What Jenni Wore Wednesday: Baby Bump Look

I love writing for Jenni’s site every week, and share with all of you why I dressed Jenni a certain way for a certain event and so on. Many times I do read the comments that are left and I see you all want some baby bump. Well here it is, in all its glory, perfect and round, Jennis daughters “first appearance” if you will. I dress a lot of women, A LOT. Not many have looked this small at almost 7 months pregnant!! She wears her bump well, and she wears her bump proud. And yes, those jeans, are maternity jeans, big ole stretch waistband (yes I giggled the first time I saw her in them) but none the less Jenni looks amazing in her jeans white tee and jacket, rockin a pair of maroon pumps. I think it is important for pregnant women to keep a bit of their signature look into their pregnancies. Whatever that may be for you. Big Bold earrings, fun chunky bracelets, scarves are always a great go to, and naturally shoes. ‘Til next time fashion divas!


Cat Hutton


  1. ReneeEastman 

    awe, im so happy for your baby jenni .. congrats to you&roger :)

    April 9 at 3:06pm  / Reply
  2. Mercedes 

    Love it!!!! You look amazing!!!

    April 9 at 3:09pm  / Reply
  3. Krystyna 

    Cute! I’m almost 8 months & your baby bump is bigger than mine! I lost a ton of weight in the beginning from being so sick is why my Dr thinks I’m so small! So your definitely showing better than I am!

    April 9 at 3:09pm  / Reply
  4. Velma Ramirez Edmonds 

    You look super adorable :) I cannot wait to see what that lil looks like!! :)

    April 9 at 3:17pm  / Reply
  5. Amanda 

    She looks really great! My belly was about the same size at 7 mo. I’ve heard it’s like that though with the first baby for a lot of women. I used to get discouraged and felt like something was wrong bc I wasn’t HUUUGE but nope! It’s normal! ;) <3 best wishes!

    April 9 at 3:35pm  / Reply
  6. AngeLina Medina Munoz 

    You look great!!!

    April 9 at 3:36pm  / Reply
  7. Raven Austin 

    Aww Jenni looks soo cute with her little baby bump!! :-) Congrats girl! You will be a great Mommy! :-)

    April 9 at 3:41pm  / Reply
  8. Joanie Vargas 

    The other day Jenni posted she was having a boy instead of a girl so is it back to a girl again, just curious….whatever she is having congrats and God’s blessings for her and to have a healthy baby!

    April 9 at 3:42pm  / Reply
    • leesha 

      She posted that on April 1st lol it was a April fools joke she then posted shortly after April fools..it took me a min at first when I saw her it’s a boy post then I realized oh wait haha April first duh

      April 9 at 3:59pm  / Reply
    • nicole 

      It was an April fools joke…. i thought she was for real too. But nope, its a girl! Boy was just a joke.

      April 9 at 7:07pm  / Reply
  9. NursingGirl 

    I give her major props for walking in those heels!! When I was pregnant my feet were so swollen I had to wear flats all the time. My heels stayed in the closet! You look great Jenni!

    April 9 at 4:04pm  / Reply
  10. janetsarduy 

    Her face is round again. I like it better.

    April 9 at 4:05pm  / Reply
  11. Amanda Llanso-Binkley 

    Stylist! Aha that’s what I was missing during my pregnancy lol ;) she looks beautiful! As always <3

    April 9 at 4:05pm  / Reply
  12. Blanche Field 

    Finally, a baby bump! Congratulations!!

    April 9 at 4:07pm  / Reply
  13. kinza 

    how does she wear those heals before i was prego all i wore was heals .. then i got prego couldn’t do it anymore

    April 9 at 6:12pm  / Reply
  14. Kendra Waite 

    Congratulations!!!!! Jenni may god bless u and ur family

    April 9 at 6:13pm  / Reply
  15. angela 

    Any baby names yet?

    April 9 at 6:37pm  / Reply

    jenni you look great can’t wait to meet the lil bambino!

    April 9 at 6:37pm  / Reply
  17. ,amber 

    Soo happy for u I just love u and nicole big fanns lol your adorable pregnant by yhe way on u sooo cute!!!!!

    April 9 at 6:44pm  / Reply
  18. Sylvette 

    Beautifulllllll, hermosa

    April 9 at 7:41pm  / Reply
  19. Pattie 

    You look like you are Glowing w Happiness! Finally your belly is biggeR than your boobs:)

    April 9 at 8:43pm  / Reply
  20. Donna 

    Yay I’m so happy I kept waiting to see that first baby bump pic and here it is congratulations to you and Roger many blessings and prayers for your family

    April 9 at 9:16pm  / Reply
  21. Jessica 

    Yeah officially jealous I never had a baby bump if it wasn’t for the 8 months of morning sickness, I would have never known I was pregnant and some how manger a 6lb15oz baby in 35 weeks

    April 10 at 5:35am  / Reply
  22. Allannah 

    How are you still that small?! My sister is a month behind you and twice your size and she was a 00 before she got pregnant. You are an amazing woman.

    April 10 at 4:50pm  / Reply
  23. Daiane 

    Você esta lindaaa, te adorooo muito, e que barrigona linda ,muita saúde para o seu baby, parabéns a você e o Roger s2

    May 30 at 7:48pm  / Reply


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