Who Does Candi from JSM Remind You Of?

Candi - Jersey Shore Massacre

Hey boos!!!

I was just looking at Candi from Jersey Shore Massacre and was thinking she kind of reminds me of my Jersey Shore roomies!!! Which of my Jersey Shore roomies do you think Candi from the upcoming horror comedy Jersey Shore Massacre is most like?

1. Angelina
2. Deena
3. Snooki
4. Sammi

Tell me in the comments below and I’ll tell you who I think she’s most like!!!

I’m so freaking excited for the movie to come out in theaters August 22nd and on VOD on August 26th!!

Watch the TRAILER ON ITUNES and Preorder your copy off AMAZON HERE!

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  1. Savanah 


    August 6 at 9:09am  / Reply
    • emlnamcclea 

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      August 6 at 5:58pm  / Reply
  2. Mrsjuarez 

    Snooki !!!

    August 6 at 9:09am  / Reply
  3. Mallory 

    she is like a Snooki-Angelina crossbreed

    August 6 at 9:13am  / Reply
  4. melissa 


    August 6 at 9:15am  / Reply
  5. Jeffrey Berrio 

    Snooki or angelina

    August 6 at 9:15am  / Reply
  6. Tanny 


    August 6 at 9:19am  / Reply
  7. Lizeth Martinez 

    She looks like snooki because of the hair !!

    August 6 at 9:21am  / Reply
  8. Britny Weston 


    August 6 at 9:24am  / Reply
  9. Deandra 


    August 6 at 9:26am  / Reply
  10. Christina Peters 

    Looks like Snooki

    August 6 at 9:28am  / Reply
  11. Amy Martin Shepherd 


    August 6 at 9:29am  / Reply
  12. tashb09 


    August 6 at 9:30am  / Reply
  13. stina 


    August 6 at 9:30am  / Reply
  14. quinda 


    August 6 at 9:31am  / Reply
  15. yasmin 

    No wayy snooki is way better

    August 6 at 9:31am  / Reply
  16. Laura Hirst 

    Like a mixture of Skooki and Angelina. I only say Snooki because of the hair. Snooki is far to pretty so compare to “Candi” :-)

    August 6 at 9:37am  / Reply
  17. Gabriela 


    August 6 at 9:40am  / Reply
    • Dani 

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  18. Alana 

    Angelina, for sure!

    August 6 at 10:00am  / Reply
  19. Jermaine 

    Angelina or Snookie

    August 6 at 10:31am  / Reply
  20. Ali 

    DEENA, in my opinion! Her hair looks like Snooki’s though

    August 6 at 10:42am  / Reply
  21. The Great 

    Thats most def snooki

    August 6 at 12:20pm  / Reply
  22. Kimberly Parisi 


    August 6 at 12:22pm  / Reply
  23. Tiffany Rae Murray 


    August 6 at 12:31pm  / Reply
  24. Rhonda 

    Angelina, but with snooki’s hair

    August 6 at 2:07pm  / Reply
  25. Savannah Winter Pazono 

    U guys a hella dumb and obviously crazy she looks nothing like snooki. She looks better then snooki im thinking she is similar to denna or Angelina.

    August 6 at 2:25pm  / Reply
    • Rabil 

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      August 16 at 4:15pm  / Reply
  26. Alison Gonçalves 


    August 6 at 2:27pm  / Reply
  27. Tearyn 

    A way ugly version of snooki… Snooki is way to beautiful to be compared to this girl but that’s who she kinda looks like, but she also kinda has Angelina too (:

    August 6 at 3:20pm  / Reply
  28. Karla 

    Angelina’s hair, with Deena’s body

    August 6 at 4:52pm  / Reply
  29. Jamie 


    August 6 at 5:06pm  / Reply
  30. Kayla Parker-Wesley 


    August 6 at 7:36pm  / Reply
    • Oumda 

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  31. Thelma Heredia 


    August 6 at 9:59pm  / Reply
  32. lupita 


    August 7 at 12:09pm  / Reply
  33. Keisha King 


    August 7 at 4:48pm  / Reply
  34. crystal day 


    August 7 at 5:23pm  / Reply


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