Snooki Giving Me Pregnancy Advice: Part 3

In this episode, my BFF Snooki tries to reassure me that popping out a baby isn’t as scary as it sounds because I’m super nervous. Check out what she had to say about her own going-into-labor experience! XOXO


  1. PM 

    Seriously…if you couldn’t get in the tub after your plug comes out then there wouldn’t be any water births.

    February 4 at 3:05pm  / Reply
  2. Amber 

    I losted my mucus plug and didn’t go into labor for a week after so….just because it came out doesn’t mean it’s time rigjt then. FYI

    February 4 at 4:35pm  / Reply
  3. Lauren Christine Duke 

    PM is Right, if that was true there wouldn’t any water births.

    February 4 at 5:09pm  / Reply
  4. vanessa 

    Wow u actually are listening to her advice??? You can not drown the baby by getting in the tub. Like the other comment said they wouldn’t have water births if u couldn’t get in water after your plug comes out. You know your in labor when contractions come every minute or two and are strong and intense. Good luck. Get a midwife or doula and talk to your doc if have questions not snooki please!!!

    February 4 at 5:09pm  / Reply
  5. Cheshirecat394 

    A doctor will tell you not to take baths because, YES, just because your plug came out DOESNT mean your going into labour anytime soon. You can cause infections. If you have a water birth, obviously your definatly in labour and the baby’s coming out in a short amount of time. Not sitting in a bath a bunch of times over a week-two with lots of time to cause an infection. But no… The baby isn’t going to drown lol.

    February 4 at 5:20pm  / Reply
  6. Amber 

    You can lose your mucus plug and go up to about two weeks after. I lost mine and went into labor 7 days later. Every woman is different when it comes to labor and delivery!! I can tell you though…if your water breaks at home, don’t rush to get to the hospital….most hospitals don’t let you get up and move around after your water breaks. So just time those contractions and when they are about 5 mins apart, get goin to the hospital!!!!

    February 4 at 5:27pm  / Reply
  7. She 

    The baby lives in water inside you for 9 months which comes the term “my water broke” you can not drown a baby just by taking a bath and yes it can cause infection because you are laying in a tub where dirt and everything else off of you is sitting in that water!! Water births are all sterile that’s why they can be preformed with the correct people I love you and Snooki to death y’all were my favorite on The Shore but PLEASE PLEASE ask your doctor before making any serious decision when it comes to your child’s are your own health

    February 4 at 5:54pm  / Reply
    • suggs1978 

      Yep, I was told the same thing, that you shouldn’t do baths towards the end of your pregnancy because of the risk of infection, especially after you lose your plug or break your water.

      February 4 at 11:06pm  / Reply
  8. suggs1978 

    Hi Jenni ! First of all , congratulations to you and roger. I think you guys will be awesome parents. I just wanted to tell you that all the advice in the world will not prepare you for your birth. Every woman’s labor is a unique experience, and doesn’t always go by the book. I’ve had 3 children and each labor was a little bit different than the other. With my third child I actually experienced the old T.V. water gush and rush to the hospital ! I had to be induced with my second which was 5 hours start to finish. My first baby I think I was in denial that he was ever coming and I was terrified. But still it didn’t measure up to what I had expected. I lost my plug over the course of 2-3 days, a little bit at a time. Also during that time I was having mild contractions that felt more like period cramps and a steady lower back ache. When I noticed the “cramps” started coming every 10-15 minutes I finally left work and called my doctor who told me it was time to come in ( I was a week overdue). After some Pitocin to steady my contractions , 13 hours of labor and 10 minutes of pushing my son was born 7 lbs 13 oz and 20 inches long, and healthy :)
    While the pain did get pretty bad, especially after the doctor broke my water, instinct took over and I started breathing through each one like they teach in lamas classes. I opted for an epidural around 4 cm which made things almost painless there after. Besides being a little sore and tired , I felt great afterwards.
    I Didn’t rip or need stitches and I didn’t poop! LOL.
    So, I just wanted to share with you, in hopes to try and ease your fears a little. It will be a little scary, as it is with all new moms, but you will be fine.Thanks to epidurals it.. is possible to enjoy your special day and the experience. Its such an amazing , unforgettable feeling bringing life into the world. I wish you and Roger the best, and hope for you a happy healthy pregnancy and baby.

    February 4 at 10:59pm  / Reply
  9. Devon 

    I’m my god ur soo pretty!!

    February 5 at 3:10pm  / Reply
  10. esmee-jenni-farley 

    Snooki is like what i dont do that and why are you lafing i say something thats normal so……. But jenni i like you and i whis i was you you’re so pretty

    Xx jenni

    March 4 at 12:17am  / Reply
  11. Jess 

    Cheshirecat394 nailed it!

    April 8 at 8:56pm  / Reply
  12. Katrina 

    I had my daughter in the bath tub and they cannot drown ! My baby is a healthy 20 months old little girl :)

    April 9 at 1:12am  / Reply
  13. Sarah Shoemaker 

    Hi Jenni,
    First, you and Snooki are just too cute. Second, when the time comes for baby to arrive it can be both scary and exciting all at the same time. The unknown can be nerve wrecking but once you are in the moment it is not all that bad. Everyone is unique and every birth is unique in its own way. I have two children and both of my births were completely different. Your doctor is the best person to talk to and will help with quieting any fears or worries you may have. As for your mucus plug, it can come out up to a couple weeks before you actually go into labor. It is just one of many signs that your body is preparing for baby to arrive. Your doctor will advice against taking baths after you lose your plug due to the risk of developing an infection. Water births are different as they are done in a sterile environment and it is only long enough to have baby. You will do just fine and am sure you have lots of loving support which helps tremendously. Congrats on your pregnancy and I am such a big fan of yours as well as Snooki. Good Luck. :-)

    April 9 at 1:34am  / Reply
  14. jess 

    U can go into a bath aftet the mucus plug comes out. If that was thetheir wwouldn’t be no water birth n some ppl plug comes out little bye little n some ppl dnt realize that they lose theirs so thats a lie.

    April 9 at 5:17am  / Reply
  15. jess 

    And taking a bath after the plug comes out can developed a infection. Showers r safter to take while pregnant

    April 9 at 5:19am  / Reply
  16. Sugarsweetcandy12 

    I took baths all the time it would help ease the back pain and helped with constipation just NOT SUPPOSE TO TAKE BUBBLE BATHS THAT IS WHAT CAN CAUSE A UTI AKA INFECTION NOT THE BATH IT SELF!

    April 9 at 2:03pm  / Reply
  17. kdkidd 

    not take advice from her talk to ur doctor….

    April 9 at 6:32pm  / Reply
  18. Nikki 

    I lost my mucus plug and had my baby the next day!

    April 9 at 6:38pm  / Reply
  19. Jessi.B 

    Your mucous plug can regenerate, just like amniotic fluid. You can lose it more than once. If you are going to go into labour after losing your mucous plug it can be upto 2wks afterwards. You can bath etc as you please until your waters have broken, your plug has nothing to do it but after waters break there is a risk of infection if you bath etc.

    April 15 at 4:23pm  / Reply
  20. Roxy 

    Ingithss like this liven things up around here.

    August 16 at 9:48am  / Reply


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