Ready To Paint The Nursery!!!

JWOWW - painting the nursery

Yay the nursery is ready to get painted!!! Curious to know how nurseries turn out if a man had total control… LMAO!!


  1. Jessica Nadolny 


    March 17 at 10:02am  / Reply
  2. Khia Nichele 

    Pretty color

    March 17 at 10:11am  / Reply
    • Sab-h- 

      We dont even see the color

      March 17 at 4:32pm  / Reply
  3. Valerie Atchley 

    What color r u painting it?

    March 17 at 11:03am  / Reply
  4. Charlie 

    I hope YOU’RE not painting it. Be careful inhaling those fumes. Don’t want to get baby and yourself sick.

    March 17 at 11:16am  / Reply
    • kat 

      Pregnant women can paint, as long as the room has some open windows and ventilation. Which is how anyone should paint if theyre not an idiot.

      Paint used to contain lead but now it does not and all the ingredients in paint made these days is perfectly harmless as long as no one is huffing it.

      Source: Pregnant woman who asked her doctors.

      March 17 at 4:09pm  / Reply
    • Sab-h 

      I painted the room of my baby girl and shes fine an im fine . Paint these days are not harmfull like “back when” shes only preggers … Not handicaped …

      March 17 at 4:33pm  / Reply
    • Angela 

      OMG ppl get so krazy about everything these days when it comes to being pregnant..they think every damn thing is gonna hurt the baby, even epidurals..haha now they cant even paint rooms without it hurtin the baby?? ppl get so krzy about dumb s*** well guess what? years ago before ppl worried about every single thing out there hurting their unborn child, there was waaaaay less autisin, down syndrome, CP, etc…looks like ppl need to just chill and NOT worry and that’s the healthiest when ur pregnant….

      March 17 at 5:16pm  / Reply
  5. Jilly Jamison 

    Men would pick camouflage ….. I can’t wait to see your little girls room when it is all finished

    March 17 at 11:26am  / Reply
  6. Ann Cuevas 

    I just became a new Mom at the age of 36 and no one in the world could have explained how I would feel when I saw my son for the 1st time. No one could’ve made me understand how my life was going to change forever. It’s amazing, scary and so wonderful. I wish the best for you and your new family. Good luck Mommy! ♥ XOXOX

    March 17 at 11:26am  / Reply
  7. jessica 

    Aww so happy for you both

    March 17 at 11:30am  / Reply
  8. Carrie DeCosta 

    What color?

    March 17 at 11:37am  / Reply
  9. alexis 

    What color ru paint the nursery? ?

    March 17 at 11:39am  / Reply
  10. Allison 

    Did you say nurseries as in plural? U r just having one baby right Jenny?

    March 17 at 3:07pm  / Reply
  11. Elissa 

    I really hope your not painting. The fumes can cause harm to you and your baby. Stay away from the room! :)

    March 17 at 3:08pm  / Reply
    • kat 

      This isnt true at all, paint these days is not made with lead or anything harmful- as long as the room is properly ventilated/windows are open, its completely fine.

      dont tell a pregnant woman what she should or shouldnt do- she’s got it covered

      March 17 at 4:11pm  / Reply
  12. ~B~ 

    Why are you freaking out Kat? Chill… Their showing concern. Regardless of the paint these days it’s nice to have a reminder or heads up when your a first time parent. She will decide to take it or not but at least it’s there. No need to get pissed over this kind of stuff. Jenny posts on here to share the joys that are coming her way not for y’all to fight. Breath I promise it helps lol.

    March 18 at 9:52am  / Reply


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