What Jenni Wore Wednesday: Boots for Summer

JWOWW - Summer Style Boots for Summer with Roger Mathews

Boots, I love them, riding, military, sexy thigh high stilettos,cowboy, ankle booties, and so on! Too many to list but you catch my drift!  With summer around the corner, and fashionistas getting ready to put their winter wear away along with their winter blues, think before you put your boots away. Thinking summer is only for sandals and that you can’t wear boots in the summer time is like saying you can only eat chocolate on Easter! So get your summer wear out, and keep your boots, of all colors, front and center and ready to wear thru the summer.  Boots look great with shorts and skirts and they look fabulous and funky with leggings and jeans! Pair a cute romper with a pair of ankle booties or wear your cowboys boots with a flowy short skirt. Check out this photo of Jenni from last summer in her NEW York City Glitz off the shoulder black blouse, beige leggings and her fabulous boots (not to mention that handsome accessory by her side)! Get creative. Have Fun. Be Bold. Kiss your man in public, and wear your boots! Til Next Week!


Cat Hutton



  1. Angela 

    VERY Beautiful Jenni!!!!

    April 16 at 2:51pm  / Reply
  2. Carrie DeCosta 

    Good cuz I love my boots!

    April 16 at 2:55pm  / Reply
  3. Kimmy 

    You guys are so cute together, I just love it

    April 16 at 3:28pm  / Reply
  4. Susan Newman 


    April 16 at 9:02pm  / Reply
  5. melena 


    April 17 at 1:27pm  / Reply
  6. Afan 

    Roger seems ill to me. Might want to take him to the doctor for a check up. He looks bloated and unhealthy. I have an eye for this . Last person I pointed this out to had a bypass done on his heart the very next day after I mentioned it to him. Love you!

    April 18 at 8:40am  / Reply
  7. hikersalikes 

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    April 18 at 7:17pm  / Reply


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