Sniptease Thursdays: Hair Extensions

Hey guys welcome to Sniptease Thursdays!!! I’m here with my favorite hairstylist Joei D Fox, and today we’re going to be doing my favorite thing in the world, which is hair extensions! Not only do hair extensions make you look super HOT, but they make your life a whole lot easier. They can even last from up to 3-6 months! P.S. don’t ever remove your extensions by yourself! I love getting colored extensions for summer, because its fun and flirty and is a lot easier than dying your hair!



  1. janetsarduy 

    I just wasted a lot of time & money 1. lightening (hombre) 2. Dying my hair (red) to have black on red like a Phoenix. Total fail. I’ve never really understood the need for extensions. I always thought they were ghetto. But now, you’ve finally given me a legitimate reason that makes sense. I had to chop off that whole hombre shit & redye my hair to its natural color. Now i know.

    June 12 at 1:50pm  / Reply
  2. Ashemmons 

    It’s not hombre!!! It’s ombre!!!

    June 14 at 5:45am  / Reply
  3. rinbeamsexc 

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  4. Lyndall 

    If your arlietcs are always this helpful, “I’ll be back.”

    August 15 at 11:55pm  / Reply


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