What Jenni Wore Wednesday: Birthday Shoes

jwoww - Pink, feathet, rhinestone heels for birthday bash

Shoes. Woman obsess over them. Always have, always will. A shoe makes a statement about who you are. Sensible, fun, sexy… practical??? Well you know, and I know, our Jenni is fun & sexy and when she could not find the exact shoe she had in her mind for her birthday bash at the Drunken Monkey in Staten Island, I thought, why not create the shoe. The perfect shoe. I purchased a 20.00 pair of platform pumps, and called on my friend Kristen Newman Ferrara of Kristalilly and asked her to create the perfect fun, flirty and pink birthday shoe. I handed over the pumps with a photo of a shoe I liked and what I got back two short days later was amazing. There were crystals and feathers and flowers galore. In a word, I was obsessed. It was the perfect statement shoe. It said “I am bold, it is my birthday, pink is my color, and I am not afraid to shine.” Jenni was overwhelmed with the shoes as were all the guests at the party. I think everyone was photographing her feet that night. She paired them with a pair of jeans and black chiffon top to keep it preggo comfy, and she let her shoes do all the talkin and the walkin. A great time was had by all, and those shoes… well let us just say, they will never be forgotten. Til next week my little fashionistas!


Cat Hutton


  1. Lindsey 

    Omg did Katy perry design that

    March 19 at 12:42pm  / Reply
  2. valerie 

    damn girl u r one fine looking lady I would give anything to look like you

    March 26 at 4:50pm  / Reply


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