She Takes Our Breath Away

JWOWW - Baby Girl Meilani Your first Breath took ours away

Mommy and daddy haven’t slept because we can’t stop staring at our baby, Meilani! I don’t ever want to put her down to use my phone! Lol


  1. Ann Purtha-Beard 

    Congratulations on your little girl. She’s a blessing to both of you. God bless.

    July 15 at 4:31pm  / Reply
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      July 17 at 7:38am  / Reply
  2. Melyssa 

    Congrats jenni. <3

    July 15 at 5:01pm  / Reply
  3. rebecca lookingbill 

    I’m so happy for you and Roger. What a blessing! I cant wait to see what she looks like :) Congrats Jenni and Roger!

    July 15 at 5:02pm  / Reply
  4. Stacey Hairston 

    Congratulations!!! Can’t wait to see her beautiful face!!!

    July 15 at 5:04pm  / Reply
  5. Rhoda May Carino 

    aww!! i knew you would be a great mom!!
    Pics of the cutie pie please?? :)
    Congratulations to the both of you!!

    July 15 at 5:04pm  / Reply
  6. maya 


    July 15 at 5:05pm  / Reply
  7. Aletta Medrano 

    Congrats to u and Roger…yall will be great parents..

    July 15 at 5:05pm  / Reply
  8. Holly 

    wheres the pictures?!?!

    July 15 at 5:05pm  / Reply
  9. samantha 

    Im so happy for y’all

    July 15 at 5:05pm  / Reply
  10. jennifer 

    Congrats god bless your little family.

    July 15 at 5:06pm  / Reply
  11. Samantha Harris 

    Pictures :)

    July 15 at 5:07pm  / Reply
  12. Margaret 

    I love her name. And cherish every moment! They grow up so fast! But you need your rest too. So take care of your health too :-*

    July 15 at 5:07pm  / Reply
  13. tina o 

    When are u going to share pics of your little princess

    July 15 at 5:07pm  / Reply
  14. kayla trout 

    Congratulations Jenni & Roger…♥

    July 15 at 5:10pm  / Reply
  15. Roxanna Franco-Chavez 

    But yet you are lol

    July 15 at 5:10pm  / Reply
  16. Alyssa Wright 

    Congrats to both of you on your bundle of joy! I’m a mother of 3 and trust me cherish every second cos they really do grow up fast! Congrats again and can’t wait to see pics!

    July 15 at 5:10pm  / Reply
  17. Amber 

    Where are the pics of this beautiful baby?!?!?

    July 15 at 5:11pm  / Reply
  18. nadine 

    Congratulations jwoww

    July 15 at 5:11pm  / Reply
  19. Kendra 

    show some Dayum photos already

    July 15 at 5:12pm  / Reply
    • McKayla Farley 

      Hi Kendra,
      Jennifer does not want to publicize Meilani yet, until she is a bit older.

      Your wishes mean well
      -Jenni & Roger

      July 15 at 5:17pm  / Reply
      • Cynthia 

        Awe well that’s understandable congratulations to the family I bet she’s beautiful

        July 15 at 8:30pm
  20. McKayla Farley 

    Anyone! Jenni does not want to publicize her baby girl atleast until Meilani is a little older. My cousin also wants me to let everyone know that she LOVES your guys’ sweet wishes. ☺ Jenni and Meilani and Roger are perfectlly fine. Also, baby Meilani is very adorable and healthy. Thank you for your wishes to us and our family. My niece is the most adorable thing you can imagine. You guys are the best!

    July 15 at 5:12pm  / Reply
    • Isabel 

      I was about to mention out of respect for her and Rogers family not to push on her posting pictures. It is their decision when they want to show the world their beautiful daughter. Thank you for telling us Miss McKayla Farley :) :D

      July 15 at 5:25pm  / Reply
      • McKayla Farley 

        No problem Miss Isabel. I cant seem to steal baby girl out of Jenni’s arms so. I am telling her all the grat comments.☺

        July 15 at 5:29pm
    • April Haas 

      That is totally understandable people need to respect there privacy congratulations Jenni and Rodger you guys are gonna make amazing parent and mckayla congrats on your new family member :)

      July 15 at 5:50pm  / Reply
      • McKayla Farley 

        Thank you, baby girl is beautiful!

        July 16 at 5:14pm
    • buggirl 

      Or maybe a magazine needs to show them first :)

      July 15 at 6:38pm  / Reply
  21. ashley 

    I love her name

    July 15 at 5:14pm  / Reply
  22. sharon b 

    God bless u Roger and that new little angel that has entered our life.u will be amazing parents.many congrats!!! Enjoy that new baby :)

    July 15 at 5:14pm  / Reply
    • Sayla Olivia Rosee 

      So proud of you’s. Congratulations for the baby girl x

      July 15 at 5:16pm  / Reply
      • McKayla Farley 

        She is not a family member sweety.☺ But thank you. She has entered a big beautiful world.

        July 15 at 5:19pm
  23. ashley 

    I knew you guys were going to be great parents babies change you ♡♡ for the best

    July 15 at 5:15pm  / Reply
  24. anissa 

    Congratulations to you both can’t wait to see that darling child :) I love the nursery and quote :)

    July 15 at 5:19pm  / Reply
  25. Diana Elizabeth Gonzales 


    July 15 at 5:20pm  / Reply
  26. Nilza 

    Photos please!

    July 15 at 5:20pm  / Reply
  27. Isabel 

    Congrats!!! Your phone is going to blow up with her pictures!!!

    July 15 at 5:20pm  / Reply
  28. Lisa 

    Congrats Jenni & Roger..Beautiful name for your babygirl..Enjoy every second with her

    July 15 at 5:22pm  / Reply
  29. Leeann 

    Congrats I bet she is soooo beautiful!!=) being parents is such a blessing and your life will never b the same. Just so much more wonderful. Post pictures everyone has to b so excited to see the new bundle of joy=) my best of wishes to you both

    July 15 at 5:22pm  / Reply
  30. Collette 

    Congrats on ur little girl

    July 15 at 5:30pm  / Reply
  31. amber 

    We need pictures

    July 15 at 5:32pm  / Reply
  32. McKayla Farley 

    Please, Stop asking for pictures. It takes a while for Jenni to get comfortable with making my niece public. She is a new mother so she has to get used to it, and she can throw a picture out to the world in atleast a month or so.

    July 15 at 5:33pm  / Reply
    • Tbomb 

      Hmmm…Jenni is an only child,Nice try!

      July 15 at 6:30pm  / Reply
      • Krissy 

        So the baby is your niece, but you’re her cousin? (At least according to every other comment you’ve made)… I know she doesn’t come from some white trash background, so what exactly are you trying to pull?

        July 15 at 8:12pm
      • Emma 

        I like how “mcayla Farley” has gone very quiet now ! Co incidence just after you called her out on her lies!

        Congrats jenni and roger! Can’t wait to see pics! xx

        July 16 at 1:32am
      • Gaby galvan 

        When your cousin has a baby the baby’s considered your niece or nephew to some ppl it almost like when you get married nd your husbands sister has a baby it’s not your blood but the baby’s still your niece or nephew ppl r not all raised the same way you guys should just respect that she doesn’t wanna post any pictures or her baby if she did she would’ve done it already

        July 16 at 6:55am
      • tbomb 

        No, when your cousin has a baby it is your second cousin not your niece.

        July 16 at 6:41pm
      • Krissy 

        See though, I’m 100% respecting the choice to hold off on releasing images. Whether she decides to go to her own blog, Instagram, or a magazine for the release – that choice is completely up to her and Roger.

        The issue really is that there’s a troll floating around attempting to convince the world that she’s actually a family member. If she really was, she’d be speaking with her directly, not living in her comments. Period. End of story.

        July 16 at 8:26pm
  33. RoseMarie 

    Congratulations Jenny n Roger on your baby girl, she weighed in the same as mine 16 yrs ago

    July 15 at 5:33pm  / Reply
  34. Shirell 


    July 15 at 5:39pm  / Reply
  35. Craga 

    Congratulations Jenni and Roger on the birth of ur baby girl. I wish the 3 of u all the love, luck and happiness in the world. Enjoy every min of ur baby daughter. I love her name so gorgeous and I bet she’s just as gorgeous. Xx

    July 15 at 5:40pm  / Reply
  36. Tova 

    Congratulations! <333

    July 15 at 5:49pm  / Reply
  37. Mommysharley91 


    July 15 at 5:53pm  / Reply
  38. Suzanne Fedouchik 

    Congrats jenny & roger! So happy for you both!

    July 15 at 5:59pm  / Reply
  39. summer 

    Congratulations guys babies are a true blessing ive enjoyed it so much I just gave birth to my 5th child which now makes my 2nd girl and I am done lol children arw one of the best gifts to have. Good luck on hour parenting journey.

    July 15 at 6:04pm  / Reply
  40. Dawn N Jerry Martel 

    Wait to see which magazine that will pay the most for first picture. I’m sure she’s beautiful congrats

    July 15 at 6:25pm  / Reply
  41. Tracy 

    Congratulations to Jenni and Roger I’m so happy for you both! Your daughter is blessed to have such great parents as you both! ♡♡♡

    July 15 at 6:25pm  / Reply
  42. Jilly 

    Wishing your family all the BEST with your newest little addition♥

    July 15 at 6:25pm  / Reply
  43. Malia Leiter 

    Congratulations jenni (:

    July 15 at 6:34pm  / Reply
  44. Georgeanna 

    Congratulations Jenny and Rodger enjoy your little princess

    July 15 at 6:37pm  / Reply
  45. tina 

    Congrats..I know she is just beautiful….

    July 15 at 6:39pm  / Reply
  46. De Ann 

    God bless you all. now is the time for family bonding, enjoy your time with the angel god has given you. Now is your time. Our time will come soon enough. Just know you both are thought about. With many happy thoughts and prayers.

    July 15 at 6:40pm  / Reply
  47. Bea 

    Congrats to you both. I’m sure she’s beautiful. And yes protect her from being publicized so early. However I’m sure it’s more because they have to wait to see who offers the most to publicize in a magazine As most celebrities do. So we have to wait a month till the one magazine that won shows us the pictures. Like people or US.

    July 15 at 6:53pm  / Reply
  48. Victoria Davidson 

    Congrats jenni !! You two will make grate parents !!!!! Hope u share some memories u have to come.

    July 15 at 6:56pm  / Reply
  49. Lia Anderson 

    Jwoww did you get the epidural? Did you actually do what you said you were going to do? Without the epidural? Well anyways Congrats to you and Roger and let the No Sleep Til! To Brooklyn! Lol

    July 15 at 7:07pm  / Reply
  50. Lia Anderson 

    Wait until Roger and Jwoww has a nasty diaper!

    July 15 at 7:09pm  / Reply
  51. Heather 

    Congratulations jenni and roger.I love her name it is amazing. And when you said you cant take your eyes off of her, that is how I felt. i was in awe at the miracle I was holding and how such a small angel could make me so happy.I was also scared to death because i knew she depended solely on me but everything came natural and now she is expecting in january and I get to share the joys of motherhood with her.Enjoy this wonderful time with your little angel.

    July 15 at 7:22pm  / Reply
  52. Tori 

    Why don’t you post pictures of your baby ? Does she not look right or something ?

    July 15 at 7:26pm  / Reply
  53. Debbie 

    Its breath taking to see you Baby for the first time and to hold in your arms!

    July 15 at 7:55pm  / Reply
  54. Amber Wilker 

    Dear Jwoww and Roger!

    I have watched every episode of Jersey Shore and Im so happy and excited for you both ! Congrats on ur bundle of joy !!

    July 15 at 8:21pm  / Reply
  55. angelluvr29 

    Congrats on your wonderful blessing! !

    July 15 at 8:27pm  / Reply
  56. Ashleigh 

    Congratulations Jenny n Roger! I wanna see and cannot wait! A mini J wow! Wow can’t wait to see her precious self!!! Stay blessed

    July 15 at 8:36pm  / Reply
  57. Trixie 

    Congrats can’t wait to see pics!

    July 15 at 8:46pm  / Reply
  58. Amanda Skinner 

    Congratulations!! Welcome to motherhood and fatherhood. Bless you all with the new arrival of your baby girl. We all can’t wait to see a glimpse of her :) Now the fun part starts…Diaper changing

    July 15 at 8:48pm  / Reply
  59. Dannielle Hernandez 

    First of all would like go give a BIG CONGRATS TO JENNI AND ROGER! And second of all Tori you are so unbelievably ignorant, all baby’s are beautiful no matter what! And maybe the reason they don’t post pics because really she is to small and new to be in the public eye right now. They are both new parents and deserve time away from everybody to bond with baby Mailani. Third Jenni get some sleep hun I know its such and exciting time but even a few hours would do you good. :)

    July 15 at 8:50pm  / Reply
  60. Dulce 

    Congratz Jwoww nd Roger on ur baby girl….

    July 15 at 9:53pm  / Reply
  61. kirsty 

    Congrats to you and roger well done :)

    July 15 at 11:16pm  / Reply
  62. Iris 

    I guess MTV wants to have the première and wont let them show pictures. Just like janelle Evans from teen mom. But however, congratulations Jenny and Roger! Xx

    July 16 at 1:32am  / Reply
  63. Shay 

    Congratulations! My son was born the same day 4yrs ago and weighed exactly the same!

    July 16 at 3:16am  / Reply
  64. claudia watenpuhl 

    If you can take on being a mom to snookie back in the day I think you got this. So happy for you and Roger! Your gonna be amazing parents! Congratulations on the birth of your precious baby girl! Just remember when she cries all night or you feel overwhelmed that one little smile, funny face she makes, or just looking at her little fingers around yours makes all the exhaustion and frustration totally disappear. I have watch you grow from that girl who first stepped into the Jersey shore house to the mature loving woman who will be a wonderful wife and mother.

    July 16 at 3:36am  / Reply
  65. Heather stepp 

    Pictures plz

    July 16 at 3:37am  / Reply
  66. Kyla 

    Congrats on your baby girl ! Can’t wait to see pics of her !!

    July 16 at 4:42am  / Reply
  67. Karen Faltisco 

    Congratulations to you both! I love her name it’s beautiful as I’m sure she is. Can’t wait to see a picture. Enjoy your new bundle of joy!!!!

    July 16 at 6:35am  / Reply
  68. Marie Amber Finn 

    .congratulations jwow and Roger on the new baby I love jerseys shore and Snooki and JWoww shows congratulations on the baby girl :-)

    July 16 at 7:41am  / Reply
  69. Stephany (Guera) 

    Congrats to new mommy & daddy. May God Bless your family JWow and I’m sure u will b the best mommy ever. :)

    July 16 at 7:54am  / Reply
  70. patti 

    Best wishes to Jenni & Roger. You will be wonderful parents. She is one lucky little girl.

    July 16 at 9:11am  / Reply
  71. Kelly 

    congrats jenni & roger i know you both will be great parents. i wish the best of luck to the both of you. can’t wait till we can finally see that pretty face of hers though.

    July 16 at 10:00am  / Reply
  72. mariah 

    Congratulations Jennni and roger I bet she’s perfect.

    July 16 at 11:39am  / Reply
  73. Chloe O'Leary 

    CONGRATZ!!! You will make a great mother and father. Love you both xoxo keep up the great work… ❤❤❤☺☺☺❤❤❤

    July 16 at 2:52pm  / Reply
  74. McKayla Farley 

    I got married to Rogers cousin Mark. So im rogers cousin and so i want to think of meilani as a niece since i am very much old. Thank you for your comments though.

    July 16 at 5:19pm  / Reply
    • Britney Farley 

      Hey mckayla, you are not. Family member. Jenni has one sister and thats me! Britney Farley. Look it up bitches!

      July 16 at 5:23pm  / Reply
      • Tbomb 

        Sorry Britney, I grew up in EG with Jenni she has no siblings!

        July 16 at 6:47pm
    • Tbomb 

      Now your reaching!

      July 16 at 6:48pm  / Reply
    • laughing hystericall 

      You married Roger’s cousin, yet your last name is Farley? Haha seriously people go to great lengths for ten seconds in the spotlight. Get a hobby.

      July 17 at 12:05am  / Reply
    • April 

      Hmmm… I don’t recognize a McKayla Farley… Who are your parents? Matter of fact, Jenni has about 4 cousins with the name of Farley. The rest of US have different last names. Jenni has no siblings. Now you are related to Roger? Ha!

      July 24 at 11:38am  / Reply
  75. poor kid 

    Poor kid :(

    July 16 at 5:46pm  / Reply
  76. Crystal Martineau 

    Omg just let the woman be a new mother in peace!! If she chooses to release pics of her new baby girl it is strictly up to her and Roger not for any one of yous guys to say. As far as people putting up fake profiles to say they are family is redonkulous! I hope that Jenni, Roger and baby are well and I will continue to pray for them as they find their way in being a new family. It isn’t easy with a new wee one in the house. Restless nights and all. Let the woman get into a routine first and rest before she is able to make the decision on how she wants to present her wee one to the world. Geesh get off her back already!!

    July 16 at 11:55pm  / Reply
  77. Faby 

    OMG !! Jenny congratulations !! ❤❤

    July 17 at 6:20pm  / Reply
  78. who cares 

    Why are ppl trying to act like they are related to her? She nothing special. I mean I like Jenni and roger, and I watched Jersey shore. But they are ppl… just like I am. No different, better or worse. She hasn’t done anything to change the world. Didn’t invent electricity or end world hunger…. just ended up on TV. I would like to say that I’m not related to her. II’ve never met her. I think its great that she had a baby. Motherhood is wonderful. I don’t need to see it. Its a baby. My life will go on… smh

    July 24 at 12:22pm  / Reply


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