The Inspiration For My Daughter’s Nursery…

JWOWW - Daughter's Nursery Disney Animation

When I was going to college to be an animator for Disney I started recreating these characters!

Now I’m gonna try and remember so I can make these on my daughter’s walls!


  1. Kara 

    Those look awesome!?

    February 24 at 11:49am  / Reply
  2. Stephanie Henrie 

    Love it ♥♥

    February 24 at 11:50am  / Reply
  3. Catie Cottle 

    Those are amazing! Like right from the books! Your baby is so gonna love that!

    February 24 at 11:53am  / Reply
  4. Tonya Clark Marinaro 


    February 24 at 11:58am  / Reply
  5. Nici Dani 

    Beautiful talent. Your daughter is a lucky girl!

    February 24 at 12:28pm  / Reply
  6. Melinda Branham Lucas 

    Why do you keep lying to everybody? You ARE NOT pregnant but keep lying and saying that you are and the sad thing is people believe you. Woman up like I know you can stop lying and be honest to those who love you with the truth.

    February 24 at 12:43pm  / Reply
    • nany 

      some womens look slim until the 8ht month! So is jenny!
      Before you start to write bullshit read a bit about the “shape in pregnancy”

      February 24 at 1:34pm  / Reply
      • stacy 

        Wow MELINDA is a pathetic ass hater. Jenny looks amazing! Congrats jen!!!!!

        February 24 at 1:44pm
      • Sue 

        So true Nany, I did not show till 7th month…She will show late and be back in her jeans in no time…Sick of the haters B.S…

        February 24 at 3:09pm
    • Dani 5’10 I didn’t show at all until I was 8 months with my first. I think you’re just jealous! :)

      February 24 at 2:03pm  / Reply
      • Ari 

        I’m exactly the same! I didn’t show at all until one day (around 7-8months) I just exploded. Some people don’t show at all.

        February 25 at 7:33pm
    • Stacy Di Dionisio 

      I am currently 33 weeks pregnant and everyone only thinks I’m about 5 months along. I didn’t start to show a round belly until 6 months because I had a retroverted uterus. So no need to get nasty! Your probably just jealous

      February 24 at 3:12pm  / Reply
    • Mandi Feathers 

      I hate to inform you Chick but I was 8 months pregnant with both my 3rd and 4th Before I Ever Started showing, I Gained A Total Of 13 Pounds With NUMBER Three And 17 Pounds With NUMBER Four So Get A Damn Grip!! Are you a doctor???

      February 24 at 3:14pm  / Reply
      • Vanessa Tortolano 

        Mandi stop beinging a BITCH and hating on SOMEONE you don’t even know get a LIFE and take care of ur brew of children you have

        February 24 at 6:10pm
    • Kori 

      I didn’t start showing until I was 8 months with my first either!! So you stop calling her a lier. She post about her daughter all the time I don’t think some one would put forth so much time for something that’s not really happening, so you can get over yourself!

      February 24 at 3:14pm  / Reply
    • CC 

      Wow, could you be any more ignorant?! There is a show called “I didn’t know I was pregnant” on Discovery Health. You should seriously watch it so that you can realize that some women don’t show until very late and sometimes not at all! Women with very defined/strong abs (like Jenni) can especially hide pregnancies very well thanks to those muscles. Get your info right before you make yourself look/sound like an idiot!

      February 24 at 3:26pm  / Reply
    • Sam 

      Seriously? If you had a pregnancy and was large don’t hate on someone who wasn’t. With BOTH my babies I only gained 10-20lbs and I’m 5″8. At 8 months pregnant I looked like I was 3 m

      February 24 at 3:47pm  / Reply
    • Heart 

      Me too. My baby bumb shown at 7months and you know what, my waistline is only 29inch before i gave birth to my first child.

      February 24 at 5:33pm  / Reply
    • Leona 

      Jealous or not, realistically, the baby’s TINY FOR A LONG TIME. There’s no need to gain more than 15 lbs TOTAL if you’re small. I saw her almost 5 month pic and I could see that her butt was pretty big and her stomach was popping out, just not an obvious baby bump. But we all go through that time period. Smh, lol.

      February 24 at 7:45pm  / Reply
    • MP 

      I feel really sorry for you, Melinda. Now I won’t call you any names or anything like that.. But being a woman I really hope you know that your “womb” is not your stomach. Your womb is actually an extension of your, dare I say it because your comment seems really immature, vagina. Many women carry more towards their back, and/or low, so often times you aren’t even able to tell a woman is pregnant at all, and sometimes she could pop way later in the pregnancy. It’s really sad that I had to tell you this, but you should woman up and know that saying rude things to other women makes you look no better. Regardless of even if she was lying about being pregnant (which is stupid considering she’s in the public eye) what does this have to do with you?!? Please get a life and stop being a troll.

      February 25 at 1:41am  / Reply
    • ashley07 

      WTF who are you to tell her if she’s pregrant or not? Have you ever seen the show called “I was pregnant and never knew it!”. shut up u jealous bitch!

      February 25 at 1:34pm  / Reply
    • Amber 

      Your going to feel like a real dumb ass when she pops a beautiful baby girl out and look damn good afterwards just like she looks damn good now! News flash! You can be pregnant and healthy and not even look like you are pregnant!

      February 25 at 2:13pm  / Reply
    • kkmartina 

      seriously…..shut the fuck up melinda.

      February 25 at 3:45pm  / Reply
    • Melinda Minett 

      I’m ashamed to have the same name as you… Smh.

      May 8 at 8:05pm  / Reply
  7. Ciciley 

    ^^^ Wow Melinda…your pathetic! You Rock Jenni! All the best to you and Roger, and your little bundle <3

    February 24 at 1:36pm  / Reply
  8. Jamie Rhnea Lyman 

    I L<3ve it!!! You really have an amazing talent!!

    February 24 at 3:04pm  / Reply
  9. Carlie 

    Baby belly pictures!!!!!! Post, post, post,post!!!!

    February 24 at 3:11pm  / Reply
  10. Zoe 

    When I was 8 months pregnant I only looked like I was 5.

    February 24 at 3:17pm  / Reply
  11. colie 

    what wallpaper kind of looks like boys I would find something more girly

    February 24 at 3:19pm  / Reply
  12. cindy 

    love it

    February 24 at 3:20pm  / Reply
  13. Peggy 

    Melinda your rude and clearly uninformed. I have two beautiful daughters and didn’t show until the 6th and 7th month.. Some
    Babies stay hidden and can curl up towards your back.

    Jenni you looked incredible. I hope you don’t let haters bother you. Keep doing great things for you, Roger and your daughter. congratulations <3

    February 24 at 3:23pm  / Reply
  14. blah 

    nobody cares

    February 24 at 3:28pm  / Reply
  15. Kristina Rumph 

    I didn’t even show a littke bit until 27 weeks and than didn’t even have to change any clothes size. I still wore my same clothes. And now after having my daughter am smaller than before. Prob bc your showing quick is due to not having muscle or working out. Haters gone hate. Jealous much.

    February 24 at 3:36pm  / Reply
  16. geegee 

    sorry jenni..i love you and all and think you’re great but i think they are a little creepy for a babys room…sorry, jusy sayin!

    February 24 at 3:54pm  / Reply
  17. Kayla 

    They’re all beautiful but the chipmunk type creature gives me the creeps…. <.<

    February 24 at 4:11pm  / Reply
  18. lindsay 

    that is beautiful jwoww

    February 24 at 6:36pm  / Reply
  19. UNCLE B 

    Ur baby will so proud of u.good to talk to u.u can call me UNCLE B.

    February 25 at 12:53am  / Reply
  20. Elaine Cardenas 

    Congratz mamaz. Ur so beautiful and at that intelligent creative your baby couldn’t have got a better mommy. Keep your head up and fuck all these haters.

    February 25 at 10:52am  / Reply
  21. ashley07 

    I love the theme for the nursery! you & roger are gonna make great parents and from looking @ur pics ur not even showing.

    February 25 at 1:29pm  / Reply
  22. Karina Dasilva 

    Some woman shows some dosebt my friend had a baby and never had a bump just the way her body was built she is tall and has wide hips , so therefore quit judging melinda is just a hater.and whyy arr you on her fb if you keep bashing her

    February 25 at 3:16pm  / Reply
  23. Chelsie 

    I started showing when I was 32 weeks then just popped, you’ve got it all wrong. ^^ congrats Jenni and Roger on your little bundle. who knew after Nashville you would be announcing you we’re pregnant for the tanning event! Lol

    March 4 at 5:29am  / Reply
  24. mummy2five 

    Wow you have great artistic talent. I drawn Peterpan on my children’s walls, they love having a unique bedroom & I am proud that I did it for them.

    March 6 at 11:44am  / Reply
  25. krystal rezendes 

    I didnt show at all. Dr said baby was more into my bk. Meliinda person just cuz u were a ballon while pregnant doesnt mean everyoneelse would be ur pathetic jenni ur beautiful and she will be too glad u dont let these asshole haters bother u ur gonna b a great mom

    March 7 at 6:05am  / Reply
  26. Alina Martins 

    Kiss from Portugal (: ♡

    May 8 at 6:14pm  / Reply
  27. Amanda 

    Melinda is just jealous bc she either A doesn’t feel good about herself so she has to pick on someone , but the person she’s picking on doesn’t give two shits about her opinion bc jenni is badass like that or B Melinda looked like a fat oompah loom pa that she hated the way she looked and is jealous that jenn I looks amazing . It’s sad really

    May 8 at 8:46pm  / Reply


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