Throwback Thursday: My Kindergarten Picture

JWOWW - Kindergarten Yearbook Photo

Can you find me in this pic? It’s kind of OBVIOUS, LOL!


  1. Soraayahh 

    Wata skuxz an still is

    March 20 at 12:34pm  / Reply
  2. Valerie 

    I found your old pic!

    March 20 at 4:22pm  / Reply
  3. Lindsey 

    3 pic

    March 20 at 4:55pm  / Reply
  4. jlr37 

    Awe what a cutie!

    March 20 at 5:25pm  / Reply
  5. princessmom123 

    if you are gonna bash her then WHY be on her site???

    March 20 at 5:32pm  / Reply
  6. Miranda Christine 

    You havent changed one bit, just matured.
    Youre such a gorgeous girl jnside and out.
    Hope your pregnancy is runinh smoothly,
    You and Roger are going to make such a beautiful Guidette/princess!
    Xoxox <3

    March 20 at 5:41pm  / Reply
  7. Carrie DeCosta 

    How cute!

    March 20 at 7:33pm  / Reply
  8. Rebecca Lamberson 

    Aww jenni you look so adorable! Pretty in pink! Still beautiful now, haven’t changed a whole lot ;)

    March 25 at 4:18pm  / Reply


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