Pregnancy Update: It Was Not Easy…

JWOWW - Pregnancy Update: It Was Not Easy
I wanted to tell you guys about the first two months of my pregnancy. It was the absolute hardest thing I have ever experienced!

Roger said “holy shit I can’t deal with this for 9 Months!” Hahaha! I was bedridden.

I lost 9 pounds from my first appointment to second! So needless to say I was super sick and gross. I looked like hell and felt like I had a constant hangover!

Right now I feel great and Roger and I are super excited! It was really hard in the beginning but every moment is worth it and I can’t wait for my beautiful baby girl to arrive! Good luck to other expecting mommies out there!! xoxo


  1. Renee Hawkins 

    im so excited for you wish we could see pictures of the belly and the baby congrats on your baby and happy for you and roger the little one is going to be so pretty.

    January 23 at 12:33pm  / Reply
    • Diamond Dozier 


      January 23 at 1:24pm  / Reply
  2. Marisa 

    That’s amazing! I was exactly the same way! I’m currently 22 weeks and the first few months I was so sick and in bed all day every day! But it has since been long gone and now it’s just he excitement! I’m not sure what I’m having! My ultrasound tech couldn’t see cause the little bum had the cord between it’s legs :) but congratulations to you and roger! I’ve loved watching all of you through everything, from jersey shore to snooki and jwoww! All the best of luck to everyone of you! :)

    January 23 at 12:34pm  / Reply
  3. ashley 

    Best wishes to you and roger. Love you guys

    January 23 at 12:34pm  / Reply
  4. stephani 

    Aww congrats a baby girl is so precious

    January 23 at 12:35pm  / Reply
  5. Kassie 

    I am at 12 weeks today and it really is awful lol. I thought it was suppose to be a beautiful thing. I am miserable and wanting to sleep every second of every day. At least I know it gets better and I’m not alone with my feelings. Yours and Nicole’s words in her book are inspiring me to keep going and know it gets better and it’s worth it in the end.

    January 23 at 12:35pm  / Reply
  6. TAISHA 


    January 23 at 12:36pm  / Reply
  7. Becky 

    Jenny, that sickness is so worth it. I was like that for 4 months. Lost 15lbs from day found out I was preggers to 4th month then gained the wait. Only 30lbs. I would so do it all over again if I could. My little miss is just so amazing and brings joy to my life every day if when she is testing me. :) you’re going to be a great mom. Congrats.

    January 23 at 12:37pm  / Reply
  8. Felicia 

    Make sure to post some belly shots we love to see them

    January 23 at 12:37pm  / Reply
  9. Francesca Jara 

    Congrat !!!

    January 23 at 12:37pm  / Reply
  10. Ann Slaymaker Emerich 

    aww you having a little girl can not wait to see pics of her congrats that little girl will be so spoiled lol

    January 23 at 12:38pm  / Reply
  11. sydni 

    I went thru the same thing except i lost 15-20 lbs within the first trimester

    January 23 at 12:39pm  / Reply
  12. Rosa 

    Congrats on ur baby girl. I was the same way up to last week and I’m as far as u are so hunny it’s normal

    January 23 at 12:39pm  / Reply
  13. jennifer wright 

    You are gonna be a great mom just like Nicole. I’m so proud of you both:) My fiance and I plan to try to get pregnant this year. I’m 31 so I better hurry! I wish you both the best. Much love, Jennifer Hanover,In

    January 23 at 12:40pm  / Reply
  14. Chazzy Moore 

    Do you know what your goig to name her yet?

    January 23 at 12:40pm  / Reply
  15. JC 

    When are you due?? I’m due July 17th :)

    January 23 at 12:41pm  / Reply
    • Beth Trottier 

      She Is Due July 29th 2014 :)

      January 24 at 12:09am  / Reply
      • Carrisa Bear 

        That’s totally my due date! Thats so freaky but awesome! :)
        best of luck to you Jenni! I know how you’re feeling and everyday is a struggle..STILL. but now that I know I’m not alone feeling this way and hearing it does get better makes me feel a bit better! :)

        January 28 at 6:39pm
  16. Sonia Snooks Fusaro 

    I wish you all the best!!! I’m pregnant too, i’m 5 months
    And it’s a boy.. Unfortunately we live in Italy, too far form you. I think pregnancy is the best thing could happen to a woman!! Congrats to you&Roger!! Kisses

    January 23 at 12:42pm  / Reply
  17. Tawnie Erickson 

    you look great!?! so happy for you…

    January 23 at 12:44pm  / Reply
  18. susan pike 

    jwoww… you will be a great mom. roger will be a great dad. both of you will make great parents… asbi know feom pregnancy it can suck. but the rewards will be great… stay strong and remember its all for that beautiful lil baby girl.. love you guys ..

    January 23 at 12:47pm  / Reply
  19. lilmiss 

    congragulations, and have a wonderful time in raising that baby and hopefully we can see pictures.

    January 23 at 12:47pm  / Reply
  20. Stacy 


    January 23 at 12:51pm  / Reply
  21. Amanda 

    Just wait til the kicking starts and roger can feel it…he will freak out…but it’s amazing what is pregnant mommies endure for 9 months :) truly a miracle

    January 23 at 12:52pm  / Reply
  22. Brandy 

    I know what u went through….I am going threw the same stuff….they still haven’t gotten me straightened out and I may be hospitalized on Tuesday if I have lost any more weight….I have lost 17 lbs through all this…

    January 23 at 12:53pm  / Reply
  23. Chrissie 

    Congrats I know how hard it is I was sick the whole time with my son and right after all day sickness was finished I had heartburn like crazy was not fun. But Munson is almost 4 now he’s awesome I quit smoking n quit coffee he’s a super smart lil man n mamma is very proud of him. Once you meet your child for the first time then you’ll know the meaning of true love

    January 23 at 12:54pm  / Reply
  24. Lori A 

    So so exited for you and roger. Congrats!!!!!

    January 23 at 12:55pm  / Reply
  25. Vic 

    Congrats! Hope you feel better soon and just think how gorgeous your little girl will be !!! Also take the time rest as much as you can to stay healthy.

    January 23 at 12:55pm  / Reply
  26. Samme1630 

    Awwwwwll:) congrats:))

    January 23 at 12:59pm  / Reply
  27. Leah 

    Pregnancy is really hard I have two handsome sons one is 3 weeks old today. Both my pregnancies I was sick and throwing up most the time they are so worth it!!!! But I’m deff taking a big break if I’m meant to have more kids.

    January 23 at 1:00pm  / Reply
  28. Jessica Johnson 

    OH Jenni, My first pregnancy (with a little girl) I had non-stop morning sickness and nausea for 25 weeks!! I puked anywhere from 4-8 times a day, I lost almost 30 pounds. I had to bring a change of clothes with me anywhere I went because I would pee myself from vomiting so hard! You are so lucky yours stopped early! at 25 weeks it turned into Acid Reflux, so I was still constantly throwing up!! TERRIBLE! Anyways, I’m pregnant with baby #2 this time, constant nausea but no vomiting yet. Thank the Lord! Can’t wait to see your precious little bundle! Take care and don’t forget your vitamins!! :)

    January 23 at 1:00pm  / Reply
  29. Brandy 

    Oh and I am almost 3 months….not good losing all that wait.

    January 23 at 1:00pm  / Reply
  30. jessica 

    I wouldn’t know how it felt in the beginning. I never had morning sickness. Didn’t know I was pregnant til my 3rd month. but right now I’m on my 39 week today. And I loved every day of my whole pregnancy.

    January 23 at 1:03pm  / Reply
  31. echo love 

    Yaaahh the first trimester sucks but you will love the 2nd your hormones will calm down and you wont be so sick. This is calked the honeymoon period because now Daddy to be will start to enjoy it as well and not always thinking what did i do lol. Pregnacy is rough as hell and men wouldnt be able to pull it off. My husband bailed on me my 1st trimester. O well i am now just in my 3rd and loving every moment. I wish you too the best. Cant wait to see her…

    January 23 at 1:08pm  / Reply
  32. Jamie 

    Good luck to you and Roger.

    January 23 at 1:12pm  / Reply
  33. Alice 

    if you think you love your doggies -hah- just wait!!!! Congrats to you both!

    January 23 at 1:16pm  / Reply
  34. Paula 

    I have two miscarriages in the past and had my son 2 years ago, and for some reason, being 19.5 weeks, I’m still nervous that something will happen, but I feel her moving around and realize that everything is fine and I will see my little girl in June :-)

    January 23 at 1:21pm  / Reply
  35. christina 

    I had a lil girl an she is amazing :) good luck jennie

    January 23 at 1:41pm  / Reply
  36. Alyssa 

    When I had my son, the first three months were miserable. I also felt likr I had a constant hang over! Then from months 6 to 9 were miserable again. I had constant Braxton Hicks and had multiple false labors. I almost had to go to Pittsburgh to deliever (about 45 mins away) but I ended up making it to 38 Weeks. I now have a healthy 4 1/2 month old son Frankie:) it is very hard but u will get threw it

    January 23 at 1:55pm  / Reply
  37. Leslie 

    Can wait to see ur baby she’ll be gorgeous!!!:)

    January 23 at 2:03pm  / Reply
  38. Loguidice Jen 

    Being pregnant is so much fun. I have 3 children one is 14 my middle is 8 and I had a baby exactly 3 months ago today. Have fun and Enjoy every moment. Congrats to you both.

    January 23 at 2:04pm  / Reply
    • Loguidice Jen 

      Also they are 3 girls

      January 23 at 2:05pm  / Reply
  39. janetsarduy 

    Praise Jesus! The girl is finally really smiling. Thank you. Now if we can only see some teeth… j/k You look f’n great. Congrats. Much love -j

    January 23 at 2:37pm  / Reply
  40. Sarah 

    First trimester is the hardest. Second is great. 3rd sucks again lol

    January 23 at 2:51pm  / Reply
  41. autumn bunch 

    Do u have a name for her

    January 23 at 3:03pm  / Reply
  42. Priscilla Fowler 

    My first was a boy and I gained 40lbs. I ate everything. My second was a girl and I lost 30lbs! My daughter wouldnt let me eat meat. So veggies it was, oh and cake! My third was a boy and I was even more tired and gained 35lbs. It can also take an emotional toll on you after the baby is born. So stay strong! Prego pops help and sea bands if you get nauseated. Praying for you!


    January 23 at 3:06pm  / Reply
  43. Carrie Marie 

    The first trimester was the worst for me as well in both of my pregnancy’s! But it will all be worth it when you feel her kick for the first time, hold her in your arms and have her grasp your finger with her tiny hand! #priceless!

    January 23 at 3:06pm  / Reply
  44. Jennifer 

    Really excited for you and Roger! The first 3 months was hard for me too when I was pregnant with my daughter.
    I lost weight and couldn’t eat much cuz nothing would stay down. But after the first 3months it got better. I was able to enjoy my pregnancy. You have a lot to come. Enjoy the ride :) Sometimes I actually miss being pregnant.

    January 23 at 3:08pm  / Reply
  45. Kenyia 

    I’m glad it got better! Super excited for you :)

    January 23 at 3:08pm  / Reply
  46. Sammie Mahek 

    Aww I was the same way congrats on having a girl who knows maybe one day you and snooki will be related through marriage lol

    January 23 at 3:09pm  / Reply
  47. jillian ford 

    I’m 20 and I have 2 little girls. 21 months and 6 in a half months. I was sick the whole first pregnancy n some of the second. I’m so happy for you and Roger. :) can’t wait to know the name of your baby girl. Glad your feeling better

    January 23 at 3:11pm  / Reply
  48. Joyce Soule 

    when are you due Jenni iam due in May

    January 23 at 3:15pm  / Reply
  49. Lilly's mom 

    Ugh! I feel ya, because I was miserable the entire pregnancy. If I wasn’t sick, I was extremely insecure !! I felt like everyone was always judging me and my now husband cheated on me the first trimester….so be glad you have a good support system and a man that loves you..

    January 23 at 3:17pm  / Reply
  50. Felicia Kucerak 

    Congrats to you and Roger….

    January 23 at 3:17pm  / Reply
  51. Sandy Baez 

    congrats Jenny you guys are going to amazing parents

    January 23 at 3:18pm  / Reply
  52. Amy Haney 

    Good Luck Jen and Roger..(you should name her Jersee or Jerzee)

    January 23 at 3:37pm  / Reply
  53. ana 

    You need to get under chiropractic care it will help with your pragnanc… also helps with delivery u should try it out

    January 23 at 3:47pm  / Reply
  54. Nikki M 

    I had hyperemesis the entire pregnancy with my 2nd :( Was on bed rest, meds and puked 30 times a day until my 9lb 1oz little moose was born! Good luck, I hope it gets easier for you!! If it does not, get to hospital – I needed IV fluids a few times :(

    January 23 at 3:58pm  / Reply
  55. lupe 

    Congrats on ur baby girl coming what will u name her?

    January 23 at 4:00pm  / Reply
  56. jenn 

    Congratulations. I’m actually only a week behind you. I find out what I’m having wednesday the 29th :) I think I’m having a girl too. Good luck with everything

    January 23 at 4:18pm  / Reply
  57. Cheyne Bennett 

    Congratulations Jenni and Roger she is going to be so beautiful lots of love hugs

    January 23 at 4:18pm  / Reply
  58. Toya Marty Red Cloud 

    Congrats Jenny, you are One Hot MaMa!! Rodger Will be a awesome Dad!! And I can’t wait to see how Beautiful your Daughter will be.. I mean, we all know she’s gonna be the Baby of the Century!!

    January 23 at 4:28pm  / Reply
  59. Just.Ren. 

    Pretty sure carrying a child for 8 months then losing her a day after your birthday is a little bit harder than the 1st trimester. Pregnancy gets better. Enjoy it though, because you really never know what could happen next.

    January 23 at 4:29pm  / Reply
  60. Edith 

    Ugh, I feel you girl. I am only 8 weeks and it seems all I do is sleep and go to the bathroom to throw up. Morning sickness sucks.

    January 23 at 4:34pm  / Reply
  61. Amy 

    Oh Jenni I feel your pain mama, I had the worst morning sickness ever for my daughter, even smelling food made me sick. I am so glad it is over for you b/c I had it until I delivered her. Not a fun time at all. I wish you and Roger nothing but happiness and more babies in the future. Congrats

    January 23 at 4:34pm  / Reply
  62. rissa_777 

    Hey Jenni. Congrats on your baby girl. Have u picked out a name? ? Is Roger excited about having a little girl? Are you?

    January 23 at 4:50pm  / Reply
  63. Janet 

    Congrats!!! Jenny and Roger. Hope u feel better, i just had a baby boy on December 28th so i know how u feel. Wish u the best for the up coming months.

    January 23 at 4:52pm  / Reply
  64. Tina Brinkman 

    Congrats jennii.. atlease youll be a good mom and domt worry people who mostly have girls get sick, loose weight and have terrible side effects.. im having a girl and I hated it for the almost 4 month I was sick I couldnt keep anything down .. but atlease your healthy and youll have a special beautiful angel at the end… hope your ready roger to kick guys asses in her future… ♡. Bless you both

    January 23 at 4:59pm  / Reply
  65. Asia Symone 

    My first 4 months was horrible, so I feel your pain. I’m currently 33 weeks along with a little boy, congrats to you and Roger.

    January 23 at 5:12pm  / Reply
  66. kady 

    My little siser ( she just turned 18 in dec ) just found out ( like literally yesturday) that she is about 8 weeks and so far she has had no morning sickness but shes constantly tired and is always wanting to sleep. Im really hoping that its going to be a boy because she already has a 4 year old step daughter. So my sister has a long hard amazing journey ahead of her. Im super excitited to be an auntie. Congrats to u and yours

    January 23 at 5:28pm  / Reply
  67. sarah 

    I too am pregnant…no morning sickness though, but have lost and gained weight….my last doctors appointment I had lost 10 pounds, and couldnt explain it. Apparently this is normal…I eat everything in site…so who really knows the reasoning. I am due May 7th…so gladto see what my little girl Iis going to look like

    January 23 at 5:40pm  / Reply
  68. KaitlynRyan 

    Jenni I’m so excited for u. when I first found out u were pregnant I scream and my family thought I was crazy. I wanted to ask if u have any names in mind for your little girl. and I hope u and Rodger have a good healthy and happy road with your baby girl.

    January 23 at 5:51pm  / Reply
  69. Bianca 

    Yay, you’re having a girl, umm, I mean you’re having Lorenzo’s future wife ;) Now time to think of names. Maybe Bianca?? ;D

    January 23 at 6:54pm  / Reply
  70. Stephanie 

    I have a bun in the oven too… Ill know Feb 13th if it’s a boy or girl.. I’m suppose to be due 4th of July. Good luck to ya!

    January 23 at 7:16pm  / Reply
  71. chereece 

    I feel exactly the same

    January 23 at 8:31pm  / Reply
  72. Tif Still'StandingStrong 

    Being pregnant with a girl is the worse..
    I was always sick..
    My daughterr is sixteen months now..

    January 23 at 9:34pm  / Reply
    • Kintilla 

      mine to! :) )) I think girls are like this

      January 24 at 5:25am  / Reply
  73. Boo Brenda 

    Best wishes to you and Roger. God bless you 3 maybe you’ll have more. I’m so looking forward to seeing pictures of your little baby girl. What’s her name!

    January 23 at 11:26pm  / Reply
  74. kiia 

    Ohh I cant!! What if Lorenzo and your little girl would fall in love, that would be magical! Best of all to yall x

    January 24 at 12:49am  / Reply
  75. Beverley Mc Gill 

    Wish you three the best. So happy for you <3 :3

    January 24 at 3:15am  / Reply
  76. Kintilla 

    I was the same sick but 4 months with my babygirl!even in a hospital I had to stay about 2 weeks!be patient and congrats again!xoxo

    January 24 at 5:24am  / Reply
  77. cassandra 

    I just had a little girl on December 31st she was a month early. I know the feeling of being sick I had morning sickness right up to the day I delivered her. My husband was the same way he hated my mood swings and the fact I was sick 24/7. Good luck!!! and yes totally worth it I have 2 beautiful babies because of it a 3 year old boy and now my 3 week old little lady.

    January 24 at 5:30am  / Reply
  78. Crystal 

    I was taking off work for both of my pregnancies because of me being a high risk. You go girl. You got this.

    January 24 at 5:39am  / Reply
  79. Theia Lisa Marianino 

    happy for you two what are you going to name her?

    January 24 at 6:50am  / Reply
  80. Harris Vatistas 

    very happy about you jenni hello and kisses from greece

    January 24 at 8:07am  / Reply
  81. karen 

    I m the same way when im pregnant. I lost so much Waight. I couldnt drink or eat anything all i Do is throw up all day and all Night!!!!

    January 24 at 9:03am  / Reply
  82. Yessica 

    Omg i have 6 weeks felling awesome this is my second baby and i feel to better in this pregnancy!!! Good luck jwoww

    January 24 at 6:10pm  / Reply
  83. mary 

    I am so happy for you and roger. you did the right thing by not waiting anymore. when you see that beautiful baby when she conmes out you wont beilieve that she is a product of you love. enjoy your pregnancy, get all the attention you want. I loved being pregnant, I wore it like a badge, esp my 1st on. now I have nine grandchildren of which I love dealy. I goes on and on,,. you ha your happiness you have started your line of family, which will continue. congratulations

    January 25 at 8:40am  / Reply
  84. Nicole 

    Aww those beginning stages r tough. So glad ur fine now. Roger will take good care of his girls! May God continue 2 bless u both.

    January 25 at 5:19pm  / Reply
  85. Alex Dishmon 

    If anyone could please help at all! Even a dollar so.appreciated! Please. Thank you so much.

    January 25 at 10:11pm  / Reply
  86. Soni 

    My due date is same as hers, but don’t know the sex yet. How she find out so quickly???

    February 3 at 8:00pm  / Reply
  87. jennifer 

    being pregnant was horrible both times. But when my two daughters came into the world it made it all worth it. So happy for you and Roger. any advise i can give would be take it easy do not over do it. and get as much sleep as you can.

    February 25 at 11:11am  / Reply
  88. Martine 

    Congradulation both of you

    March 27 at 3:45pm  / Reply
  89. Joko 

    Y’all so cute

    June 9 at 8:17am  / Reply
  90. Melissa 

    Congrats so happy for u guys xo :)

    July 21 at 12:28pm  / Reply


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