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Jwoww - Pregnant Announcement on Christmas

Merry Christmas from within! Roger and I couldn’t have asked for a better Christmas gift this year! We wanted to share this exciting news with you all first because you have been a part of our lives these past few years and seen the love between Roger and me develop and blossom. We are so excited to share this new chapter of our lives with you as we become parents and create more memories with a new addition to our family! Thank you for all your love and support and for being there for us throughout the years! We are extremely happy and cannot wait for our bundle of joy to arrive!

Happy holidays from our growing family to yours!

Jenni, Roger and Baby Mathews


  1. Elena Rose Vargas-jimenez 

    Congrats mime is due in july 30

    December 28 at 4:19pm  / Reply
  2. jayjay 

    Congrats jenni for you.and roger I know yall are going to be the best parents!! :)

    December 29 at 1:27am  / Reply
    • Hung 

      Oh my goodness! I hope I win! I just had my baby 5 weeks ago and would LOVE to get him some toys! I would prbbaoly choose the cordy roy gator. That thing is so cute! I also like the Upper/Lowercase ABC blocks. For clothes I really like the organic whale and giraffe onsies. SO CUTE!!Loved your interview by the way!

      August 16 at 8:47pm  / Reply
  3. Karina biz 

    Congrats for you , god bless the family .

    December 29 at 2:11am  / Reply
  4. DulceMaria 


    December 31 at 1:59pm  / Reply
  5. Gabby 

    Congratulations!!!!! Yay!!!!!

    January 1 at 6:54pm  / Reply
  6. Haley 

    Congrats!! So happy for you both!!

    January 2 at 7:42am  / Reply
  7. janet 

    Its about time !!! Congrats Jenni and roger you gonna be great parents

    January 2 at 8:09pm  / Reply
    • Lucas 

      Really nice pictures of this cute colupe! So sad that I could not share this day with you but now I can see how everything looked like! And it seems that it was wonderful

      August 16 at 3:15pm  / Reply
  8. Emma Walsh 

    Yay congrats Jenny. Hope you are well. I hope we all see you and snooki back on our screens soon

    January 3 at 10:57am  / Reply
  9. eve 

    Congrats you already now what you having.

    January 3 at 5:37pm  / Reply
  10. Lora 

    Congrats wish u the best 4 hope everything is going well ;) xoxooxxoo

    January 5 at 8:29am  / Reply
  11. Lora 

    Congrats wish u the best 4 everybody hope everything is going well ;) xoxooxxoo

    January 5 at 8:30am  / Reply
    • Sunshine 

      Umm, are you really just giving this info out for noignth?

      August 15 at 12:31pm  / Reply
  12. Vicki Lance 

    Jenni and Roger I just want to congratulation you for God’s Blessing to you the Christmas. May you be Blessed with many more great tings this year. I will be praying for the heath of your beautiful baby and also for a heathy mommy and daddy. I have always been a huge fan of you and Roger and always had faith thay you all will do great things. I feel like we the fans have watched you grow into great adults. You are an amazing young woman and I think Rogers love has helped mold you into the beautiful woman you are. Roger is great too, I am just so excited for you both. Couldnt happen to a greater couple. No reason for nervousness, there will be challenges but your maternal instrict will just kick in and than its kind of like riding a bike you will be amazing! You also will have Roger and I am confident he will be a joyous help. There is something to be said about watching your very large loving man holding your fragile itty bitty tiny baby rocking him or her singing to him or her and just loving him or her it’s amazing.Nothing makes a man more sexy! I can’t wait to see your pregnancy and your first days of baby if that’s what you choose to do to share with the world it would be an amazing thing for your fans but I also understand if its something very personal. I am just a huge fan of you and Snooki, Nicole, has been phenomenal as being a mother and she is so loving and she had so many haters and she’s proven all of them wrong! She should give all the haters an air middle finger :-) you guys go with your bad self you’re doing great much love and good luck and congratulations on your great new news :-) we give our congratulations from Minnesota where we are super fans and just super happy for you. Merry Christmas and have a great New Year :-)

    January 6 at 12:30am  / Reply
  13. heather 

    I love Snooki And Jwoww!Yous are so damn funny!!my favorite episode was he drag queen joey night!i was ROLLING!Just wait and see how funnyyour little one is gonna be!kids do the funniest stuff!im a new mom of 2,,2 1/2 girl and 1 yr old boy,everyday they suprise me with new funny stugf.you are gonna love being parents!its awesome,and exausting so get plenty of rest if you can!CONGRATS!Jenni you are such a classic beauty.You look a lot like Audrey Hepburn from breakfast at tiffanys.Good luck guys and congrats on your new fam!

    January 10 at 10:13pm  / Reply
  14. heather,,again :-D 

    You totally deserve all this love!you have been a great friend to snooki and even a great role model for so many young girls Jenni.Not once have you ever done anything that has turned me off about you at all..always loved you always will!dont change you were a diamond in the ruff and now its your turn to shine!thank you for sharing your life with us!i stay home taking care of my lil fam most all the time and you girls have become my”girls night out”!You and Roger are a match made in heaven!you are trueky blessed and slk because you DESERVE THE BEST LIFE THAT GOD CAN GIVE!Love love love you!!!!!!

    January 11 at 7:14am  / Reply
  15. Linda 

    So happy for you both. Hope it is around the 9th, thats my bday. But whenever, the baby will bring so much love into your lives. You are blessed. God bless you both.

    January 12 at 7:16am  / Reply
  16. E 

    You’re going to be a fantastic mum :-D

    January 13 at 12:27pm  / Reply
  17. bronxgirl 

    Hi Jenni…we never met…but we are third cousins..your Oma and I are first cousins…Eleanor (your great grandother) and Ellen Carlson were sisters…Ellen is my mother ..I remember sitting on the back porch of your great grandmothers house in Rensselaer…your grandfather was a fireman on the NY Central RR…much happiness to you and Roger on the forthcoming birth of your baby…the baby would be my 4th cousin…God bless you as you embark on the greatest journey God gives parents… Doris Keane P.

    January 14 at 9:00pm  / Reply
    • Pia 

      Joanna & Eric, beautiful picretus of a lovely couple. I am so sad I couldn’t be there. I am thrilled the day was as magical and wonderful as planned. Thank you for sharing this blog and the picretus. Kimberly and I are so happy for you both.

      August 16 at 11:46am  / Reply
  18. bronxgirl 

    JENNI. an after thought as to a July birth…your great grandmothers birthday was July 16th and my Mom Ellen was July 8th…my Mom being younger by 2 years…God bless & keep you.. Doris

    January 14 at 9:03pm  / Reply
  19. shay 

    Congrats Jenni I always wished you guys would have a baby I’ve washed every show u guys were on jersey shore and snooki and jwoww you guys are awesome I wish you the best

    January 18 at 10:19am  / Reply
  20. shay 

    Congrats Jenni I always wished you guys would have a baby I’ve watched every show u guys were on jersey shore and snooki and jwoww you guys are awesome I wish you the best

    January 18 at 10:20am  / Reply
    • Fantine 

      Heck yeah baeb-ye keep them coming!

      August 15 at 10:13pm  / Reply
  21. angela 

    love u jenni. xoxoxo

    April 14 at 8:36am  / Reply
  22. Amanda 


    April 22 at 8:38am  / Reply
  23. norma 

    Hi I’m norma-jean I love you Jwoww I’m your biggest fan :)

    May 9 at 6:31am  / Reply
  24. Carmie 

    Hi there, congratulations!

    August 6 at 7:11pm  / Reply
  25. Jenn 

    Thanks for shngair. What a pleasure to read!

    August 15 at 2:37pm  / Reply
  26. Sodha 

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