Thanks For The Advice Nicole!!

JWOWW - Pregnancy Advice from Snooki



  1. Sarah 

    Lmao that’s awesome <3 so sweet! Congrats!!!!

    December 26 at 10:00am  / Reply
  2. Ashley Marie Barbie 

    Lol i love u guys..i never ever miss 1 episode !!

    December 26 at 10:03am  / Reply
  3. Brooke Jackson 

    I’m due in July too (I watch snooki and jwoww every Tuesday night congrats on the baby

    December 26 at 10:03am  / Reply
  4. Cheryl Whitley Mabry 

    Hahaha I Love this , she is gonna be so protective of you during your pregnancy which is adorable…Congrats to you & Roger on your bundle of joy will be Great parents …:-)

    December 26 at 10:17am  / Reply
  5. Ana 

    I wish you the best jenni

    December 26 at 10:33am  / Reply
  6. Andria Marie Taylor 

    Lol!!! Congrats on the bun in the oven. Can’t wait 2 see tha baby. Y’all are goin 2 have a beautiful baby. :-) Hope it’s born on my birthday. July 11th.

    December 26 at 10:44am  / Reply
    • silvestre 

      that’ll be cool

      December 26 at 6:05pm  / Reply
  7. halee 

    Time for another season.
    This one will involve jwow through her pregnancy and watching her baby grow.

    December 26 at 10:47am  / Reply
  8. qwewe 


    December 26 at 11:24am  / Reply
  9. Sandi Raposo 

    Jenni, I’m so excited about your pregnancy!! You and Roger will be great parents!!!

    December 26 at 12:23pm  / Reply
  10. Anne Marie Jedyk 

    congrats Jenni :)

    December 26 at 1:07pm  / Reply
  11. Kristi 

    Omg Jenny , no way girl !!!! You finally got your dream !!! The baby is gonna be beautiful just like you .. Roger must be jumping for joy .. You know he wants his boy , but no matter what you have she or he will be so gorgeous . If u have a girl every boy better watch out , cause roger will kick butt if you look at his daughter .. Love all of u guys … Best wishes and I’m so excited for you and Roger … HOLA !!!

    December 26 at 1:34pm  / Reply
  12. kfish19 

    I wish you and your man best of luck with your son Matthew

    December 26 at 3:07pm  / Reply
  13. Audrey Chapman Sheffler 

    Congrads jenni and roger its about time..

    December 26 at 6:28pm  / Reply
  14. Jen 

    Such wonderful news! I feel like we’re all girlfriends that get together on Tuesday nights with a glass of wine. I guess it will be OJ until after July. I’m July baby (42 years old), you will have your hands full, but it is so worth it! Congratulations!!!

    December 26 at 6:30pm  / Reply
  15. joyce wallace 

    I hope you have a happy healthy little guy! god bless you both!

    December 26 at 7:07pm  / Reply
  16. Betty 

    Sooooooo happy for u guys god bless u all
    He finally got it in !!!! Go roger

    December 26 at 10:15pm  / Reply
  17. amanda mcarthur 

    Omg congratts u earned it. You two r besties nd gonna be best of moms

    December 26 at 10:57pm  / Reply
  18. lilyana 

    Are you delivery the baby nature i. Had my son nature now he almost 13 yrs old Jenny

    December 27 at 2:23pm  / Reply
  19. sherrie.birmingham@g 

    Congrats girl.. it’s fun watching guys on tv.. crazy!! **)

    December 27 at 7:06pm  / Reply
  20. Love Nicole 

    Lorenzo have the best mom ever! ♥♥♥♥ Im happy for u

    January 7 at 4:34am  / Reply


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