Throwback Thursday: My Maxim Shoot

Happy Throwback Thursday!

I’m loving my pregnancy bump right now but that doesn’t mean I can’t throw it back to when I had my sick body for this Maxim shoot! During the shoot they had asked me what my secret skill is. Well in case you didn’t know, I used to be a computer programmer, so I can create code…even though all the languages I was taught are dead. Bet you didn’t know that little fact, did ya! LOL!


  1. Kimberly 

    BEAUTIFUL now❤ Beautiful then❤

    April 17 at 1:40pm  / Reply
  2. Devon 

    Stay awesome Jenni !!!! ^__^

    April 17 at 5:49pm  / Reply
  3. KayleighDuring 

    Don’t worry hon, you’ll get your badass body back!!
    But for now, enjoy the babybump it’ll only be there for a few more months ;)

    You’re going to be a great mum, Everyone knows that!


    April 17 at 7:28pm  / Reply
  4. Erica 

    I’m sure you’ll get your sick body back in no time!

    I love your makeup here! I’m a professional Esthetician and Makeup artist is Toms River so if you ever need a facial/treatments or makeup done, contact me! My company is mobile and I service clients in the privacy of their own homes – perfect for someone like you!
    Glad to see your pregnancy is going well. I wouldn’t worry too much about the cyst. It is common and usually clears up on its own.

    -Erica L. Viola
    EVJ Beauty

    April 17 at 7:51pm  / Reply
  5. Hanna 

    You are stunning❤ I can’t wait for you to have your’e girl! A big bear hug from a girl in Sweden…❤

    April 18 at 8:46am  / Reply
  6. Julie 

    If you know COBOL it isn’t dead…I know a lot of places that still use it, it just isn’t taught anymore in college ha

    April 18 at 3:21pm  / Reply


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