Throwback Thursday: Fat Rolls and All

JWOWW - Throwback Thursday Baby with Fat Rolls

Hoping my daughter looks just like me with the fat rolls and all!!! She can have Rogers ears and personality lol.


  1. Whitney Elaine Hunter 

    She will be a beautiful mix between her beautiful parents <3

    May 1 at 10:36am  / Reply
  2. Jenna 

    So cute!!!!!

    May 1 at 2:37pm  / Reply
  3. Jenna 

    Jwoww r u getting excited for birth??? My boy is 8 weeks and my oldest is 7yrs almost 8yrs old;) Girl email me if u need any advise hahha im as blunt as u grl and I will tell every dirty detail lol.

    May 1 at 2:38pm  / Reply
  4. Frida 

    Both you and Roger look fantastic,so there’s no way other than that she will end up beautiful!
    (I’m terrible sorry for my bad spelling in english. English ain’t my first laguage)

    May 1 at 2:58pm  / Reply
  5. Frida 

    Btw: I love you even tho I don’t personally know you.
    You’ve got my blessing for The child and may the luck be with you <3

    May 1 at 3:02pm  / Reply
  6. Katie Burns 

    Your were so cute as a baby. You should post a picture of you and Roger side by side. No matter who she looks like she is going to beautiful.

    May 1 at 3:51pm  / Reply
    • Maribel Cruz 


      May 2 at 4:48pm  / Reply
  7. vanessa 

    I thought you found out that it was a boy…

    May 1 at 5:36pm  / Reply
  8. Jessica Verh 

    Vanessa, that was an April fool’s day joke……… lol

    May 2 at 2:12am  / Reply
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  10. sara 

    Awww your daughter looks so much like you Jenni!!! Def a mini you!!

    January 8 at 6:17pm  / Reply
  11. Ivette 

    Awwwww, she’ll be as pretty as you and as gorgeous as her daddy.

    January 8 at 6:21pm  / Reply
  12. Devine O.Santos 

    She does look like you!!!pretty mother and daughter :)

    January 9 at 7:55am  / Reply


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