Pregnancy Update: I’ll Be 5 Months Next Week

JWOWW - 5 months pregnant exlusive picture
Hey boos!!!

I know you all have been wanting to see some baby bump updates so here is my latest pic! On Valentine’s Day weekend I’ll be starting 5 months! Where the hell is she? Seriously tho, I’m not complaining lol! I just wanted to tease you guys with this pic because on Thursday I will do a huge blog on the workouts I’ve been doing during my pregnancy, the foods I love and hate to eat and how I’ve been feeling these past couple of months!!! I’m so excited to share more of my journey with you guys! Stay tuned, XOXO!


  1. Regina Lynn Briggs 

    Awww congrats to you and Roger:)

    February 4 at 2:37pm  / Reply
  2. Colleen Hartline 

    I didn’t start to show until I was 6-7 mos. Looks like you might be the same. Best of luck! I’m so happy for you and Roger :)

    February 4 at 2:43pm  / Reply
  3. carol 

    Aww u look great.. Congrats to u and roger.. Hope to see the baby on the show…

    February 4 at 2:51pm  / Reply
  4. Amber 

    Dear mercy You don’t look pregnant at all!!! Just wait til your 7th month…that lil princess is gonna be making her apperance on that belly!

    February 4 at 3:37pm  / Reply
  5. SharonLee 

    Aaaww I’m so excited for the both of you. Looking forward to see your new bundle of joy. You will make fantastic parents. Wish you the very best and enjoy every moment it goes by so fast.

    February 4 at 3:44pm  / Reply
  6. nicole 

    im 36 weeks and i didnt start showing till 6-7 and really big difference now . ..lots of creams and lotions to keep the stretch marks away

    February 4 at 5:11pm  / Reply
  7. Laura 

    Im so excited for ms.jwoww and rodger :) I love u both I cant wait to see that baby :)

    February 4 at 7:56pm  / Reply
  8. AmMarie 

    I also did not start to show until 6 or 7 mnths. She is in there some where… Wait until you do start showing you will not believe how fast your belly will pop out!!!! Congrats again!!!

    February 4 at 8:21pm  / Reply
  9. Cecilia Primera 

    Cool you are hot momy

    February 4 at 8:33pm  / Reply
  10. becky80 

    Awwww look so cute..cant wait to see up coming pics of the nelly bump!!!!

    February 4 at 9:40pm  / Reply
  11. Jenna Lynn 

    my princess didnt give me a bump until I was almost 7 1/2 months pregnant! you wont even look like you had a baby after you have yours I bet. I weigh less than I did before I had mine!

    February 4 at 10:34pm  / Reply
  12. kelly 

    Hey Jennifer
    Look so Great Baby bump?????

    Keep on

    February 5 at 3:53am  / Reply
  13. Sofi 

    awwww love u jen

    February 5 at 5:10am  / Reply
  14. jaycy 

    cant wait to see the progress :) love ur show ur so beautiful too <3

    February 5 at 6:30am  / Reply
  15. Christina 

    i’m four months and i’m not showing either! but you sure as hell look skinnier than me! you got that baaawwwdddyyyyy j woww! :-)

    February 5 at 7:28am  / Reply
  16. Linda H. Hebert 

    I’m keeping in touch with you, looking good Jenny! Hope to see you on Season 4 to have your baby it’s only right to see you threw the process of labor, just like Nicole, you will have a easy labor! :-) can’t wait to see the little angel ! :-) I Love you & Nicole! I am your biggest fan! :-) Love Linda Hebert

    February 5 at 9:01am  / Reply
  17. Jackie 

    My cousin didn’t show at all till her last month. Where as my sister inlaw shes HUGE lol she looks 9 months at 6 months. and shes a very skinny girl. And there are no signs of the baby being too big, her baby is actually too small for measurements at 6 months. so who knows.

    February 5 at 10:14am  / Reply
  18. crystal 

    Hey girl saying r u really prego

    February 5 at 4:03pm  / Reply
  19. JLR5487 

    I was like that with my first two pregnancies. I didn’t show until about 8 months no one believed I was pregnant honestly some people called me a liar until I got the first ultrasound and the other that was to determine the sex of the child. I started carrying both ultrasounds with me to prove it which it kinda did piss me off because I am not the type of person to make up little lies let alone something of the magnitude of lieing about a pregnancy or god forbid something greater and most of the people doubting me knew that.

    February 5 at 5:03pm  / Reply
  20. Lorna Chaisson 


    February 6 at 5:36pm  / Reply
  21. Maria Rivera 

    U look Awesome…and I dint show at all with my son until I was like 7 months and he was a preemie…in fact I lost weight with my first pregnancy and u are in good shape to start so u will do GREAT..God Bless u and Roger and your new bambino on the way….I just love u and Snookie …I’m a Jersey girl born and bred right outside of Manhattan. Mucho mucho amor! Maria Rivera

    February 6 at 5:38pm  / Reply
  22. Vanessa Zink 

    I just love you! You look wonderful! Have you though of baby names yet?

    February 7 at 8:12am  / Reply
  23. Shirley 

    You look awesome for 5 months I started showing in my 3rd month with all 8 of my pregnancys. Wishing you and Roger the best a easy and healthy labour

    February 7 at 5:05pm  / Reply
  24. pparker 

    I am so happy you are expecting, but you dont look any different I’m afraid, but you will start to show eventually I’m sure! enjoy!!!!

    February 9 at 11:59am  / Reply
  25. LORRAINE from VA. 

    ive been watchin yall since Season 1 of Jersey shore. you n snookie r fab. bet ur havin a lil snookie. LOL. thats why ur not showin yet.

    February 25 at 2:03pm  / Reply


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