Sniptease Thursdays: Red Ombre Look

Hey guys! Welcome back to Sniptease Thursdays!! Today Joei D Fox is going to show us how to do a red ombre! This is definitely the go-to look for the summer! It’s super fun and flirty, and it last much longer than most colors. Don’t forget: you don’t want the color to go too high up with the ombre or it could look weird LOL. If your going drastic and bold you want the ombre to be mostly on the ends of your hair. Try this super bold hairstyle to look fabulous all summer long!


  1. Kara 

    That looks like shit.

    June 26 at 5:41pm  / Reply
    • elly 

      I agree! Yuck

      June 26 at 6:00pm  / Reply
    • Stephanie 

      It’s not your hair so why do you care LOL ? I think it’s nice .

      January 16 at 6:08pm  / Reply
      • Laura Linda Salinas 

        She’s promoting it as ombré when in reality it’s more of a dip dye.

        January 16 at 6:21pm
    • Stephanie 

      Fucking horrible. Ombre should not have a obvious line where the color starts. This is tragic.

      January 16 at 7:17pm  / Reply
    • Victoria 

      You got to be kidding me. That’s just horrible. What the fuck was the stylist think of doing a horrible piece of crap? That looks just horrible her hair looked better before the ombré just saying!!!

      January 17 at 12:02am  / Reply
    • Courtney 

      well that explains why she looks so miserable!

      January 17 at 6:59am  / Reply
    • Janelle Woods 

      Agreed. this hairstylist is not talented in what ombre is supposed to look like

      January 27 at 3:38pm  / Reply
  2. Victoria Fraker 

    For post baby. You should do a pink ombre!!!!

    June 26 at 5:58pm  / Reply
  3. elly 

    Being a hair Stylist, that final look made me cringe. I was expecting WAY better results. The red color was pretty but it doesnt look good with the highlights on top. Just my opinion! The stylist’s hair was fucking fabulous however!

    June 26 at 5:59pm  / Reply
    • Justine 

      I’m a stylist as well and that is probably one of the worst professionally done ombres I have ever seen. Super choppy whe r it should he blended

      December 29 at 5:53am  / Reply
    • Laura Linda Salinas 

      LoL I thought I was the only one that cringed. When she said “ok we’re finished” I was like omg no that’s not ombré.

      January 16 at 6:22pm  / Reply
  4. ashley 

    Lmfao wow cant she friggen smile shes with friggen jwoww and damn that was an ugly friggen job

    June 26 at 6:04pm  / Reply
    • Bree Picardi 

      Speak friggen English

      December 28 at 8:30pm  / Reply
  5. Lauren 

    she does not know what she is doing. An ombre is supposed to fade. no hard lines. this is embarassing.

    June 26 at 6:07pm  / Reply
  6. Lauren 

    High lift color is not Semi-permanent lol

    June 26 at 6:09pm  / Reply
    • Chrissy 

      YES! Semi Permanent is NOT high lift color. If she is a “colorist” learn the correct verbiage! It’s insulating to see and hear this. And the color looks like shit!

      June 26 at 6:37pm  / Reply
  7. Amanda Llanso-Binkley 

    Love it.. Except for the highlights that were already in her hair.. Too much with the red ombré IMO but that’s just me! :)

    June 26 at 6:09pm  / Reply
    • Celly Meza 

      Totallyyyy agreeee Awefullllll

      January 16 at 6:23pm  / Reply
      • Dallas 

        I completely agree that just look trashy!! I mean if you are going to do something do something right not just amost do it. Ewwww

        January 16 at 11:56pm
  8. K 

    Lol yes it does that girl did not look happy

    June 26 at 6:11pm  / Reply
  9. Becca 

    Definitely do not like it with the highlights on top that looks horrible would have looked more decent with just the red…

    June 26 at 6:39pm  / Reply
  10. Arias 

    This is not an ombré. All I see is a line…..

    June 26 at 6:46pm  / Reply
  11. Kate 

    That looks horrible. That is not how u do an ombre’ . That poor girl, no wonder she looked pissed as hell…I would be mortified to walk outside with my hair like that.

    June 26 at 7:04pm  / Reply
  12. Cat 

    That’s a homebré! Looks like the girl did her own ombré! It’s a straight line…. Teasing at the root would help not get the hard line. Just sayin…

    June 26 at 7:06pm  / Reply
  13. Victoria Jolie 

    Now it’s an extremely rare occasion that I post comments like this, but I couldn’t contain myself…

    So, first of all the client looks miserable throughout the entirety of the video! Second, that is one of the worst color jobs I have ever seen… That’s not an ‘ombré’… An ombré is supposed to gradually fade, that harse line is beyond terrible! High lift colors are NOT semi-permant… Really?! And lastly, as a ‘hair stylist’ she should have chose a client without pre-existing highlights.

    But what do I know, I’m just a licensed cosmetologist…

    June 26 at 7:23pm  / Reply
  14. Hairstylist :p 

    No. That’s not how you do an ombré. Please do not try this ha home. XD

    June 26 at 7:33pm  / Reply
  15. nancy 

    Don’t like it with the highlights its a wait of pain & money.

    June 26 at 7:37pm  / Reply
  16. Vanessa 

    Omg That looks Very Horrible really Jenny u know that’s fugly why lie and say u like the highlights.

    June 26 at 8:14pm  / Reply
  17. Alyssa 

    If I was sitting next to Jwoww I wouldn’t be able to control my smile but this girl just looks so miserable the whole time. Jwoww I definitely think you should do a purple or magenta after the baby since you already did pink but those colors are still girly! Just a thought

    June 26 at 8:20pm  / Reply
  18. Holly H 

    That poor girl got her messed up BAD. I would cut the red off and start over. I would bitch and scream if that was done to my hair. Surprised that was even posted.

    June 26 at 8:42pm  / Reply
  19. Terasa 

    The woman looks pissed!!!

    June 26 at 10:09pm  / Reply
  20. Dani 

    I’m a hair dresser & sorry, but this is all wrong! This is not the way an ombré is suppose to look at all. We all have bad days, but Wow! !

    June 26 at 11:32pm  / Reply
  21. gabz 

    I’m a stylist too. And that was the absolute worse ombre I ever laid eyes she should have backcombed to get a faded look..and darkened the top and got rid of those highlights…poor work.

    June 27 at 1:51am  / Reply
  22. Hanna 

    That woman looks dead..

    June 27 at 2:19am  / Reply
  23. Colleen V 

    I’m a hair stylist and I could never let a client leave my chair looking like that .. The ombré wasn’t graduated it just looks like she dyed the tips it’s supposed to gradually get more intense as it gets to the ends that looks like she just had red hair let it grow out and decided to change it up and go dark with highlights also the highlights are super streaky which was cute in the 90′s an I’m a fan of contrast but not like that she should have done low lights done a few face framing highlights and colored the highlights red as well it would have looked amazing if it was done right I do love the color red that she chose however

    June 27 at 4:07am  / Reply
  24. Kay 

    That looks horrible it’s not blended at all…. Maybe she should try teasing before her ombré it’ll blend more

    June 27 at 7:08am  / Reply
  25. Melissa Gargon-Eisenman 

    Wow can’t believe all the comments. . Didn’t realize everyone is so damn perfect! ! I guess all that matters is I loved my hair.. also the video was edited ALOT that’s what happens with tv.. I was smiling and laughing and talking. I will admit I do look pissed .. but I really wasn’t I guess the frames they used I just so happen to look like that.. or maybe it was the Botox I got done the day b4 lmfao!!Jenni was really nice and Joei was awesome as always.. Thank you for the opportunity… btw Jenni I give u a shit ton of credit for being on reality tv… I don’t know how u deal with all the negativity. ♡♡

    June 27 at 9:31am  / Reply
  26. Jessica 

    As a professional hair stylist I have to say that this ombré looks terrible.. An ombré isn’t supposed to be a straight blunt line!!

    June 27 at 7:00pm  / Reply
  27. rima 

    i love it

    July 18 at 9:57pm  / Reply
  28. Bree Picardi 

    Mmmm I don’t like it. You should die your hair fully blond or fully red

    December 28 at 8:33pm  / Reply
  29. Paige 

    Ombre is supposed to fade…it came from brown to red with no fade. Meh….could have been better. Could have been much better.

    December 28 at 8:34pm  / Reply
  30. km 

    Ombre is suppose to gradually fade not just have a line j.s I’ve done a couple of hombres and mine never had a streaky line thru it. Damn I would be mad if my hair turned out like that.

    December 28 at 8:46pm  / Reply
  31. MamaMija 

    Her face was as red as her hair. What The Fuq?!?

    December 29 at 1:49am  / Reply
  32. tRaViPr 

    Terrible!!! Total hair messed up !

    December 29 at 4:15pm  / Reply
  33. Lisa 

    I hate to post this because I don’t like to discredit anyone’s work. But that is not ombré. That was just dip dying her hair giving her a harsh line and not blended any of the hair or the highlights.

    January 16 at 5:47pm  / Reply
  34. Barb 

    That is so bad. SO SO SO BAD.

    January 16 at 6:02pm  / Reply
  35. Fate 

    Ok the lady getting her done looks pissed off! Wtf Jwoow get someone who looks happy to be there. Also the hair looks like shit it’s not blended at all!

    January 16 at 6:15pm  / Reply
  36. sara 

    Saw demarcation lines…and it’s like straight across???Idk not feeling it

    January 16 at 6:29pm  / Reply
  37. blabla 

    eew thats bad if you color the hair very dark brown with ombre red it would be nice but highlights ombre hair its too much

    January 16 at 7:00pm  / Reply
  38. Stephanie B. 

    This “stylist” has no idea what she’s doing. Absolutely tragic results and she has no knowledge of color whatsoever calling high lift color semi-permanent then saying “oh this will last.” Hahaha unreal. I hope this chick didn’t pay for that shit.

    January 16 at 7:22pm  / Reply
  39. Darlene McGilvery 

    I’ve only been in hairschool for 2 months & already know this was a total bust. Even a person with little knowledge of ombre’ hair will know. It is supposed to be teased as well, not just straight across. Is this chick even a hairstylist?
    The customer looks totally unhappy & miserable. Even if that was free i’d never take it.

    January 16 at 7:45pm  / Reply


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