Throwback Thursday: Rocking Pigtails

JWOWW - Easter Pic wearing pigtails as a baby


  1. nina 

    so cute

    March 6 at 3:07pm  / Reply
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      March 10 at 12:44am  / Reply
  2. Jeddica 

    So adorable ♥♥

    March 6 at 3:07pm  / Reply
  3. Carrie DeCosta 

    Wow… You haven’t changed much at all! Just got older& more beautiful!

    March 6 at 3:08pm  / Reply
  4. Vanessa 

    Aww how cute!♥

    March 6 at 3:15pm  / Reply
  5. bianca contreras 

    Dis is to cute :)

    March 6 at 3:15pm  / Reply
  6. Erica 

    Awww jenni! You look exactly the same!!

    March 6 at 4:17pm  / Reply
  7. Connie Lyon 

    Adorable pic-you have really come a long way baby-very nice

    March 6 at 4:23pm  / Reply
  8. Molly Sistaz 

    you have the same face :) so cute honey!! ;)

    March 6 at 4:27pm  / Reply
  9. Blanca 

    Cutie the same face n smile!:)

    March 6 at 4:42pm  / Reply
  10. Patricia L Fritz 

    Who knew that u would grow up to be so AWESOME :)
    Can’t wait to c ur precious baby girl at that age. No offence to Roger, but I hope she looks just like u ♥

    March 6 at 5:00pm  / Reply
  11. rose 

    Awwww so adorable you should do one of you and Roger around the same age

    March 6 at 6:00pm  / Reply
  12. sarah 

    i love it . u remind me of my daughter:)

    March 6 at 7:22pm  / Reply
  13. Makayla Hawkins 

    Yesss you do you r beautiful jenni

    March 6 at 8:41pm  / Reply
  14. Amy 

    So cute & yes u do look like Boo

    March 6 at 8:41pm  / Reply
  15. Annette 

    Most definitely you were such a cutie and now a beautiful mother and wife to be :) <3

    March 6 at 8:42pm  / Reply
  16. Annette 

    *Soon to be mother

    March 6 at 8:44pm  / Reply
  17. Krystin 

    Totally adorable!! :)

    March 6 at 8:44pm  / Reply
  18. Robyn 

    Those overalls are from my city! Very cute!

    March 6 at 8:46pm  / Reply
  19. dena 


    March 6 at 8:48pm  / Reply
  20. jacinta 

    U so do. How cute

    March 6 at 9:04pm  / Reply
  21. Erica 

    More like a young Punky Brewster.

    March 6 at 9:18pm  / Reply
  22. landdin 

    You was a cute little baby maybe your baby girl will look just like you!!

    March 6 at 9:35pm  / Reply
  23. Veronica Neeley 

    Yes you sure do look like Boo, how cute !!

    March 6 at 9:36pm  / Reply
  24. Stacey Marie 

    Awe still looks the same beautiful as always :)

    March 6 at 11:29pm  / Reply
  25. DaniJean 

    To cute, should get roger to dress up up Sulley, :P

    March 7 at 12:21am  / Reply
  26. Patty Dubon Murray 

    I think you look like the baby version of Punky Brewster! :-)

    March 7 at 12:30am  / Reply
  27. hailee 

    Yeap lol.

    March 7 at 1:43am  / Reply
  28. Jessica Rigefsky 

    Yes you look a lot like her…and you look BEAUTIFUL as always!! <3 <3

    March 7 at 4:11am  / Reply
  29. Stephanie Ramirez 

    U look da same n cute. My Lil girl rocks pig tails!! She looks adorable. Check out my fb

    March 7 at 5:49am  / Reply
  30. tiff 

    Ahh adorable. Hope everything goes well for you having children will change your life you’ll love them more than u ever knew your heart could love.

    March 7 at 7:48am  / Reply
  31. Conchita 

    Omg you were so freskin adorable. Congrats on your n Rogers princess .♥

    March 7 at 11:14am  / Reply
  32. Tamee 

    You remind me of Punky Brewster… so flippin cute

    March 12 at 3:46pm  / Reply


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