Snowmobilin with Snooki!

jwoww - Snowmobiling with Snooki

Such a fun weekend with my boo and our friends!! Now time to get back to reality!! XOXO


  1. Jessica 

    My boyfriend was snowmobiling up there with his friends as well. Thank you very much to Jionni for taking a picture with him for me!!

    February 11 at 2:31pm  / Reply
  2. steph 

    How awesome. Where did you guys go snowmobiling?

    February 24 at 11:58pm  / Reply
  3. Nessa 

    Why would you go snowmobiling while pregnant….

    February 25 at 4:09pm  / Reply
  4. Katie Davis 

    Wow that look’s very very fun too do

    February 25 at 5:16pm  / Reply
  5. Morgan Smith 

    That is not safe to do while pregnant.

    February 28 at 10:37am  / Reply
  6. Shirley 

    Not near enough snow on them or that machine for them to have been having “too much fun”! Looks staged to me!

    March 3 at 6:56pm  / Reply
  7. Heather 

    Some people need to get over themselves always having negative comments if you don’t like her don’t comment geez get a life your beautiful Jenny and you rock I am a fan and of my hubby is lol I even think your hot

    March 5 at 3:40pm  / Reply
  8. amanda 

    Uh did u ever think that they could have taken the picture before they actually started snowmobiling? & please tell me how it is so dangerous to go snowmobiling while pregnant? People are so annoying & never can say anything nice. Just shut up. Do you Jwoww. Haters gonna hate. <3

    March 7 at 6:12am  / Reply


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