JWOWW - radar online response

Very flattered radar online that u think I had all that work done but I’m just a plain jane mom with wrinkles without makeup… But kudos to u and ur site. Awesome material… Very riveting.


  1. Shelley Smith 

    You still look amazing even without the makeup! Beautiful!

    August 22 at 2:07pm  / Reply
    • onelxuanzc 

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  2. colleen 

    Much better. Her pic with big ang made her look just as fake

    August 22 at 2:07pm  / Reply
  3. Brittany 

    You’re gorgeous Jenni!!! Eff them HATERRRS!

    August 22 at 2:58pm  / Reply
  4. Jen Peterson 

    One of the many reasons I love Jenni is her realism about certain things. So nice to know she isn’t going to extreme to lose that part of her natural beauty

    August 22 at 2:58pm  / Reply
  5. Tonya Clark Marinaro 

    Your beautiful no matter what

    August 22 at 3:03pm  / Reply
  6. Christine Jones-Yoder 

    More beautiful without your makeup.

    August 22 at 3:19pm  / Reply
    • Jojo 

      I agree.. Please don’t put anything in your face or lips you don’t need it.

      August 22 at 6:35pm  / Reply
  7. Maria 

    still gorgeous!

    August 22 at 3:50pm  / Reply
  8. christina 


    August 22 at 5:03pm  / Reply
  9. Jenn 

    You don’t need all that stuff! You look beautiful just the way you are!

    August 22 at 5:13pm  / Reply
  10. Yolanda Lujan 

    You look great without make up!!

    August 22 at 5:18pm  / Reply
  11. Jess East G Bush NY 

    Jenni u look amazing with no makeup. I love it! :)

    August 22 at 5:28pm  / Reply
  12. Cathy Perry Mayfield 

    Take a pic with ur daughter n no makeup on to show everyone this is NOT an old pic!!!!!

    August 22 at 5:31pm  / Reply
  13. Michael Hetherington 


    August 22 at 5:40pm  / Reply
    • Jojo 

      You’re plucking nuts dude.. She looks better and younger without all that stuff

      August 22 at 6:37pm  / Reply
  14. Michael Hetherington 


    August 22 at 5:42pm  / Reply
    • trïppyhïppy 

      You’re a damned wrong idiot . she’s beautiful without makeup n her boobs are so Lucious . You must be single or really fkn pissed that Your beitch aint even half as bad as jwoww

      August 22 at 9:17pm  / Reply
      • Amy 

        Seriously good come back

        August 23 at 6:36am
      • Jessicalyn 

        People stop hating she looks awesome with or without makeup Jenni fuck them they all suck people who have nothing better to do then judge and be rude are jealous assholes.

        August 23 at 11:39pm
  15. Gloria 

    Your absolutely beautiful Jenni. Stay positive and strong.

    August 22 at 5:45pm  / Reply
  16. Amanda 

    Even though all these people say you’re “fake”, I still think you’re one of the most real, down to earth celebs out there! Beautiful with and without makeup, but more importantly beautiful outside and in!

    August 22 at 6:22pm  / Reply
  17. Loveyahdecember 

    So beautiful jenni ❤️

    August 22 at 6:57pm  / Reply
  18. Cj Plemons 

    I’ve learned that those who call out the “fake” celebrities, they are merely drawing the attention away from themselves because they are not authentic in anything that they supposedly stand for. Just like so many people slamming Kim Kardashian; I guarantee that Jenni Farley and Kim Kardashian are BOTH more authentic than 90% of those who constantly degrade them. Jenni, you are breathtaking, with makeup, without makeup, it makes no difference. You have a natural beauty that shines like the sun.

    August 22 at 6:58pm  / Reply
  19. ame 

    Ur boobs deff look bigger and the work u done to ur face didn’t make u look ugly but deff less attractive and a lil blown up. Jersey shore season 1 u were perff wish u never done nothing to urself but ur still beautiful especially the pic above I love it!! Better then ur celeb shots!!

    August 22 at 7:26pm  / Reply
  20. Angela 

    You guys do realize it wasn’t her face in the other picture I saw that and was like what happened then I saw the real image and her face look the exact same in this picture the one she posted was just a bit stretched out

    August 23 at 7:05am  / Reply
  21. Krystal Marie 

    If she has or hasn’t had any work, WHO GIVES A FUCK!!! HER BODY HER CHOICES! she’s a beautiful woman regardless. Whoever wrote the article about her, clearly is a shitty writer. If this is the best article they can come up with.

    August 23 at 10:14am  / Reply
  22. GabrielandTabitha Gregory 

    Very nice….

    August 23 at 9:55pm  / Reply
  23. TiffanyB.tiffanyb 

    U should wear less makeup than u do. U r beautiful either way but why cover up such beautiful naturality. If I were u I’d do a little contouring, eye liner, mascara, brows of course, and a very natural lip. Ur gorgeous! Just accentuate what u already have without covering it up. No need to cover that gorgeous face girl! Stay who u are I love love love everything about u times a million. That’s just my opinion u look good either way. People gonna talk whether ur doing bad or good.!! Might as well do whatever the fuck u want!

    August 24 at 12:49am  / Reply
  24. Ashleyy 

    Shes still done something to her lips.

    August 24 at 6:17am  / Reply
  25. Izala valesquez 

    Look at the first jersey shore show than look at her now…. Money and the shows changed her ego!!!! I use to love her but even her cast mates over the seasons talk shit calling her fake! She was just some average girl that could fight and lived in an average house with shitty boyfriends than she was down to earth. Now she let that shit go to her head. Sucks but it’s reality! Money changes people! Keep being phony jenny but I’m sure you don’t remember where you come from your to busy playing like your a million year keep doing endorsements hope your money don’t run out! Congrats on your daughter tho

    August 24 at 7:46am  / Reply
  26. Katie 

    Who the hell is anyone to tell her to take a pic with her daughter to prove the photo is not old?!
    Celebrity or not, nobody has to prove anything to anyone, especially if you don’t even know them!
    That’s so wrong to say.
    How violating and nosey!!
    Who the hell cares if she wanted to get her lips or cheeks done bigger than her boobs!! It ain’t my body!
    She’s funny and seems to have a real personality that I enjoy watching… I don’t care if she looked like Honey Booboo’s mom…
    It’s not ones effing business what she chooses to do and not to do with HERSELF and she shouldn’t have to prove it either.

    People these days are so fucking disgusting and consumed by what everyone else is doing…

    August 24 at 9:07am  / Reply
  27. kpw14 

    Shame on u Radar online. U will stop at nothing to get people’s attention! U r way too young to have that crap done! So many people like u b/c u tell it like it is & don’t care what people think. I am the same way. I wasn’t put on this earth to impress anyone.
    On a lighter note, congrats to u & ur man on ur beautiful angel. Looking forward to watching her grow up.

    August 25 at 2:44am  / Reply


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