Thank You For The Love!

My precious baby girl, Meilani Alexandra Mathews, made her debut at 12:49 pm, weighing 7 pounds, 13 ounces. She is perfect! Thank you all for the beautiful messages and best wishes. Your love and support during this amazing time in our lives means everything to me, Roger and baby Meilani! I can’t wait to share more precious moments with you guys!! So blessed! XOXO


  1. Tammy 

    Congrats on your lil angel! They truly are heaven sent and only god himself could creat someone as precious! I know you guys will be amazing parents!

    July 14 at 3:30pm  / Reply
    • There is no god 

      No they made the kid, not a fucking fake God you dumb slut… Fucking idiot

      July 14 at 6:36pm  / Reply
      • Erica 

        That’s really mature.

        July 14 at 7:01pm
      • Jordan 

        Wow I hope u think long and hard at who created you your parents family siblings great grandparents and beyond that. I wish I could slap you right in the face with a bible.

        July 14 at 7:15pm
      • Sierra Eileen Grasseschi 

        There is a God, your extremely ignorant!!! You need to be around good people that will teach you how to respect others and there feelings and the most important is to teach you about God and how he created this beautiful world we are living on and how he created Adam and Eve, he created you and he loves you. Because the way you’re talking is so disrespectful and so hurtful to God when he sacrificed his son Jesus Christ who died on the cross for you and your sin’s, you should feel horrible about what your saying. God I pray for this person to know you and for you to change there heart and show this person the Christian way of life, Amen!!

        July 14 at 7:40pm
      • Roszha Craig 

        You should not put your opinion if u didn’t like what someone said in the first place and God is Real!!Who made us it sure wasn’t scientific facts tht we were made by apes but you maybe but I know who put me here and being a Catholic.You shall see tht God will be risen again and when he does you will be deeply sorry and I really have no respect for people like you who do not believe in Heaven or Jesus!There is no reason to make none of this up#Godisreal#Heavenis4real #Ibelieve#Amen

        July 14 at 7:40pm
      • Darlene 

        Dear lord, please forgive this individual. They do not know what they are doing.

        July 14 at 8:06pm
      • Nessa JimBeam Cowboys Bowen 

        if god is real who made the dinosaurs ? ;)

        July 14 at 10:08pm
      • Sonja 

        What’s Ironic, is That God will forgive you, only on your death bed will you realize that God loves you and that you have wasted your life. Here we all are celebrating the life brought into this world, and only by Gods grace are these to chosen as parents, and you filth it up by your tongue but, God will forgive you.

        July 14 at 10:58pm
      • Mya 

        No-ones shoving God down your throat so take a chill pill and relax! Sheesh…no need to share your lack of belief in something someone believed in…it’s about congratulating J’ and her partner on becoming parents…not you!

        July 14 at 11:04pm
      • there is no god!! 

        Finally! At least someone understands there is no mother fucking god. He doesn’t design us or create us. Youre all idiots

        July 14 at 11:14pm
      • Crista 

        Thats your belief
        Your opinion
        What if your wrong
        There is a god
        There isnt a god
        It doesnt really matter but really in the end my belief is that we all end up in the same place somewhere

        Thats my belief but i dont go around telling people GOD IS FAKE!!!
        No i go around and saying there is no way of knowing

        (Your wrong) and so is everybody else
        Wheather there is or isnt a god

        Keep it to yourself
        Leave it to the people to make there own decitions
        Get over yourself
        And shut up

        July 15 at 1:36am
      • rebecca 

        this isn’t a thread for beliefs this is for Jenny n Roger having thier baby all of you with that debate is ignorant

        July 15 at 1:52am
      • AlienMars 

        I don’t really believe in a god but wow, you didn’t have to be such a dick about it.

        July 15 at 3:18am
      • Nicole 

        You have a right to believe what you want and so do we. It’s your rude language and lack of honest respect for another person that boggles my mind. You must have been raised by monkeys themselves then?

        July 15 at 5:54am
      • Annette 

        You can tell you don’t Have our Lord jesus in your heart or in your life , the ones that walk with Evil talk like you . The ones that walk with Jesus & our father have love & compassion for others , treat others with respect & kindness . Come on its right there in your words , cause if you knew Christ u wouldn’t be talking like that ! so best believe there’s evil & good , the Devil & our god & Jesus Christ . Pray hard who ever you are pray really hard & I will be praying for you ! May God Bless Your soul !

        July 15 at 9:18am
      • Holyspirit Iamurnot 

        everybody come check out my page if all of u r confused curious n eager to know more about how the multidimensional eternal infinite reality of the kingdom of god which is within u n without but if u guys bowdown believe n ur own filth ego lies self reflection n let the devil take u n u imbrace this sinister plot of devouring souls n innocence in which the people of the world r vulnerable to everyday n u havent had a relationship with god which is christ with no lies be naked truthful honest innocent just like a child because god truly loves his children under god always in prayer mode for he hears sees n is in all things rather u notice that or not if u don’t have a relationship with god which is god which is within u n nothing else don’t look here there this institution this church that church they all gone astray there all fallen curupt n wicked every church 501c3 belongs n is satan is disguise people were the mindcontrol is heavey have a relationship with christ which is god be naked with no lies ego or pride child like a child everyday allday every second hour minute year day month doesn’t matter because there is no time no day no hour u enter the kingdom of god now wen u come to the reality that christ is god n in christ there is truth life true light agape love true consciousness true way true success true holy spirit true fullfillment true clarity bread provision wisdom n have that relationship with christ or god will say depart from me i never knew u ye who work iniquity because he isn’t going to allow some demon lie or ego fantasy vapor hologram in his kingdom there r souls n nothing more amen don’t bowdown to this reality which u touch feel n c its a trap to this reality of a 3demension temporal ego lies materialistic filth corruption delusion there is something called a soul n ur soul has to be intact for jesus christ which is god in the flesh to take u first a prayer jesus christ i know that ur real true n faithful to ur word may u run my body my ego my curupt state of being into the dust selah may u break all sins crimes demons down into the dust selah please forgive me for my sins my fallen curupt ways for i know no better from the woom to the world but by believing being n falling for this reality which is at best a vapor a game a fantasy o lord i believe u jesus christ u r the sovereign king of kings over all may u make a table at the mist of my enemies my u protect me from the wails perversion witchcraft from the fallen ones today christ u r the blood tears n which i cleanse myself in today tommorow and in eternity which gives agape love life light consciousness reality cleanses all filth demons lies cast them from out of my soul selah till this point in my life i give myself to u christ that u may lead me guide me i trust in u faith hope in christ which is god we as humanity r 1 with christ christ in the father the father which is god as 1 true agape love breath conciousness true light the one that maketh all things new from the begining to the end fullfillment of all things iam iam there is nothing the spiritual wickedness in high places or satans minions or the gullible lambs to the slaughter of mind control corporate slavery in the hive mind collective so thou be satisfied fullfilled n in agape love which is found in the creation of god n not the created which is materialistic carnal temporal n dying thou enter the kingdom of god repent now in sincere heart be rightuess speak truth n my god lead u trust god yahweh elohim creator of all matter form life breath existence the word of god which is christ all is fullfilled predicted as written by n those vessels that enter the kingdom shall enter n those that don’t don’t for god which is christ has his raiment his children his beloved n so does the devil has his the devil is the curupt filth lies ego machine system of death delusion n perversion of material fornication in which r blind deaf n dumb they all gone astray everyone to his own way none doeth good not one there r wheat tares sheep n goats dark dark wisdom vs stupidity consiousness vs unconsioucness innocence vs defilement rightuessness vs wrong left sins freedom vs slavery being a good person in the world which is loving ur servitude embraceing death delusion lies going along to get along see no evil do no speak no evil do wat thou wilt selfishness petulance arogance patheticness lame n dumb n for the people of the world i shalt cast her into a bed of suffering for the woman to lay on he who commits fornication with her into great tribulation except they repent of there deeds amen.

        July 15 at 9:47am
      • Baby Kay 

        Congrats Jenni and Roger she has a beautiful name and a great set of parents. And yes she was sent from heaven and God created her for you to specifically

        July 15 at 10:50am
      • Kimmie 

        If god is real then why does he let millions of innocent children die because of the lack of food and water, 2 things of which are necessary to survive, why would ‘he’ ‘create’ humans and leave them to suffer yet allow millions of murders, rapists, thieves, pedophiles, and other criminals live an easy live?

        secondly – answer this – If he instructed noah to build the ark and have all the animals on there in pairs why was the ark so small?
        The titanic was 4 times bigger and still wouldn’t of been able to fit all those animals on it – as the maths have been done and it shows that each animal would only have 30cm square space available to occupy – how do you fit a fully grown elephant into that space?

        If you use logic and some self controlled brain power and think for yourself for once and not what a book written thousands of years ago by a mad man you might actually realize you have been fed lies all your live purely to be controlled.

        If humans didn’t think for themselves we wouldn’t have electricity, cars, homes like we have nowadays and most importantly we wouldn’t have the medical science we have today.
        Think about it if you needed an operation that science has been used to develop what would you do would you accept that scientific know how or sit a pray and hope you got better from praying?

        Don’t just defend THINK!!!!!

        July 15 at 2:37pm
      • Nikki 

        Who the hell cares what your beliefs are? Just because you don’t agree with someone else’s doesn’t mean you have to sit there and talk shit to other people about it. YOU are the fucking idiot. If you don’t believe in god, I really don’t give a fuck. But you have no right to talk shit to people like that just because they do. Piece of shit. Keep your damn opinions to yourself. Or at least say them in a RESPECTFUL way. Once again, just because they don’t believe in the same things you do doesn’t mean you have a right to call her a slut and an idiot and have a huge ass attitude. Grow up and learn how to treat people with respect.

        July 15 at 11:15pm
      • kimmie 

        Why idiot and slut?she believes in god,so what!!! She isn”t a slut or idiot!maybe you are!

        July 16 at 1:54am
      • knowerxda 

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        July 17 at 7:38am
      • minny 

        First off I want to say congratulations. Jenni. And Rodger. Iam extremely happy for y’all I still remember the first day I layed. My eyes on My baby the best moment of My life, the world seemed to slow down and I was so mesmerized by the beauty a baby could hold, enjoy the moments with her they grow so fast GOD BLESS YOU AND YOUR FAMILY, remember teach her to have compassion for life and others, teach her How to see things and people like truly see them, you guys will do great I just no it

        July 21 at 9:53am
  2. Trish 

    Congratulations to you! Your an official mom and Roger is a daddy. The best feeling in the world. Wishing the best for the 3 of you.

    July 14 at 3:36pm  / Reply
  3. Alicia Willis 

    Congrats on the new bundle of joy :)

    July 14 at 3:40pm  / Reply
  4. JaimeAndrew Salas Hamlin 

    Congrats!! wishing you & roger the best!! welcome to parenthood <3

    July 14 at 3:44pm  / Reply
  5. Brandi Anariba 

    Congrats! Being a parent is the best feeling every enjoy her while she is a baby because they grow fast! <3

    July 14 at 3:52pm  / Reply
  6. kinley goodman 

    Congratulations on the birth of your beautiful bundle of joy, best wishes to you all.xxxxx

    July 14 at 3:53pm  / Reply
  7. Krystle Russell 

    congrats to both of you you two are going to make great parents i bet she is just the cutest little bundle of joy :)

    July 14 at 3:55pm  / Reply
  8. Linzi 

    Congratulations I’m sure she’s gorgeous having parents like you 2 :) xxxxx

    July 14 at 3:58pm  / Reply
  9. pc 

    Gods blessings on you and your family!

    July 14 at 3:59pm  / Reply
  10. Susan Stevens Gonzalez 

    Congratulations and god bless!!!

    July 14 at 4:11pm  / Reply
  11. Heather Brooks 

    Congratulations Jenni & Rodger! Best wishes :)

    July 14 at 4:16pm  / Reply
  12. cynthia 

    Congratulations on your new baby and can you post a picture of your baby

    July 14 at 4:19pm  / Reply
  13. veesmom12NJ 

    I think Meilani is a beautiful name!!! Congrats on ur precious blessing Jenni and Roger!! The best part of ur lives has begun! A love and bond like no other! Cant wait to see pics!

    July 14 at 4:23pm  / Reply
  14. angelica 

    Jwow you && snookie are my stars you guys are perfect in my eyes Ireally love you guys and how you guys hold yourself hopefully one day I get to meet you guys I watch you both all the time congratulations on your new addition to your family I love you jwow && Ms snookie

    July 14 at 4:32pm  / Reply
  15. Carmen Cotto 

    Congratulations to you and your small family!!!

    July 14 at 4:33pm  / Reply
  16. Irma Orozco 

    Congrats! So happy for you, your family and friends…

    July 14 at 4:33pm  / Reply
  17. Rachel Sotelo 

    Congratz Jenny On Yur New Familyy

    July 14 at 4:42pm  / Reply
  18. Jennie suarez 


    July 14 at 4:43pm  / Reply
  19. Cheryl Lerner Buckley 


    July 14 at 4:51pm  / Reply
  20. Yudely 

    Felizidaded mi amor

    July 14 at 5:02pm  / Reply
  21. Aurora Ben 

    I’m so happy it seems like I’m the one who gave birth congratulations may this baby girl push you one step closer to perfection .

    July 14 at 5:05pm  / Reply
  22. Michelle Whiteside 

    Congradultion to your baby girl am your biggest fan u and snooki roger is going to a good dad

    July 14 at 5:27pm  / Reply
  23. Laura 

    Congratulations ! Im so so happy for you <3

    July 14 at 5:35pm  / Reply
  24. rose 


    July 14 at 5:59pm  / Reply
  25. chickadi 

    Hope u have some fun times with the baby girl she is going to be as pretty as her beautiful mother jwoww love jwoww god blessed your first child very well love you all three

    July 14 at 6:13pm  / Reply
  26. alyssa 

    Congrats jwoww! Can’t wait to see pictures of that precious baby.

    July 14 at 6:14pm  / Reply
  27. Ramona Pacheco 

    Congrats to you Jenni and Roger… both of you will make excellent parents! :-)

    July 14 at 6:24pm  / Reply
  28. angelia 

    where’s baby pictures. I want to do the bundle of joy

    July 14 at 6:31pm  / Reply
  29. joviz619 

    Congrats mija…

    July 14 at 6:44pm  / Reply
  30. jammerz 

    congrats to you and roger…

    July 14 at 7:01pm  / Reply
  31. hagar 

    Congratss !!!! I’m like sooooo happyyy for uu and i can’t wait to see her,Glad youre okay jenny ♥♥ Lots of love xx

    July 14 at 7:02pm  / Reply
  32. Sara Kuzma 


    July 14 at 7:03pm  / Reply
  33. Angie 

    Congrats Jenni!!!

    July 14 at 7:16pm  / Reply
  34. Stacie 

    Congrats can’t wait to see pictures my boss also had her baby on the same day u did!

    July 14 at 7:21pm  / Reply
  35. Yesenia 

    Awesome… Congrats!!! My 9 year old daughter has the same name…..

    July 14 at 7:30pm  / Reply
  36. Roszha Craig 

    Contests!!!Bet shes a cutie pie..and I hope God leads you on an open road.full of love.memories.and happiness

    July 14 at 7:43pm  / Reply
  37. aj 

    Congratulations!!! Baby girls are the best! xxxxLots of love

    July 14 at 7:47pm  / Reply
  38. Victoria 

    Congratulations, best wishes to you and Roger. May God bless you and your new bundle of joy!

    July 14 at 8:22pm  / Reply
  39. Tiffany Marie Zaccagnino 

    Wish you 3 the best ” Congrats! Your gonna be a great Mommy an Rodger the best Dad… We’re all behind you

    July 14 at 8:31pm  / Reply
  40. nicole carrocce 

    Congratulations to you both!!!!!!!! Can’t wait to see pics!!!!!

    July 14 at 8:37pm  / Reply
  41. Alyssa lee 

    Congrats Jenni! Being a mom is so fulfilling and I’m sure you’ll be great at it! Sending love your way !

    July 14 at 8:47pm  / Reply
  42. Whitney deese 

    Congrats to y’all can’t wait to see pic of the baby

    July 14 at 8:52pm  / Reply
  43. Chrissie 

    Congrats on your bundle of joy. Many blessings to your new family.

    July 14 at 8:57pm  / Reply
  44. sylvia 

    Congrats and best wishes

    July 14 at 8:58pm  / Reply
  45. vanessa 

    Congrats and best wishes for your beautiful family ♡.♡

    July 14 at 9:28pm  / Reply
  46. Victoria 

    Congrats guys! She going to be a wonderful addition!! Much love! Take care! God bless!! ♥♥†

    July 14 at 9:29pm  / Reply
  47. Melissa Green 

    Congrats hun all the way from nz cant wait to c photos !!

    July 14 at 9:32pm  / Reply
  48. Angela WhiteCalf 

    Congrats on your new baby girl. Children are such a blessing.

    July 14 at 9:42pm  / Reply
  49. Brandi 

    Congratulations! What a beautiful family!!! Many years of love to you all!!!

    July 14 at 9:44pm  / Reply
  50. Roshena Andrews 

    Congrats jwow

    July 14 at 9:55pm  / Reply
  51. Perla Trevino 

    Congratulations Roger and Jenni in know ull be great parents to baby Meilani best wishes take care of that precious gift from above its a blessing…may God continue to bless u all:)

    July 14 at 10:10pm  / Reply
  52. butterfly563r 

    Congratulations Roger & Jenni I’ve watched you on some of your reality shows currently Marriage Boot camp & I think your both great people definitely one of my favorite couples I’m praying for you guys all relationships have problems but with the right tools I know you two can make this work & now with precious baby you have an amazing family to fight for!! I Wish you many many years of love & Happiness <3

    P.S. I think little miss Gretchen Barbie tried to sell your story to the tabloids if you haven't seen the show yet you need to watch it or at the very least episode from7/11/14 If you hadn't told anyone in the house at that point she told Slade you were pregnant!! Just saying seems like the type & you said the leek came from inside the house!!

    July 14 at 10:43pm  / Reply
  53. Marilena Smile 

    Gratz sweety im sure she is perfect just like you.Will come some nighs with no sleep but you have the power to do anything for her.Best wishes!

    July 14 at 11:25pm  / Reply
  54. Cristina 

    Congratulations jenni and Roger. Perfect baby girl

    July 15 at 12:19am  / Reply
  55. Leilani 

    Congradulations love the name
    Its so close to mine
    Must be hawaiian?
    Im sure you guys will be amazing fun parents :)

    July 15 at 1:41am  / Reply
  56. Loena 

    congratzzz ♥

    July 15 at 2:06am  / Reply
  57. Evelyn 

    Big Bless to You Jenny, congrats!!

    July 15 at 6:08am  / Reply
  58. sara 

    congrats guys sending lots of love

    July 15 at 6:40am  / Reply
  59. juju's nani 

    Congratulations jen and roger…u have been blessed with the most beautiful gift from god…enjoy every moment..they grow up so fast

    July 15 at 8:38am  / Reply
  60. Tara 

    Congrats jenni and roger!! You guys will make awesome parents I’ve been watching u since jersey shore and always though roger and you were good together god bless u on this new journey into motherhood and fatherhood.

    July 15 at 9:45am  / Reply
  61. Karen 

    Congrats Jenni and Roger she has a beautiful name and a great set of parents. And yes she was sent from heaven and God created her for you to specifically

    July 15 at 10:51am  / Reply
  62. Amy 

    Congrats u two may god bless ur new baby girl n both of u may he continue to bless u with wonderful memories of ur new family

    July 15 at 3:13pm  / Reply
  63. Aj Anne 

    Congrats Jenni and Roger on your wee baby girl, may good times come to you with this precious bundle of joy

    July 15 at 8:34pm  / Reply
  64. Janetski 

    Congratulations to your wonderful family, may she become as beautiful as her parents! :) lots of love, Jaana from Finland

    July 16 at 12:13am  / Reply
  65. Dorka Ant Bella Gonzalez 

    Congrats……….yey. ..!!!GOD BLESS

    July 16 at 2:38pm  / Reply
  66. Reidun Nåsen 


    July 16 at 4:25pm  / Reply


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