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This is a tough one, for many of us I know, but I speak from years of experience when I say there is nothing more stunning on a woman than confidence. It is easier to attain than you may realize. If you have grown up with self doubt and insecurity it is never to late to change. Make a decision to be confident. Decide to love yourself, regardless of weight, height, hair color, face structure etc. Love yourself. Be kinder to yourself. And wear your confidence like a badge of honor. We are all unique, all “one of a kinds” if you will, and that make us all special. There ia no one else exaltly like us so we are a brand new persona to every person we meet. Celebrate that, and walk out the door every single day with your head held high feeling good about who you are and how you look. Try it for a week, then a month. Practice it and preach it to yourself until it becomes a true part of your essence. I promise you it will change your life.


Cat Hutton


  1. Bethanie 

    Coming from the one with a bunch if plastic surgery

    May 7 at 9:32am  / Reply
    • Michelle 

      Bethanie, while you’re busy insinuating that HER body modifications are negative, she’s working to be the best person she can be, AND empower others. She’s helping other people realize their value, Instead of leaving snarky ass comments on their blogs… Ahem!

      May 7 at 12:16pm  / Reply
    • Charissa 

      She said to love yourself and have confidence. If getting plastic surgery or going on a diet is what will make YOU happy then do it. As long as you do it for yourself and no one else!

      May 8 at 5:53am  / Reply
    • Kate 

      If you don’t like her, don’t come to her page. Simple.

      January 18 at 10:21am  / Reply
  2. Jen 

    Kind of hard to walk around with confidence when others label people a ‘grenade’

    May 7 at 12:17pm  / Reply
    • Manda 

      I agree. Confidence in oneself can only take a person so far. Especially if they grew up hearing how fat/ugly/etc. they are. What usually ends up happening is a sense of Bravado. Similar to confidence, though much easier to both over-do and deflate. All it takes is that one hot guy (or gal) you’ve had your eye on all night saying you’re busted. Aaaand it’s gone.

      May 7 at 1:58pm  / Reply
  3. Victoria 

    She has a good point. If you’re confident in yourself (your looks, your personality, just who you are, in general) then everyone else’s opinion won’t matter. Like an “Oh, you think I’m ugly? Whatever. I look hot tonight.” If she wants plastic surgery, she can get it. Plastic surgery has nothing to do with this post. She said “Be confident”; be confident in any way possible. If you need/want to fix your hair, your nose, your face, your boobs, or whatever to be the confident, gorgeous woman you can be, then do it.

    May 7 at 4:08pm  / Reply
  4. Melissa 

    To the people WHINING about being called grenades, plastic surgery, or whatever GROW UP! Only YOU can define who you are, not some idiot who likes to call names, everyone does it, no one is innocent of insult. It is up to YOU to control YOU and how you perceive YOURSELF. Stop whining and start working on yourself to make you a better you. If anyone takes to heart what someone else says about them, it is only because deep down they feel that way about themselves as well.. IE:: being called a grenade, it wouldn’t bother you if you didn’t think you were ugly.

    May 7 at 4:09pm  / Reply
  5. millan 


    May 7 at 10:22pm  / Reply
  6. holly hasselburg 

    I love you and Snooki to death and me and my best friend have ya’ll nick name BUT in a world of fake boobs, plastic surgery and young bodies it is hard to keep a good mind frame. Not everyone has the money to keep the “young hot bodies” we once had. I lost mine along time ago and I’m ok with that because I knew I would never have the money to change it but my friend (5’4 113 pounds) has a nice body but still downs herself because of the pictures she see’s. Be proud to be hot but remember that there are girls out there big and small that still down them self’s because of famous people that have the money to keep their bodies that way! You and Snooki are so beautiful and I love to look up to you both but until you walk in a real woman’s shoes don’t act like you know what it is like, or try to give us advise…..unless your going to show up at our door step and help! Like I said love you both but don’t be fake and act like you know what it is like, big boobs, butts and bodies got you where you are….not many women get it like that!

    May 8 at 12:30am  / Reply
  7. cathutton 

    For the record ladies, I am the one writing these posts, and I will be 52 next year, I am not skinny, and I have so much confidence. I love who I am from the inside out. The above post is very good advice, trust me, just try it, believe it and you will be it. xoxo

    May 8 at 5:40pm  / Reply
  8. Amber 

    Proper spelling and grammar, just try it!

    January 16 at 8:23pm  / Reply
  9. keri 

    That is Cat talkin….not JWOWW Lol

    January 16 at 11:00pm  / Reply
  10. Kristin 

    Why do I see so many angry comments all the time? There are only a few in this blog but usually when I see a post on Jenni’s page the ugly comes out in people. My question is why? Cat Hutton posted some Really good advice. A woman who admits shes almost 52 & when she trys to empower people she gets snarky remarks about grammer? It makes no sense. I hope I have that kind of self-esteem in my 50′s. Does it do something for the ones who leave nasty comments? I’m 33 5’7″ & after my last child at 30 I didn’t drop down to my usual 110 lbs I weighed since freshman year of high school. It was probably too skinny anyway lol.

    January 17 at 4:54am  / Reply
  11. Kristin 

    My comment got cut off. I was saying mean remarks aren’t going to make me feel better but bettering myself will. I can’t be mad at Jenni because she can afford plastic surgery & I can’t. I congratulate her. She’s worked hard for what she has. I bet if you could ask Jenni she would tell you that the plastic surgery has enhanced her beauty but doesn’t define her self-esteem because you can’t buy true self-esteem. Kudos to Jenni & Cat Hutton for loving who they are & kudos to all you other ladies with positive attitudes.

    January 17 at 5:01am  / Reply
  12. just saying 

    If you actually read the whole statement.. This didn’t come from her mouth. It came from someone else’s mouth. You can be completely flawless and know your beautiful and still have insecurities. I feel the reason she posted this is because maybe she is feeling insecure.

    January 17 at 9:50am  / Reply


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