Quote Of The Day! LOL

JWOWW - Quote of the day RESTING bitch face


  1. Kimberly Tsosie 

    Actually smiling works More upper muscles on your face.

    March 28 at 1:47pm  / Reply
  2. Carrie D 


    March 28 at 1:49pm  / Reply
  3. malin 

    Hi Jenni! I wish you all the best with your pregnancy! You can’t put up a baby bump Picture? :)
    hugs from Sweden :)

    March 29 at 4:08am  / Reply
  4. deann 

    Hi how ow I need to tell you about this product that is very good about our face neck an chest no matter what age we all use it. I used it for 5 days and I could tell a difference I now ordered my first order it is called Neriumad every one should give it a try it is very good product any ways thank you

    March 29 at 4:51pm  / Reply


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