Pregnancy Update: My 20 Week Ultrasound

JWOWW - 20 Week Ultrasound

Thank you all again for the lovely birthday wishes! Yesterday I went and got another ultrasound! It’s crazy how things have changed and that this was the first birthday that I was spending with my baby girl! The first of many more amazing birthdays and memories we will share together! The doctor’s appointment checked out great. She is 11 ounces! She also kept moving around and gave the girl a hard time (sounds like me) lol! My baby was such a pain when it came to trying to get a pic LOL, but hopefully I’ll get a better one in a few weeks!! I’m so excited for my baby angel and can’t wait to meet her! On Monday, I’m gonna share another picture of my girl and talk about what I’ve learned so far on my pregnancy journey! Stay tuned! XOXO


  1. Emily Ann Hetherington 

    Love you jenni!!! Hope you and your baby are doing great. We can’t wait to see her! So happy for you! You will be a fantastic mom!

    February 28 at 10:17am  / Reply
  2. Emilie 

    Congrats!! So happy for you and Roger.
    She will look beautiful!

    February 28 at 10:18am  / Reply
  3. Whitney Elaine Hunter 

    Absolutely beautiful! I’m so excited for you & Roger to have your little bundle of joy<3 God has truly blessed you with a miracle

    February 28 at 10:19am  / Reply
  4. Erica sauceda 

    Congrats girl, you still have a long ways to go but she is all worth the wait.

    February 28 at 10:20am  / Reply
  5. jennifer 

    Im so happy for you and rodger!!

    February 28 at 10:21am  / Reply
  6. lupe 

    awwweeh congrats jwow your very beautiful yur gonna be a great mother i watch jwow and snooki all the time i wish u both the best …❤❤

    February 28 at 10:22am  / Reply
  7. Ashley K. 

    shes going to be beautiful just like her mama!

    February 28 at 10:23am  / Reply
  8. Crystal 

    I know the feeling and now when my 26 birthday comes in April 27th my baby girl will be 10 months old and I wouldn’t change it for anything

    February 28 at 10:23am  / Reply
  9. Mamaof533 

    Awwwww sooo beautiful :)

    February 28 at 10:24am  / Reply
  10. Amanda 

    Congrats jenni!

    February 28 at 10:24am  / Reply
  11. liz 

    I wanna see a pic of Ur belly jwoww

    February 28 at 10:31am  / Reply
  12. Natasha Betts 

    How cute

    February 28 at 10:43am  / Reply
  13. Karen Wolfram-Parks 

    Love the bottom left picture. It’s like she is looking at you and saying Hi!! Congrats!!

    February 28 at 10:45am  / Reply
  14. Emily 

    Such a blessing ♥ u JWOWW

    February 28 at 10:45am  / Reply
  15. Tammy 

    Congratulations to you and Roger

    February 28 at 10:52am  / Reply
  16. Kassie Sonnick-Hilts 

    CONGRATULATIONS to you & Roger. Your both going to make amazing parents. Keep up the great work . Hugs , Kassie.

    February 28 at 11:00am  / Reply
  17. brittini 

    Lets see a belly pic a friend of mine had a picture book with her weekly pic in so neat how much it changes

    February 28 at 11:03am  / Reply
  18. Deborah Carter 

    Congradulations. Can not wait to see you holding your bundle of joy.

    February 28 at 11:06am  / Reply
  19. Tiana decotis 

    Ew.. it looks like a fucking alien
    You should get that shit removed

    February 28 at 11:08am  / Reply
    • Elizabeth Johnson 

      Okay you really need to grow up. Being a mother is the most beautiful thing. Babies take time to grow. They don’t just appear. If you don’t like her, then get off of her page. Simple as that.

      February 28 at 12:25pm  / Reply
    • Michele shelly 

      Tiana Decotis
      You sound so childish and rude.

      February 28 at 12:53pm  / Reply
    • Karen 

      That is childish..If you ain’t got anything nice to say don’t say anything at all.your just hatin and jealous probably..Get a life cause if you did have one you wouldn’t be on here Hatin!!!!

      February 28 at 1:10pm  / Reply
    • another mom 

      you are truly a bi**c you should not say that about any baby. now its mothers like yours that should of “got rid of that thing” meaning u! if the world has less ignorant people in it it would be a better place.

      March 1 at 9:29am  / Reply
  20. Carrie DeCosta 

    Congrats Jenni! So happy to see you embracing motherhood!

    February 28 at 11:09am  / Reply
  21. melissa 

    Awww I am so happy 4 u

    February 28 at 11:10am  / Reply
  22. Kelly Borden 


    February 28 at 11:11am  / Reply
  23. crystal 

    Congrats. I love u and snooki.. I wanna see a belly pic. Ur beautiful ur lil ones gunna be jus like u. Congrats jwoww and roger..

    February 28 at 11:11am  / Reply
  24. lizbeth 

    I think your very beautiful and you will be a great mom and roger a great dad!

    February 28 at 11:11am  / Reply
  25. Gina 

    Awwww beautiful pictures. You guys are going to make wonderful parents. Congrats to you both:)

    February 28 at 11:13am  / Reply
  26. bellaboomonkeybutt12 

    Congratulations cant wait to see ur beautiful baby girl i love you and snookie both u guys are awesome and wondeeful

    February 28 at 11:33am  / Reply
  27. Lindsey 

    Jenni your my idol love you so much!!!

    February 28 at 11:48am  / Reply
  28. viviana 

    Belly picture. . . I want to see one and you will have so much fun with a little girl

    February 28 at 12:12pm  / Reply
  29. Connie Lyon 

    You can see her little hand that is so adorable-my pics are 27 years old like that-just looking at em recently

    February 28 at 12:25pm  / Reply
  30. Tiffany Nichole Griffin-Grace 

    Awwww im soo happy for you boo!

    February 28 at 12:31pm  / Reply
  31. babygirl 

    Happy Birthday!!! Also, congrats on the baby .

    February 28 at 12:52pm  / Reply
  32. chelsea 

    Half way there girl! I’m so envious. I want a baby girl so bad. I have a little man and he’s amazing. But I also want a little princess to spoil! Congrats to Jenni and Roger. She’s gonna be beautiful!

    February 28 at 12:55pm  / Reply
  33. Karen 

    Children are truly a blessing…congratulations to Roger and you.I know he will make a wonderful father and you a mother.We you first hold that baby the love you will have for it will be so overwhelming and change your life forever..I have 4 and I would give my life for any of them…

    February 28 at 1:03pm  / Reply
  34. Kimberly Oliver 

    happy birthday j wow and congs on baby girl

    February 28 at 1:04pm  / Reply
  35. Ashley 

    Wait till ypu get a 3D ultrasound I was overseas when I got mine for the military and it was the most amazing thing. Best of luck!

    February 28 at 1:04pm  / Reply
  36. Kristy Hinkle 

    I had my son at 26 weeks and is now 4 and very healthy. You are
    Going to one great mom. Best wishes to your family. :-) ♡♥♡♥♡♥

    February 28 at 1:07pm  / Reply
  37. fabulous 

    How cute

    February 28 at 2:07pm  / Reply
  38. Denise 

    Jenny I can see your precious little girl on your ultrasound congrats again.

    February 28 at 3:17pm  / Reply
  39. jcp 

    sooo cute congrats girl!!!!

    February 28 at 5:52pm  / Reply
  40. Stacey Leah Ahmad 


    February 28 at 5:55pm  / Reply
  41. Stacey Leah Ahmad 

    Congrats to you and Roger I think you will be great parents. I love the pic of her with her hand over her head she’s like give me a break

    February 28 at 5:56pm  / Reply
  42. Janet McPherson 

    she was just trying to get get pose perfect that’s all

    March 1 at 1:35am  / Reply
  43. janet nieblas 

    Awww how cute

    March 1 at 7:27am  / Reply
  44. beth 

    For u being so far along she really small maybe ur not gaining weight links u should be and working out to much.

    March 1 at 7:30am  / Reply
  45. megan 

    Jenni love you cant wait to see your baby are you going to show her on snooki and jwoow

    March 1 at 8:23am  / Reply
  46. Tracy-Terrance Ford 

    Congratulations Jenni, Many Blessings you and your precious sweet little baby…. Were so excited for you…

    March 1 at 9:12am  / Reply
  47. Theia Lisa Marianino 

    happy for you

    March 1 at 12:04pm  / Reply
  48. milli 

    Jenny I’m so happy for u an Roger u are going to be a great mom an Roger will be a wonderful dad I can’t wait to u have her an get to see her an can’t wait till next season of snookie an jwow I love ur guys show I watch all of them use to watch jeresy shore well keep up updates an pics an best wishes for u an Roger with ur guys angle take it easy

    March 1 at 5:18pm  / Reply
  49. Heather Remø 

    Omg, I’m so happy for you!! I hope that there is gonna be a “snooki and jwoww 4″. You and Roger will be wonderfull parents :) love u, I’m your biggest fan!!

    March 2 at 3:00am  / Reply
  50. tierr3a6 

    any names yet? so cute! she has your jaw line

    March 3 at 4:57pm  / Reply
  51. Mykayla Garza 

    u is going to be a good mama and roger is going to be a good daddy!!!<3

    March 4 at 2:42pm  / Reply
  52. Rosalyn Torres 

    Jwoww your baby is going to have a resemblance of Roger and you

    March 5 at 2:34pm  / Reply
  53. Rosalyn Torres 

    Jwoww your baby is going to have a resemblance of Roger and you.

    March 5 at 2:37pm  / Reply
  54. shug1994 

    j well when you have a baby in couple of monthsyou gotta be a great momno matter what people sayit’s like when you have a baby it change your mind around it change your life everyday it’s like you will be thinking about baby baby

    March 6 at 3:16pm  / Reply


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