Pregnancy Update: My Crazy 9th Month…

JWOWW - 9 MONTH Ultrasound of baby girl

I know it’s been a while since my last pregnancy update, but it’s almost time for my baby girl to arrive and I wanted to tell you what has been going on in my world for the past couple months as I wait for the special day!

My 8.5/9th month has been a bit crazy! She finally popped and I feel like I’m walking around like a sumo wrestler lol! She’s causing pretty bad sciatica and even though my doctor said it is okay to take tylenol I like to avoid it all cost. So instead I tried an ice pack with a cloth side and guess what?… I’m the only person in June who got severe frost bite.

I took a REALLY gross picture of it. Click to see the pic and see more pics of my baby from yesterday’s ultrasound…

That my friend is my back. Disgusting right!? Took over a month to heal.

jwoww - frost bite from first pregnancy

Finally had my last ultrasound. She’s measuring like a chubby monkey and has big feet like her parents.

JWOWW - 9 MONTH Ultrasound of baby girl - big feet

But she’s perfect and because of that I’ll take all the back pain in the world! I can’t wait to meet her in a few weeks!!!!


  1. Tanya 

    She looks like Rodger!!

    June 24 at 10:32am  / Reply
  2. janetsarduy 

    You need to see a licensed massage therapist that is certified in Mother Massage or does pregnancy massage. Apply pressure on the deep muscles of you butt will help along with pinching of the Achilles tendon. And also, get a Brazilian wax before you go into labor. You don’t want them shaving you. They do a very shitty job. There are exercises you can do to alleviate the discomforts your feeling like getting on all fours and just letting your belly hang. There are other but you have to get them from a massage therapist. Also, don’t just go to a regular therapist. There are dangers of massage & pregnancy. Mother Massage or Pregnancy Massage. STAT

    June 24 at 10:33am  / Reply
    • essie 

      Wtf they shave you? Why? Whyyyyy?

      June 24 at 12:20pm  / Reply
      • Diggy 

        They don’t shave you…..with both of my children they never did

        June 24 at 1:48pm
      • Phoebe Kay Macintosh 

        they do shave you but only at the hair line where they cut you IF you get a C-section. that’s what they did to me when I had my twins

        June 24 at 4:45pm
      • Lois Taylor 

        Jenni she is beautiful God bless

        June 25 at 4:39pm
      • CassiNova 

        You are absolutely not supposed to wax that far into your pregnancy! Master esthetician in here… Any spa I’ve worked at and everything we were taught in school forbids it. Your skin changes due to hormone changes and you will rip. Any ladies reading this- do your research befor you wax after 8 months.

        June 30 at 5:54pm
      • Mian 

        U can wax all the way up to ur due date!!! Ur hormones change and your hair gets darker. That’s all! Has no barring on waxing or shaving. Got to European wax company. The wax is room temp. Not hot! U will love it!

        July 6 at 8:42pm
    • CReef 

      They don’t shave you. I wasn’t able to shave the last few months nor did I want to wax OUCH!! And they didn’t shave me. Why would they?!

      June 24 at 12:37pm  / Reply
      • Rachel 

        They haven’t routinely shaved laboring mothers in 20 years. And I’m side she already shaves or waxes

        June 24 at 12:56pm
      • Nikkie 

        Actually some hospitals stil shave you…

        June 24 at 1:43pm
      • Jj 

        I was shaved, I had a c section. They do still shave if it’s overgrown though (gross lol)

        June 24 at 1:45pm
      • shyla 

        They do shave you if you have a c section I had one 3 weeks ago and the chick that did it cut me in multiple places so having those on top of a c section cut freakin sucks!

        June 28 at 11:11am
      • Eli 

        Dec13 A good resource is you can get ragntis on public schools all over the country there.What one friend told me is that most of the [elementary] schools flanking Mo-pac are good; beyond that quality deteriorates. Might be a place to start looking. The cheapest houses tend to be on the north and south ends of the city, not the center.My own neighborhood North Shoal Creek, north of Anderson, South of 183, just east of MoPac has a blue ribbon elementary but a bad middle school. Also remember once you get into AISD there are magnet schools and transfer options.

        August 16 at 1:35pm
    • Faith 

      They don’t shave you unless you have a c-section and then they one shave right where the incision is going to be….besides as a bikini model prior to getting preggers I’m sure Jenny already takes care of her v-zone.

      June 24 at 1:52pm  / Reply
      • ilymikey215 

        They don’t shave u when u have a c-section. My sister had to have one and believe me they didn’t shave one. I got flashed after she had him. And boy that was a uglllyyyy site.

        June 24 at 2:44pm
      • mandi 

        And yes they do shave the area where the make an incision to the person who says they don’t ..they have never needed to shave mine since I barely grow hair in the first place..I shaved before going in that day we’ll my husband helped ***2 mth pp with a beautiful baby girl

        June 28 at 5:13pm
      • Ashley Moran 

        They do shave down in south Texas… They tell you to shave or they will shave you… Ever doctor is different on how they work

        June 28 at 9:42pm
    • Ashley 

      They only shave if you’re getting a c section and they only shave where the incision will be.

      June 24 at 2:04pm  / Reply
    • shania 

      They do shave you but only if your getting a c – section I had 3 c – section and I was shaved only 2 times. In 03 and 06, I shaved myself before I went in 2012 to have my twins so I didn’t have the do it cause they don’t shave correctly and you end up having bad hair growth.

      June 24 at 4:05pm  / Reply
    • Ginger Rivera 

      Im not able to find any salon to wax me before I give birth I’m 7 months pregnant I called 30 places they ll said noooo

      July 13 at 3:44pm  / Reply
  3. Cristina 

    Awwww can’t wait to see her

    June 24 at 10:36am  / Reply
  4. Vanessa Lynam 

    love you girl. You guys are going to make great parents in the end it’ll all be worth it keep your head up girl it gets easier

    June 24 at 10:36am  / Reply
  5. Diane Langhoff Jackson 

    I think she looks like her Daddy, Rodger! Best of luck to you! Babies are a lot of work, but they are pure bliss! I am lucky enough to have 10 Grandchildren! (Don’t judge, I am a young Granny!)

    June 24 at 10:39am  / Reply
  6. nancy 

    Jwoww I am so happy for you and Roger. You are going to be a great mom. I am single mom of a 6 year old and he is my life. I can’t wait to see her, she is going to be just as beautiful like he mom.

    June 24 at 10:44am  / Reply
  7. Melissa Gilbert Amato 

    Beautiful…so lucky…I’m a mom of 5,and I’m 7 wks pregnant I never had the opportunity to have a 3d 4d’s amazing…best of luck jenni and Roger

    June 24 at 10:52am  / Reply
    • Daniel 

      Hello, since I do not professionally do hair, I am only falimiar with what my products and routine are. When I was first a red head, I used to dye my hair using Garnier. You should just go to the store and check the colors out there! I am not falimiar with the names and it was so long ago I forgot which color I used. You really want to ask a cosmetologist who is a professional for advice! Other than that, just experiment! Sorry I could not be any more help, I wish you the best of luck with your hair.

      August 16 at 3:50pm  / Reply
  8. Mary daCorte 

    If I whether you read these, I imagine you don’t cuz you probably get so so so much mail, comments and such and I have NEVER written on these cuz I feel it won’t be seen. I wish you the best with your baby and I hope you will be a great parent but I don’t know you. You two look happy from what I see. I wish the best luck to you and your fiancee! Children are a blessing! I have two myself! My daughter who is 4 years old and my son who is almost 6 months old! I wouldn’t trade it for anything! Times have gotten hard but looking into their eyes makes me have such hope! Me and my husband are lucky to have such sweet, wonderful children! She is beautiful!! Good luck with the labor and delivery! You and snooki are the only two I read about if I come across it but I don’t go out of my way, so I’m not considered your biggest fan but I enjoy the entertainment! :-) Best of luck, Mary

    June 24 at 11:15am  / Reply
    • Mary daCorte 


      June 24 at 11:16am  / Reply
  9. Tanya 

    Just an FYI for one of the above posters…..unless you are having a cesarean section or specifically request it, hospitals do not shave you at all for a normal vaginal delivery! Do NOT go out and get a Brazilian wax at 9 months pregnant. The blood vessels are so engorged from the increased blood flow and pressure that you run a huge risk of tearing. That could result in infection and a much more complicated painful delivery. Just be patient and wait to wax until at least two weeks postpartum since by then you will likely be able to see your own vagina! And if you can still reach-shave yourself before delivery if you must. But speaking from experience and working in the field for years, they will not shave you!

    June 24 at 11:24am  / Reply
    • andrena 

      I had a c- section! Never shaved.

      June 29 at 3:21pm  / Reply
    • DeAnn 

      That’s right they don’t shave you anymore… when I had my son in 1987 they did…. but when I had my daughter in 1995 they stop doing it

      June 30 at 1:57pm  / Reply
  10. Redmom 

    I had sciatica to! Nothing helped…one day my daughter moved and it stopped! She is pretty big now though, you might just have to tough it out. But it will all be worth it in the end! Hang in there guys! Not to much longer. :)

    June 24 at 11:28am  / Reply
    • Redmom 

      “She” as in your daughter not mine , lol :)

      June 24 at 11:31am  / Reply
  11. DH 

    They stopped shaving ppl Back in the 90s. Don’t listen to that crap.

    June 24 at 11:29am  / Reply
    • Sara 

      They shaved me and it was 2009 when I had my son, and the two before him.

      June 30 at 12:53pm  / Reply
  12. mom2be 

    My favorite thing for pain is to get on all fours and rock a little. Takes all the pressure off your back. I also loved the chiropractor and massage therapists. Hiding away from photos myself…ugh
    Xoxo, another famous pregnant lady!

    June 24 at 11:59am  / Reply
  13. kacydg 

    YOGA!!! I know at 9 months it’ll be extremely hard to do, but it really works. With your first & being way taller than me, it might not be too bad. I had a car accident 4 years ago that left me with a spinal injury, only lasting damage was sciatica pain/nerve damage. So of course when I got pregnant 2 years ago it got worse. I did prenatal yoga until I couldn’t stretch over my belly anymore (about 8.5 mths…but I’m 4’11″ and was carrying and 8lb kid) and I hardly had any back pain/sciatica. Good luck! Congrats on that sweet girl!

    June 24 at 12:07pm  / Reply
  14. shelly 

    Lol silly billy ice packs a nono. Hot barley bag

    June 24 at 12:26pm  / Reply
  15. DIMaria 

    It goes so fast, all I can say is you have an awesome team of Doctors and when you meet your baby girl it’s like a love you have never felt!!! Enjoy every second even the labor part because it’s amazing what we mamas go through to bring a life in the world. I just delivered a baby girl on May 29th and looking back it wasn’t so bad and actually missing those moments, it’s great when you have amazing Doctors and believe me I know your in good hands with either one who delivers you!!! Cheers, congrats and best wishes!!!

    June 24 at 1:17pm  / Reply
  16. Tonja 

    I am a mom of 4….3 boys and then I finally got my girl. I would go through all the pain in the world just to have that moment back of the time each one of them were born. It is such an amazing feeling. I wish you all the best! ( I have big feet to) Lol.

    June 24 at 1:42pm  / Reply
  17. stacey johnson 

    So happy for ur baby girl to almost be here. You know i can watch reality tv shows and think wow wtf, but i have always had a special place for you. Every since the first episode of jersey shore i have been ur fan 100% i would give anyhting in the world to meet you and roger!!!!

    June 24 at 1:46pm  / Reply
  18. kateryn bby 

    She looks like j wow

    June 24 at 1:53pm  / Reply
  19. Leann 

    She is BEAUTIFUL!!! From that ultrasound she looks like Roger!
    And you to Jenni!!! That’s the best ultrasound picture I have ever seen!!!! Great shot of her SWEET little face!

    June 24 at 1:56pm  / Reply
    • Riche 

      - oh WOWWWW. her eyes sparkle fusaloubly with those background colors! The framing and the crops are the bomb! So close but still so storytelling. not your usual head shot which I dig!

      August 16 at 12:56pm  / Reply
  20. Britney 

    I did that to my boobs after I stopped breast feeding trying to get my boobs to stop hurting while drying up. I fell asleep with a frozen bag of peas in my bra and burnt my boobs. it hurt so bad a blistered it took a month to heal and now I have scars because of it. It really sucked!!!!

    June 24 at 2:03pm  / Reply
  21. Leann 

    Congratulations to you and Roger on your precious little blessing!

    June 24 at 2:04pm  / Reply
  22. Cynthia Nicole Wohlford 

    Omgosh girl that is horrible!! Why did you leave it in forever? Aww gosh I know that wasn’t fun at all..

    June 24 at 2:05pm  / Reply
  23. Cindy M. 

    Jenny and Roger, I want to give You both ALL My Blessings and Prayers!!! I TOTALLY FELL IN LOVE WITH YOU, THE MINUTE I SAW YOU JEN!!! You remind Me of My BEST FRIEND I Lost a long time ago… You have a Man who ADORES and Loves You , like I do and that BOND WILL GROW STRONGER EVERY SINGLE DAY, when You both are BUILDING YOUR Family!!! GOD BLESS You and Yours, and ENJOY EVERY MOMENT OF SLEEP YOU CAN!!! It’s ALL worth it though…Take GOOD Care of Her Roger, She LOVES YOU SO MUCH, and May LOVE, LIFE, and LAUGHTER FILL YOUR HOME ALWAYS!!!

    June 24 at 3:35pm  / Reply
  24. Carrie D 

    Congrats Jenni!!! I can’t wait to see your precious little girl!!!

    June 24 at 3:39pm  / Reply
  25. Ava 

    She looks like Roger!!! Can’t wait to see her!!! Hang in there Jenny, your almost there!

    June 24 at 5:15pm  / Reply
  26. Valerie McDonough 

    I’ve had 4 children and they never shaved me. I think it depends on the doctor and his/her practice. Get 3 tennis balls sit in a chair and put them where the point if pain starts and lay back on them. It works great. Good luck.

    June 24 at 6:12pm  / Reply
  27. Charlynn 

    Congrats too u jenny they say girls look like there dads boys look like there moms!! Cnt believe you & nichole are having girls together… Hope u have your girl on july 8 thats my bday..

    June 24 at 6:20pm  / Reply
  28. Rose Ramos 

    I know the sciatica issue very well I was placed on temporary disability until I gave birth than maternity leave but worse part I wentfrom not having any sciatica issues to now she is turning 4 on July 5th but i still have very bad days that I cant sleep or that i limp to get things done. I wish you guys the best wishes and many blessings. Take care and be safe.

    June 24 at 6:45pm  / Reply
  29. melody 

    What a beautiful baby

    June 24 at 7:55pm  / Reply
  30. Sha 

    They told me that i could shave it before c section or they would

    June 24 at 8:28pm  / Reply
  31. Lisa Perez 

    I wish u luck she is beautiful i am ur biggest fan i love ur shows have a good night

    June 24 at 9:26pm  / Reply
  32. christy 

    Congrats jeni on ur beautiful baby girl!! U and rog will be great parents.I really thought that most ladies shave all the time, are waxed I no I do always a clean shave! It makes me feel more refreshed and clean, guess I was wrong about most ladies shaving all the time. When I was prego and I couldn’t shave myself my husband did it for me. I have a great husband!! Been married for 15 years now and love him more every day!

    June 24 at 10:50pm  / Reply
  33. Amber Aranda, RN MSN 

    As a L&D RN, we do our best to shave or clip your pubic line as best and as we possibly can. Please forgive us if we miss a hair or two…. It’s not like we’re trying to keep you & your unborn baby alive or anything. Prepping for a stat section is chaotic enough. A “clean” shave is the LAST thing on our priority list !!! Your ignorance is astounding !!!!

    June 24 at 10:58pm  / Reply
    • Andrea 

      As a RN, you may want to rethink your comment as far as the ignorance comment goes. I have seen RN’s lose their jobs for even less than that. Not trying to be rude in any way, but I know you have worked very hard for a MSN.

      June 25 at 11:37pm  / Reply
      • Ohio RN, MSN, CNA 

        Ignorance is a lack of information ot knowledge. There is nothing wrong with what she said!

        June 26 at 2:54pm
  34. Taylor 

    Aw wow you’re almost there! Congrats to you and Roger! A baby is a special little miracle…they make your whole view on life change… I wish you the best. Can’t wait to see pictures.


    P.S. I think she looks like both of you!

    June 24 at 11:22pm  / Reply
  35. alby serrano 

    U can also get in your shower and have the water ad hit as u can handle it and also turn the pressure on you shower 2 bend over a little bit and let the massage begin lol

    June 25 at 12:45am  / Reply
  36. Isabel M. 

    Lets see those baby pictures soon! Recover girl, you worked hard, you will cry when you see your beautiful baby girl. Roger get ready for no hanky panky for a while… again. :P Congrats to the new parents!!!!! Love you guys!

    June 25 at 10:27am  / Reply
  37. Victoria 

    My daughter will be 2 in September and I STILL have sciatic problems. It only got worse after I had her!
    Hope that’s not the case for you.

    June 28 at 11:14am  / Reply
  38. brittney c. 

    I wanna see belly pics of you whats going on with them?? Pregnancy is beautiful

    June 28 at 11:20am  / Reply
  39. jackie hart 

    I know the way you are feeling with that sciatica pain I have it extremely bad is painful. Just do the pool it helps I lost my babie at @14 and half weeks. Stay safe and god bless

    June 28 at 12:15pm  / Reply
  40. kari mandabach 

    Congrates on ur baby girl . U r going to make a wonderful mom . U r so blessed with a wonderful man and great friends and family . We all love ya .

    June 28 at 2:56pm  / Reply
  41. Diane Richardson 

    She looks like herself. Sorry I don’t think she looks like you or Roger. Not only that Jwow you cant tell by those kind of pics I mean really now,

    June 28 at 3:13pm  / Reply
  42. Tiana Fleming 

    She will look just like you

    June 29 at 10:58am  / Reply
  43. Brandi Murray 

    I’m a huge fan love you! :-) And I’m sure she will look just like mommy

    June 29 at 11:11am  / Reply
  44. jamesha 

    Hey jwoww

    June 29 at 12:43pm  / Reply
  45. Erianne 

    What is the name of her daugther???

    June 30 at 12:57pm  / Reply
  46. Katrina rodriguez 

    Awwww I can’t wait to see her she’s gonna be beautiful just like her mommy!!!!

    July 1 at 12:51pm  / Reply
  47. Celia 

    Big day is amost here. I think she looks like Jenni in the ultrasound. That looms like her mommy’s mouth and cheeks.

    July 7 at 7:37am  / Reply
  48. Candace Coburn 

    She is precious!! It is amazing how define the ultrasounds are now!!

    July 8 at 11:28am  / Reply
    • Joan 

      I have a 13 year old daughter. Let me know if you would like to see any pitucres of her.I also have a 6 months old boy, 5 yr old girl & a 3 yr old girl We make pretty babies :-}

      August 16 at 1:20pm  / Reply
  49. Elizabeth 

    I think she going to have her baby today at night or tomorrow morning

    July 11 at 9:15pm  / Reply
  50. Ermelinda Francisco 
    July 14 at 8:19pm  / Reply


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