She Is My Whole World!

Jwoww - Baby Quote: You'll be her first role model, best friends, love


  1. Kristie Phillabaum-Littler 

    why keep teasing your fans…post a pic of the baby your so proud of….

    July 17 at 11:37am  / Reply
    • angenita 

      Im with you on this one please post a pic

      July 17 at 11:44am  / Reply
      • trunzoyja 

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        July 17 at 7:28pm
    • Esi 

      All though we are anxious to see baby Meilani she is still to little for the spotlight. I think she is waiting a little more and we as fans if we really support her we should respect their decision to keep her out of the public.

      July 17 at 11:47am  / Reply
    • Tanya Bleicher Aragunde 

      She is waiting for a big pay day.

      July 17 at 11:52am  / Reply
    • Kristie Phillabaum-Littler 

      snooki had no problem with it…it’s just a pic…no one said the paparazzi had to take the pic

      July 17 at 12:04pm  / Reply
    • tiffany 

      I want to see this beautiful little girl

      July 17 at 12:11pm  / Reply
    • Elizabeth Shilt 

      she don’t gotta show anyone her baby
      sl leave it alone

      July 17 at 12:44pm  / Reply
    • Jessica Nicole 

      Its her baby she was born 3 days ago. You have time to see the baby…. Maybe she doesnt wanna post one. I mean is it your buisness. She has a life rather than trying to make her baby out of a fucking model to take a damn picture. So stop being fucking ignorant as hell.

      July 17 at 1:03pm  / Reply
    • Tawny 

      Knowing JWOWW and the fact that she makes her money in the public’s eye, she probably is waiting for a check! NOT A BAD THING! Hell, if I was her, I would too! :) Wait for a magazine to get “first dibbs.” LOL. No joke!

      July 17 at 1:50pm  / Reply
    • Sagar 

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      August 16 at 7:24pm  / Reply
  2. Ivelisse 

    That is so true… !

    July 17 at 11:42am  / Reply
  3. angenita 

    Please post a picture of youre little pride and joy
    Im so curiousand happy for you guys

    July 17 at 11:43am  / Reply
  4. woogsmom 

    I’m sure they’re waiting for a magazine deal

    July 17 at 11:43am  / Reply
    • angenita 

      I think so too but im hoping for a spontanious pic from jenny herselfe

      July 17 at 11:45am  / Reply
    • Sumara 

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      August 16 at 3:25pm  / Reply
  5. Marii Lupé 

    post a pic of your little princess!! xoxo

    July 17 at 11:45am  / Reply
  6. jenni 

    They are probably wanting to keep their daughter private. Even though they live with a media storm they probably want to keep her from it for as long as possible. C’mon people give them some privacy and let them enjoy their daughter for a little while without being bothered with constant request for pictures. It’s called respect people!!

    July 17 at 11:48am  / Reply
    • Kristie Phillabaum-Littler 

      well then she needs to stop making misleading posts making us think the baby is on the other end of the click

      July 17 at 12:03pm  / Reply
      • Ang 

        You’re acting as if you’re part of her personal circle. Lol leave her be if you’re going to be bluntly negative.

        July 17 at 12:42pm
      • Nikki Casselman 

        nothing on any of these posts that are going up are leading anyone to believe there’s a picture of her on the other side just sayin your just wanting a picture to be on the other side a lot of people want to see her but they’ll put a pic up whenever they want to its their child and in case no one understands what it’s like to have a newborn baby its pretty hectic and all you wanna do is look at them and hold them not have a bunch of people bitching about seeing a picture of them!!! leave her alone

        July 17 at 1:01pm
  7. Casey Lynne Bonifield 

    I want to see a pic of her!

    July 17 at 11:49am  / Reply
  8. Tamara 

    Let them enjoy their daughter!!! They will post when they are ready!! Some of y’all are being really cruel….. For example ” she is probably waiting for a big pay day”…. Seriously put yourself in their shoes. Famous as they are wouldn’t you want to keep your daughter or son hidden away from the world just so you and your significant other could have them to yourself! Wow people Are heartless!!

    Jenni and roger congrats on your new baby girl enjoy her as much as you can!!!

    July 17 at 12:15pm  / Reply
  9. Becky 

    Geez people she will post a pic when she wants too damn give her some time with the baby smh congrats jwow n roger on ur baby girl :)

    July 17 at 12:15pm  / Reply
  10. erin guidry 

    Congrats on the new bundle of joy spend time with your baby and enjoy every min..

    July 17 at 12:22pm  / Reply
  11. Larisa Davis 

    It is their baby. When they are ready to post pictures they will post them. Even if the links are misleading, doesn’t mean you got to click them. & people asking over and over again to see the baby will just make them not post a picture. It’s their life, and their baby girl. It’s best to not post a picture so stupid people won’t pretend it’s their daughter.

    July 17 at 12:35pm  / Reply
  12. Lynn 

    Kevin and Danielle Jonas got paid for selling their wedding pictures I’m sure that’s what they’re doing here… just looking for the perfect price… not hating… I’m a fan I love you Jwoww! However I would do the same. Roger does want to keep some things private and stay out of the spotlight if you watched Marriage Bootcamp you would know.

    July 17 at 12:57pm  / Reply
    • Tawny 

      Yup. Totally agree! JWOWW makes her money to support her daughter through the public’s eye and watching marriage boot camp, she doesn’t want to give it up! HELL, I’d wait for a check too! :)

      July 17 at 1:55pm  / Reply
  13. leslee 

    I bet she’s beautiful. Just look at her parents

    July 17 at 1:39pm  / Reply
  14. Tawny 

    I would love to see the baby also, but I’m in no way shape or form gonna ask for them to post one. I have patience out of respect! But I do believe she could possibly be waiting on the highest bidder of a magazine to get paid “posting” the first picture of her baby! I would, if I were in her shoes, a cute pair! :) It’s how she makes a living to support her family! The public’s eye! I did think, when I clicked this link, that there would be a baby photo but there wasn’t. Oh well, better luck on the next click! You mad or nah? LOL. Chill out everybody. Relax! :) I’m 36 weeks and 6 days pregnant. I promise I’ll post a pic of my son immediately after he’s born! Will that make y’all feel better? LOL laugh, it was meant to be funny! Cheer up!

    July 17 at 2:01pm  / Reply
  15. Tbomb 


    July 17 at 6:37pm  / Reply
  16. Sandra 

    We’ll see her soon enough!! Jwow loves her fans but if course she would like a mags article about her new bundle of joy who wouldn’t ? Hope your enjoying her to the moon and back, both you and roger…. Xo

    July 18 at 7:03am  / Reply
  17. Eduardo 

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    August 16 at 6:42pm  / Reply


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