crystal hight 

    Try zumba . It fun and a good work out . And by the way congradulations on your baby. Your gonna be an awesome mommy.

    February 7 at 8:18am  / Reply
  4. Preshus 

    Miniature Reeses was my thing. lol Healthy eh??

    February 7 at 8:34am  / Reply
  5. emilee rose 

    i also walked 3-4 miles a day while i was pregnant. having a work out partner is what got me out of bed every morning. my fav food was raspberries with a discusting amount of canned heavy whipped cream. <3

    February 7 at 9:35am  / Reply
  6. Meg 

    Hi Jwoww! Just had my first baby (also a girl) this past November. We didn’t find out the sex until she was born, but I had an inkling because I could not get enough desserts! I must have sent my husband out to the 24 hour food store twice a week for cake or cookies lol. You look awesome! Stay well :-)

    February 7 at 9:35am  / Reply
  7. Jenn Sutton 

    I was sick through my whole pregnancy but all I could eat was green beans and rice with I cant believe its not butter. aight thats all 10 months and it worked when the baby came out he ate green beans all the time….lol

    February 7 at 9:39am  / Reply
  8. Bailey lassabe 

    I just made 5 months its a girl :-) I eat alot of fruit through out the day. It helps when you crave sugar. Im not a veggie person though. I walk on a treadmill 2ce a day. Still cheat a little but what prego dont? Lol

    February 7 at 9:51am  / Reply
  9. Jessj 

    My due date is July 21st! So we’re right around the same time in our pregnancy! I love my elliptical .. I also focus on my butt with easy workouts from the ground on all fours – also light weight lifting for my arms .. Trying to tone up those mama arms since we will be carrying a baby around like nothing soon :) also signed up got drop in prenatal classes ! I start those next week! It’s all about keeping those mama hips loose for birth and helping your body adjust in this huge time of change! All the best to you little mama xo … Ps I’m so on the carb cravings too! I know exactly how you feel ! Keep the pizza away or I’ll eat it all aha

    February 7 at 10:00am  / Reply
  10. Adrianna 

    I LOVE LOVE LOVE YOU!!!!! You are super cute! You aren’t big at all, but I can see a change since the last pic you posted! ;) So excited for you guys! <3

    February 7 at 10:08am  / Reply
  11. Cryatal 

    Are you still tanning at all or is that a no no

    February 7 at 10:11am  / Reply
  12. alexis 

    Why aren’t u showing yet ???

    February 7 at 10:13am  / Reply
  13. amanda 

    Greek salad was a fav for me while pregnant with my daughter I couldn’t sleep without having some in my fridge waiting for me haha

    February 7 at 11:14am  / Reply
  14. havanna 

    What did you do for morning sickness? Mine is extreme:(

    February 7 at 11:48am  / Reply
    • Madie 

      I read that if you wake up in the middle of the night and eat a snack, and first thing in the morning before getting out of bed, that morning sickness will decrease or even subside.

      March 26 at 9:17am  / Reply
  15. wendy 

    There is no baby bump..if your about five should have a bump…a big bump…you do not even have the slightest bump..

    February 7 at 11:53am  / Reply
    • Marley 

      Obviously you are very nieve. Everyone is different and a lot of women dont start showing until 6 or7 month. I know I was that way. If you have a tilted uterus that affects it as well.

      February 10 at 6:35pm  / Reply
    • Robyn 

      I have a tiled cervix so I didn’t show until my 6th month, but I’m a 4’10″ lil Italian girl so I really showed- All belly! LOL & I craved Oranges. I swam and walked for my exercise. & I only gained 29lbs total, but my daughter (Nina) was a beautiful healthy 7lbs.,11oz. baby. I’m sure everything will turn out fine for you during your pregnancy. Congratulations to you & Roger!

      March 23 at 12:45am  / Reply
  16. shaelabywater 

    Hiii JWOWW im 7 1/2 months pregnant and i look like I’m 5 months. My baby is measuring 8 days behind but she is very healthy. Its ok not to show very much that doesn’t mean that the little one isn’t healthy. She is more than likely fine! (: you look great you eat good and exersice wonderfully. Im jelly. Lol! I walk everyday not as much as you do but I feel healthy. I slip every once in a while with sweets. I actually don’t have ANY cravings at all with this pregnancy. I do like salty things though a lot. Pretzel sticks are my best friend. I had morning sickness till month 3 1/2 it was hell. Nothing, & I mean nothing worked for me. .. I had to just deal with it. .. well hope that was good enough love ya stay awesome!

    February 7 at 12:23pm  / Reply
  17. Tommie schooley 

    I know its weird but the one thing that me and other ppl loves is peanut butter on bread with a pickle on it its like an explossing in ur mouth lol deff try it ;)

    February 7 at 6:42pm  / Reply
  18. Melanie 

    J my favorite workout was swimming! I’m an OB/gyn nurse in Ohio an I am always telling my patients to swim. During the third trimester it can really help with labor and delivery. Hope this helps sweetie. Take care

    February 7 at 7:10pm  / Reply
  19. Petretti 

    Eggs with spinach is amazing!!!! And pineapple! And carbs… Well everything is amazing!

    February 7 at 10:06pm  / Reply
  20. miranda 

    i craved hot and spicy foods the whole time i was pregnat with my.daughter. I cant beleive ur not showing yet! But ur beautiful good luck and best wishes to u and rodger!

    February 7 at 10:19pm  / Reply
  21. Estrella 

    Im Due July 18 Im So Happy With The Cardio I Do And Lite Boxing :)

    February 10 at 1:18am  / Reply
  22. breeezy 

    when i was pregnant i eat whatever i wanted lol i was healthy an my baby is very healthy i exercised to but i caint believe your 5 months when i was 5 months i was big lol i had a boy though an he is a big boy but wow you dont look pregnant at all

    February 10 at 1:27pm  / Reply
  23. brenda 

    I had a baby girl to October 17 2013 jewels just be careful cuz I was doing the same thing and I ended up having a c-section it’s not pretty having a c-section and it hurts like hell just be careful wish you the best and also it’s a lot harder to lose your baby bump

    February 20 at 3:45pm  / Reply
  24. Darby 

    I have two weeks left… I’m loving a great deli sandwich… and Dennys because I can get random things that aren’t usually served together… like mozzarella cheese sticks and Apple crisp. I’m a weirdo, I know, but this is my last child and I’m letting myself eat whatever I want and I really haven’t gained much more than with my other children. It’s awesome. I’m also relying on breastfeeding to loose most of the extra weight… it works!

    March 21 at 8:22pm  / Reply
  25. Giovanna Macias 

    Im just about 23 Weeks I think u n I r close in due dates but anywaysice been juicing as well I do beets spinach kale orange n Apple its great because it has tons of iron n fiber n if course calcium so it helps so I don’t become anemic since alot of women do when pregnant it helps to stay regular going to the bathroom n u know how that is n of course feel energized! I haven’t gain a pound yet n geeling good (half the time) but it doing great keep it up Jenny n congrats again!

    March 22 at 5:50am  / Reply
  26. Dreah 

    Veggies were my thing along with pizza. I only gained 34 lbs my entire preg and I was on bed rest from 32 weeks to 40 weeks. I’m five foot tall and by the end my belly was five
    Feet two inches around. So I was bigger around then tall. Apparently this is common when u are short. No where for baby to go but out! To bad I had to make her come out lol. I hated beig prego a cup of black coffee in the morning would take away my upset tummy. And I’d always treat my self to one soda a day. Bein a mama deserves some rewards.

    March 22 at 11:28am  / Reply
  27. Tonya Barker 

    With my 1st baby I didn’t start showing until I was 6 1/2 months due to a tilted cervix. Every woman’s body is different…. Jenni is in really good shape and is maintaining her fitness during the pregnancy —-> GEEEESH! I ate pickles and ice, 24/7 until my son was born and walked about 2 miles a day. Not sure if the cardio will help with the labor though :)

    March 22 at 6:09pm  / Reply
  28. Cari 

    1 trimester mostly apple sauce and french fries. Lost 6 pounds. Then gained 20 during the rest. Didnt show belly until about 6 months. Stopped working out because I was so frustrated by lack of energy. Lost babyweight by breastfeeding. I eat like a constructionworker. Am now on the 30 day squat challenge. The challenge is just doing it because the squats themselves are easy. Love you Jenni, I can relate to you in many ways.

    May 30 at 5:45am  / Reply


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