Valentine’s Day: What Gift Do We Want?

Hi guys!! Tomorrow is Valentine’s Day, how exciting is that! In this video Snooki and I mention some gifts we wouldn’t mind getting on V-Day from our special someone’s! XOXO


  1. brian 

    wow she looks swollen and kinda like China the WWE wrestler.

    February 13 at 12:06pm  / Reply
    • Dani 

      Have you never seen a pregnant woman before? JWoww looks bloody hot! AND SHE’S PREGNANT. I would kill to look that good any day let alone while I’m pregnant!

      February 13 at 12:20pm  / Reply
  2. brian 

    talking about JWOWW not Kardashian!

    February 13 at 12:07pm  / Reply
  3. Dot 

    She’s pregnant, idiot!

    February 13 at 12:22pm  / Reply
  4. Jess 

    Jwoww is about 7 months pregnent

    February 13 at 3:41pm  / Reply
    • taytaycamm 

      jwows only gonna be 5 months pregnant tomorrow I believe

      February 13 at 8:23pm  / Reply
  5. Carrie 

    Dumbass she’s preg

    February 13 at 5:34pm  / Reply
  6. taytaycamm 

    jwow is perfect! she was always my favorite out of all the jersey shore characters !. and jwows gonna be 5 months pregnant tomorrow I believe

    February 13 at 8:22pm  / Reply
  7. suzie 

    She looks stoned

    February 23 at 6:53am  / Reply
  8. david Rodriguez 

    Well I’m happy for you and your pregnancy from David Rodriguez

    March 10 at 9:33am  / Reply
  9. jessica 

    She’s had her baby already..

    February 12 at 4:37pm  / Reply
  10. Janice 

    Honestly who cares if she is pregnant or not! She is beautiful and if you don’t like it or don’t have nothing nice to say why waist your time watching these video’s !! Like come the fuck on get a life!!

    February 12 at 4:48pm  / Reply
  11. Rich 

    T.I. said it best “whatever you like”

    February 12 at 6:21pm  / Reply
  12. armani 

    u both r loooking like a asshooleher specially fucking snooki i really dnt like her im worried that how her husband marry her mayb cuz of she got money or just to fuck her she look really ugly honestly

    February 12 at 8:44pm  / Reply
  13. caz 

    Aramani thats not very nice comments about snooki her husband married her for her personality not just her looks

    February 13 at 5:10am  / Reply
  14. Tiffany 

    Fuck Jwow -WOW So is J Now !!! You CAm be a bitch Niw Bouboule FaRley …

    February 13 at 8:33pm  / Reply


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