Six Months And Perfect… Mommy Is a Mess But I’ve Always Been LMAO

Jenni JWOWW Farley - Pregnancy 6 Months Update


Pregnancy and me don’t mix. I keep saying to myself “how can women enjoy this shit?!” I’m always on edge because every appointment I find something else that’s crazy and unexpected. So let me try and explain how crazy life has been since the last picture of my daughter I posted. AKA the picture ABOVE!

That gorgeous pic of my daughter would set in motion a bunch of crazy ass specialist appointments that I was not prepared for. One day I was putting my basement back together and get a call from my Obgyn. He begins to tell me “now don’t panic.” Ummmm right there I’m panicking. “Jenni we came across a small issue on your last ultra sound picture and I would like to send you to a specialist”


“Your daughter seems to have a small cyst on her brain… I see this every so often and you..” At this point I honestly can’t tell u what he’s saying because I go numb and tears are just flowing. I can’t even begin to try and stop the tears. So after about another 5 minutes of explanations my dr asks me to call a specialist he knows and get a second opinion. The second I get off the phone I hysterically call Roger. I don’t think he even understood one thing I said. Literally hysterical to the point where I was hyperventilating thinking omg I did something so horrible to my daughter?

I call the specialist and beggggggg for them to see me the following day. They said they can fit me in because they wouldn’t want any mother to have to wait (when I mean these people were sweet… They were SUPER sweet!!!!) So the following day I go and Rogers with me trying to keep my nerves down. They tell me this happens to about 1-2% of pregnancies. It’s called choroid plexus cyst and over time the cyst should go away. Honestly I was happy but still my heart felt heavy. And even though I know I did nothing to cause it I felt guilty and so helpless. Such a horrible feeling….

So as the doctor is finishing up he notices something else… Ummm are you serious?! He says it looks like you have a low lying placenta and we need to be cautious until the next visit so no bleeding occurs… Okay?! What do you mean by cautious… “Well no sex” he says. I literally burst out laughing hysterically. Roger swears I paid him to say lmao. So now no sex for a Month!!!

Fast forward to this checkup which brings me to 25 weeks aka six months. My daughters cyst went away!!!!!! Also my placenta is higher so I’m no longer at risk (don’t tell roger)… And here is my beautiful angel!


JWOWW - Six month pregnancy update


  1. Rae 

    placenta previa is scary!! I had it, and it never moved, and my son and i both almost died while i was giving birth because of it (not trying to scare you!) And my sons father was so upset that i couldnt have sex my entire pregnancy (we found out i had it when i was 4 months along) and i was so happy the doctor told him that haha!

    April 15 at 6:44pm  / Reply
    • Banjo 

      You’ve really helped me undnestard the issues. Thanks.

      August 15 at 8:34am  / Reply
  2. Melissa Daniels 

    I definitely know that feeling you have when they tell you they found “something”, it is a feeling that everything goes after that sentence, you hear nothing. At 20 weeks they told me they had found a ‘spot’ on my son’s heart, sent me to a specialist. He was a rare case of HLHS, which means only 3 chambers in his heart were there. They gave me 3 options: 1st to terminate, 2nd compassionate care which means he just dies after birth with no intervention, 3rd to go through a 3 stage surgery after birth, 1st one at 2 days old, 2nd at 4 mos. Old, and 3rd at 3yrs old. I am prolife and so we chose option 3. Needless to say he will be 2 yrs old next month and is the most happy and playful child you’d ever have seen. It was a VERY rough 1st 5 mos. But he beat all odds! They do need to have a little more compassion when breaking the news to anurse emotional ‘pregnant’ woman. I am glad your daughter is ok and everything is going good. Good luck with everything!

    April 15 at 6:45pm  / Reply
  3. lady Devine 27 

    I know what your feeling. My daughter had open heart surgery. I wish I would have never gone threw but god works miracles. And my daughter is better than ever. I’m happy to hear the baby and you are okay .

    April 15 at 6:48pm  / Reply
  4. Stacy 

    That all made me freaked out… I dont know how you handled that! So glad it is all fine now!!

    April 15 at 6:48pm  / Reply
    • Mimi 

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      August 16 at 11:30am  / Reply
  5. Andrea 

    My second pregnancy my daughter had that cyst and it went away but for 4 weeks I was going out of mind! I had 3 high risk pregnancies but they were all worth it! God bless and congrats

    April 15 at 6:51pm  / Reply
  6. Taren 

    Soooo happy to hear everything is ok!

    April 15 at 7:03pm  / Reply
  7. Brandy Sester 

    so happy everything is good now

    April 15 at 7:13pm  / Reply
  8. krystal 

    Wow thats so scary so sorry u went threw all that especially with ur first ever!! :-) :-) an congrats very happy it all worked out for u an secondly when do we ur fans find out when ur first prego on the show snooki an jwoww lol??? I was so shocked to here bc I havent even seen that epo yet an I love watching everyone lol thank u ur fan krystal

    April 15 at 7:15pm  / Reply
  9. Stephanie 

    Awwww… I hope everything stays perfect hugs to you and your family

    April 15 at 7:24pm  / Reply
  10. Nancy 

    Stop worrying and enjoy your pregnancy there is nothing more beautiful then having a life growing inside of you. You and your beautiful baby girl will be fine. God Bless you and your beautiful family.

    April 15 at 7:27pm  / Reply
  11. Jennifer Ochoa 

    Your daughter is going to be beautiful. I hope nicole aka snooki is expecting a girl also so your daughter and her baby can grow up together and be best friends like you and nicole aka snooki. Congratulations to you and Roger and to Nicole and Gionni. I wish you guys all the best and may God Bless you guys with many more wonderful years and just ignore all the ignorant haters out there in this cruel world.

    April 15 at 7:44pm  / Reply
  12. Rosa Adelina Love 

    im sorry u went through that thank god it was not something serious i hope the best for u and ur baby and family im a huge fan ur baby is going to be beautiful just like her mother ill always be a jwow fan im here for u anytime <3 xox may god bless u and ur family always

    April 15 at 7:47pm  / Reply
    • Luana 

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      August 16 at 8:43pm  / Reply
  13. g_lady23 

    Im so happy for you and the baby that nothing its wrong.. God bless you both ♥♥♥

    April 15 at 7:49pm  / Reply
  14. Jilly 

    CONGRATULATIONS Jenni So glad everything is alright. She is Beautiful like her Mommy. Bless your little Family♥

    April 15 at 8:19pm  / Reply
  15. leigh ann 

    Please be careful, I had placenta previa and my daughter was born at 25 weeks at 1lb. 12oz. She is a perfectly normal 2 year old now, but it was not easy!!!

    April 15 at 8:22pm  / Reply
  16. jenny 

    I was a nervous wreck at every sono too. Try not to worry so much during your pregnancy now that you know that you and baby girl are fine. Enjoy this time with your precious baby girl!

    April 15 at 8:31pm  / Reply
  17. Christina Duffney 

    I truly understand exactly how you feel. I though went through it 4 times! Keep the faith, stay strong, get rest, many of us will keep you and baby girl in our prayers!!

    April 15 at 8:43pm  / Reply
  18. Andi_84 

    Jenni, I know exactly how you feel, I received the same news two years ago with my baby daughter (I was the same age as you at that time) and I had the exact same reaction. My doctor wouldn’t tell me right away what choroid plexus cysts were so I did the stupid thing an looked it up on the internet. Anyways long story short, her cyst went away too and I was needlessly worried over nothing. My daughter is healthy, beautiful and quite smart and I know your’s will be too. I wish you all the best with the rest of your pregnancy and as a future mother, you will truly enjoy every moment as we all have!

    April 15 at 8:55pm  / Reply
  19. Amanda 

    I had the same exact thing happen to me abd my son. He turned out completely perfect and he and my 8 year old daughter are the loves of my life. Good luck on the rest of your pregnancy!

    April 15 at 9:04pm  / Reply
  20. Wendy Kaye 

    Im so glad everything is ok. I had complications with my last pregnancy but luckily he turned out perfect! You will only be thinking when they place your daughter in your arms for the first time that you would do it all over again to have her come out healthy and beautiful like she is. I know its hard but you have to stay positive and be happy. Everything you feel she feels too. Be happy and she will just get stronger and stronger just like her mommy :) Can’t wait to see a big smile on your face when you tell the world shes perfect! Xoxo

    April 15 at 9:11pm  / Reply
  21. nina 

    I went thru something like that when my baby boy was born. Its scary i thought I had done something but finally the dr’s got it thru my head it was not me one foot was a little bigger than the other the didnt think too much of it at first cause he was born at 31 weeks. He was healthy otherwise he did t not have pain nor did the foot bother him. So dr said lets worry about him getting bigger and able to eat. He got bigger and healthy he was in the
    NICU for 2 months but after we get home a few weeks later we noticed something that looked like a blister dr said lets see what happens first dont panic. When he turnned 7 months his foot swelled up to the size of a grape fruit and he wound up having to have an amputation, after about 2 weeks we found out it was cancer but that it was gone with the amputation. He is a happy healthy normal 2 yr old with a prosthetic leg can take on any little challenge and teaches me something everyday. Trust me I know how scary being pregnant is and can be. Shes gonna be a tough cookie like her momma.

    April 15 at 9:57pm  / Reply
  22. Bobbie Graves Firchow 

    Sounds like you need to turn this pregnancy over to God and let him work his magic. Have faith sweetheart and know that what ever is to come is coming to you for a very special reason. This little baby girl that you are blessed to be the mother of is, without doubt going tp be the most precious gift you could ever hope for. Relax and enjoy the pregnancy and let God do what God needs to do. Happy thoughts, positive vibes and daily prayers coming your way.

    April 15 at 10:05pm  / Reply
  23. Melissa 

    I cried reading that, and I’m not even pregnant….so glad you are okay JENNI…..I can’t imagine what you must have been feeling. Your baby girl is so adorable, so happy for you!! :)

    April 15 at 10:25pm  / Reply
  24. Candi 

    Thank god .. praying for a healthy baby (: -god bless you both

    April 15 at 10:36pm  / Reply
  25. isha 

    So happy for u that everything came out okay. Prey for u tonight that the rest of pregnancy goes perfect. Stay strong!

    April 15 at 11:27pm  / Reply
  26. Angelica 

    Sound a lot like my pregnancies. And ofcourse we cary around a huge hormonal bomb everywhere we go! Glad to hear (read) your angel is doing great, duh! You’re the mommy!

    About the placenta…lets keep it our little secret. Roger wont hear anything from me! (Not like i have and chance of running into him, since i live in a little place called “The Netherlands”….Thats a five hour drive from Paris f.y.i.)

    Enjoy the rest of your babybump days and keep call (yeah…right….like thats going to happen!)

    April 15 at 11:58pm  / Reply
  27. Samantha 

    I am glad that everything is better. During my pregnancy with my daughter I had problems towards the end. I have an auto immune disease called lupus and it started flaring up towards the end and my placenta stopped growing and so did my daughter. I had to go see a specialist and turns out my daughter was a very small baby. The specialist said if I would’ve waited until my due date to have her that she would have been a stillborn. Be strong everything will be great. I know you and Roger will have a beautiful baby girl!

    April 16 at 12:12am  / Reply
    • Augustina 

      I’m out of league here. Too much brain power on dipyals!

      August 15 at 8:42am  / Reply
  28. katie brown 

    so relieved to see everything is okay! cant wait for her to make her entrance into the world!

    April 16 at 12:31am  / Reply
  29. Larissa 

    I am glad everything is okay!! :)

    April 16 at 12:39am  / Reply
  30. Jamie 

    I would be careful with a low placenta. That’s how I lost my last child. It should be taken very seriously especially if you start to bleed but in some cases what happens is meant to happen and there really isn’t anything you can do about it. I pray that you and your baby are blessed with a healthy and happy pregnancy along with a beautiful life afterward!

    April 16 at 1:11am  / Reply
  31. Dodie 

    My son & daughter had the same thing with the cyst. I was freaking out with both of them. Mind you I was high risk on both pregnancy a and couldn’t understand why because I was doing everything right. Then I talked to my sister and 3 out of her 6 kids had them too. So I was like ok, I got this. Both kids came out perfect with 10 fingers and toes. Good luck

    April 16 at 3:14am  / Reply
    • Kaylynn 

      Mighty useful. Make no mistake, I apircepate it.

      August 15 at 7:48am  / Reply
  32. kayla 

    omg i love ya

    April 16 at 3:26am  / Reply
  33. shellie 

    Congrats to you an roger both an so happy your beautiful baby girl is healthy an so are you good luck to the both of you !!! Can’t wait to see pics

    April 16 at 5:02am  / Reply
  34. Shannon Henley 

    Aww yayy! So happy for you two and good to know the baby is healthy, as well as yourself!

    April 16 at 5:14am  / Reply
  35. Amity 

    Prayers for you and your beautiful daughter. We have a awesome.God!

    April 16 at 6:04am  / Reply
  36. bbruens 

    My son was air lifted after having multiple cardiac arrests when he was only a week old. I picked him up, and he was dead in my arms. Luckily, he underwent the surgery and his life was able to be saved. I know exactly how you feel when saying you feel so helpless. It’s not a feeling any mother wants to feel. I had this image in my head of having a perfect pregnancy and a healthy child, and my life was completely turned upside down. I know that you must get a ton of people telling you stories and giving you advice, and probably don’t even have time to read all of these. But if I can tell you anything it would be to realize how lucky you are it was even detected. My sons heart conditions were not, which is why he got so sick. Now you and the doctors can come up with a plan to make sure you’re daughter is taken care of. Also, even when all you can do is sit there and just be with your child, don’t ever feel helpless. You are and will always be the most important person in your daughters life. Trust your intuition, don’t be afraid to ask questions, and cry whenever you feel you need to. Let others help you, and best of luck to you. I will keep you and your family in my thoughts.

    April 16 at 6:15am  / Reply
  37. M 

    Placenta previa is no joke enjoy your pregnancy but take it easy and try to rest as much as you can. I had it and it almost took my life just do as your doctor says stay off your feet as much as you can. I went into labor 12 weeks early and delivered my son 10 weeks early but I had to have an emergency hysterectomy and needed 10 bags of transfusion my son was born 3.5 lbs and 20 months later he is healthy and wonderful but I thank my lucky stars every day I see him. Educate yourself and ask a lot of questions but by all means enjoy the beautiful life that is growing inside of you, u won’t get those moments back but just do it carefully. Don’t be scared just Educate yourself.
    Good luck

    April 16 at 6:39am  / Reply
  38. Jen 

    My daughter had the same exact cysts one on each side of her brain tgey took longer to go away but they did! Its very scary I cried so hard and I was by myself at tge appointment! Congrats on your beautiful girl!

    April 16 at 6:44am  / Reply
  39. Shawn 

    I’m happy everything turned out to be good news!! You’ll be a great mommy:) .. Ps I had a dream that I met you and Nicole you both were still pregnant so I know you will carry your baby full term!

    April 16 at 7:34am  / Reply
  40. L 

    My daughter had a couple CPCs. She is two and half now, smart, funny, rambunctious and amazing. But I have been where you have been. Getting that call was the scariest moment of my pregnancy. Much love to your wee one!

    April 16 at 7:44am  / Reply
  41. Lucretia 

    Read this for real girl; no bullshit: my 1st pregnancy the doctor said the exact same thing! I was about 18 weeks and he said I needed to be seen by a specialist by 20 weeks because I may want to choose to abort the pregnancy & this needed to be done by 20 weeks. The doctor sent me to Indianapolis where he explained that if Seth was born with the cyst in his brain that he would be mentally retarded but most of the time the cyst resolves before birth. I would never abort my baby. I’m sure you can feel a connection with your baby right now and would never want to harm her. That’s how I felt! Well, I didn’t get another ultrasound until 38 weeks and the cyst had went away! Seth is actually the smartest of my 3 boys ;) he is amazing. He’s 10 now and I’ve told him the story and he’s so thankful that mommy didn’t abort him. I’m truly blessed and I believe in your case you will be just fine! Try not to stress! It makes it hard on you and the baby! You will be fine and so will she! I think you should name her Lucretia (after me) ha ha! Take care!

    April 16 at 9:24am  / Reply
  42. Dayna Mccuean 

    LOL “don’t tell roger” you;re so funny. I had the same problem! with the low lying placenta. I am glad everything is better for you :)

    April 16 at 9:35am  / Reply
  43. Lucretia 

    Yep, me too (congrats) & don’t forget to name her Lucretia sounds like (LaCrisha)! Ha lol worth a try!

    April 16 at 9:48am  / Reply
  44. T 

    My daughter had the plexus cyst to! They saw it at my 21 week sonogram and I had to schedule another sonogram to see if it went away. I was on edge until I got the other sonogram. Everything was perfect, the cyst was gone and I got more cute pictures!! She’s now going to be 10 weeks old on Sunday :)

    April 16 at 9:56am  / Reply
  45. Vanessa Jones 

    So happy everything is ok with your Little Sweet one.. God Bless and Prayers your way. Can’t wait to see you and Snooki back on TV !! Miss you all like crazy !

    April 16 at 11:04am  / Reply
  46. Amanda 

    Well oh my goodness. I don’t usually share but I just have to in this one. At my 20 week check up and gender revealing doc appointment I got the same, “now don’t worry but there’s a cyst on the brain…” Yeah sure, I won’t worry. Wtf? The doc said all the same things yours did and ofcourse I was on the internet searching it for two days straight. I went to my follow up with MY actual doctor knowing he would talk to me about the cyst and he says, “and by the way you have a low lying placenta.” Christ almighty! Long story short, I just went to my follow up four weeks later this past Monday and whattayaknow…cyst is gone and placenta is moving up! Hang in there mama! You are not alone

    April 16 at 1:50pm  / Reply
  47. Desiree Betts 

    Glad everything is all good now prayers sent your way

    April 16 at 2:04pm  / Reply
  48. gracie 

    That god work she going to be ok !:)

    April 16 at 2:37pm  / Reply
    • Micheal 

      I’m impsersed you should think of something like that

      August 16 at 12:51am  / Reply
  49. jessibel Santiago 

    Am very happy that everything is great wit u n ur bundle of joy I had placeta previa n I wuz 19week they did an emergency abortion cuz my baby didn’t have enough space to breath n the placenta wuz very low n every time I use to go to the bathroom I use to feel it coming down I wuz in bed rest for 2 month n could in have sex but the Dr wanna it to know if my placenta wuz gonna be able to move up but It didn’t it wuz till flat n low so I had it to go to a emergency abortion I even knew the sex of the baby it wuz gonna be another boy in the house I have three boys already n my last pregnecy I wuz gonna have a boy am till hurt n am going to counseling for it cuz went they was doing the abortion I felt one of he elbow n half of he face aka check :’(

    April 16 at 2:45pm  / Reply
  50. Terri 

    Wow u really had a scare, I’m glad everything is going well for you and family. Can’t wait to hear the announcement of your beautiful baby girl. I have a story to tell u after. Don’t be afraid to call your Dr for every little thing, this is you’re first and a lot of questions need answered. Try to keep the stress away. Good luck!

    April 16 at 4:24pm  / Reply
  51. Sonia Suarez 

    As I am reading I was praying for you and your baby girl then I am looking at the second photo of your precious lil girl and I can’t help but notice that it looks like someones hands are holding your baby’s face like two hands by her checks, I said timidity Those are the hands of God Blessing your lil girl. I strongly believe that the Lord healed your lil girl, I believe that he is watching over you and your baby. I am so happy that she is well and that you both are good. i may not know you but I want you to know that I will keep you and your lil angel in my Prayers. May the Lord continue to Bless you and your sweet lil family. Keep the faith Beautiful because God is good always. xoxo <3

    April 16 at 5:06pm  / Reply
  52. Sonia Suarez 

    I meant to say Immediately not timidity , Sorry

    April 16 at 5:08pm  / Reply
    • Adriano 

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      August 17 at 8:22am  / Reply
  53. andrea 

    This made me cry. As I hold my baby in my arms I thank God I have jer and she is healthy.motherhood turns you into a very different person and there is no other love like you will have for that baby!!!!

    April 16 at 5:44pm  / Reply
  54. Glenda 

    So happy everything is looking good and ur baby girl is healthy as we as Momma ❤️

    April 16 at 7:40pm  / Reply
  55. Erica 

    Girl, I can’t even believe that you are going through all that too! I am also 25 weeks pregnant I’m due in July and I’m having a girl also! From your story, I felt a comfort, because I also had placenta previa but it moved up too and I’ve had a lot of problems this pregnancy! I feel like we are so connected and I live following your pregnancy! So happy that everything is ok for you and your baby!

    April 16 at 8:05pm  / Reply
  56. Violet 

    My doctor told me that my son also had cysts and that it could be a marker for a genetic problem. It was the most traumatic heartbreaking news I ever heard. I was horrified and nervously took the genetic blood test. Everything came back fine. My perfectly handsome little boy is now 6 months old. Please don’t let the doctors worry you about anything. Enjoy every moment of your pregnancy and get ready to meet your beautiful baby :)

    April 16 at 10:13pm  / Reply
  57. Kimberly 

    So glad everything is fine! I think you and Roger will be great parents! Btw, she is beautiful!❤

    April 17 at 8:09am  / Reply
  58. casie 

    So glad everything is ok!! Being pregnate is so scary cuz its like u r about to be the winner of the best prize in the world and every second u r worried that something will happen!

    April 17 at 8:49am  / Reply
    • Tracy 

      Articles like this really grease the shafts of knlewodge.

      August 15 at 11:47am  / Reply
  59. Jeanne 

    My 2nd child had choroid plexus cysts, 2 of them (one on each side) hers also went away an she is now a toddler, zero issues!! My OB acted like they were no big deal, did not send us to a specialist- I did a lot of reading on my own and freaked myself out too but most of the time they end up being nothing :) sorry you had to go through this scare!

    April 17 at 10:33am  / Reply
  60. shaela 

    Wow! That was heart breaking! I went through the same thing with my daughter and the cyst had resolved its self. It was scarier for me bc that kind of stuff ran in the family of my husband’s side he had tumors removed and everything. Very scary! But I’m glad they went away! Try not to panic that horribly again bc its really bad for the baby! I’m soooo happy for you and not to mention how amazing you look!! I’m jelly!!! :)

    April 17 at 11:33am  / Reply
    • Geraldine 

      I’m not easily imeserspd. . . but that’s impressing me! :)

      August 15 at 11:13pm  / Reply
  61. Aterry1 

    I just had my 18 week ultrasound and sure enough I am going through now what you went through over a month ago. Doc tells me not to worry but a marker was found called choroid plexus cysts. So immediately started freaking out and am still freaking out and patiently awaiting a genetic blood test result now to see where I stand. While reading your blog I could relate entirely to what you were writing. All I can do is wait and hope now but reading your blog helped.

    April 19 at 6:53pm  / Reply
  62. millan 


    April 21 at 7:57pm  / Reply
  63. Ellen Devenney 

    Brilliant to hear, i literally just watched the finishing episode of Snooki&Jwoww, so happy for you

    April 22 at 1:44pm  / Reply
  64. misty 

    I am so happy everything is going good …. I know how what a doctor can say can just make your heart stop….I am 30 and have been told my whole life I could not get pregnant… well I am proud to say I am 24 weeks and 1 day with my own baby girl…. I can not wait to meet my little miracle and become a mom… but I do get what you said at the start of this how being pregnant is one thing after another lol I am sooooo ready to have my little princess and not be prego!!!!

    April 28 at 7:56am  / Reply
  65. kayla 

    Congrats girly she is absolutely beautiful and your going to be one amazing momma dont let anything get you down

    May 13 at 10:36am  / Reply
  66. heather 

    I’m 26wk pg with my 3rd and had the same issues with this pregnancy. I had bleeding at 9 & 11wks due to a hematoma and also low lying placenta. I was put on pelvic rest too! Haha Baby had bilateral choroid plexus cysts from 16-24wks. So scary! I feel your pain. Everything works out though. Hope you have a smooth ride from here on out

    May 30 at 5:47pm  / Reply
  67. Amy 

    Had the same thing with my daughter at 18 week check up! Went to the high risk obgyn and they find bright spots on her heart, which means she had a high chance of having down syndrome. I opted to do the amniocentesis and luckily she was perfectly healthy! She’s now 8 and is in gifted classes and is brilliant! Such a scary thing to go through as a mother though.

    May 30 at 10:25pm  / Reply
  68. yohana 

    How cute your baby has one eye open

    May 30 at 10:42pm  / Reply
  69. yesenia 

    I’m glad everything is going to be fine….your going to be a great mother….♡

    June 5 at 2:48pm  / Reply
  70. Stephanie 

    I always know that in times of trouble God always cover for us, and I am thankful that everything is ok with you and Rogers little princess. Continue to be at peace. I just suffered from a miscarriage and know that God will bless me an my husband soon with a little one. I cant look at what happened as a negative thing, I must know that I will always come on in a positive way in the end

    June 5 at 6:25pm  / Reply
  71. Michelle Learn 

    Hi. I’m Michelle. My 3rd son, who will be 20 this coming Sunday had those cysts on his brain!! He had 2 of them. They found them when I was 23 weeks pregnant with him. They did a bunch of genetic testing on him and everything was fine. I panicked also. But it was nothing, nothing at all. They also told me that they have done autopsys on elderly people that have died of natural causes and have found these cysts. Like I said he had 2 of them and nothing ever happened to him. Hes healthy and happy and living life to the fullest. Good luck and I wish you 3 the very best!!!

    June 5 at 7:29pm  / Reply
  72. Nichole 

    Omg this is such an amazing story!!! So happy for ur lovely family!!

    June 23 at 7:30pm  / Reply
  73. Stefanie Cowan Dinatale 

    Glad the baby is healthy!!! Congrats!!! Fyi, I would of labored ten (births before wanting to be prego for 9 mts, ( x3) so you aren’t the only one that feels that

    June 23 at 7:53pm  / Reply
  74. Ester 

    Aww Cant Wait To See How Beautiful She Is <3

    June 27 at 10:41am  / Reply
  75. Chaas 

    A few years ago I’d have to pay someone for this inoaimftron.

    August 15 at 9:59pm  / Reply
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