Why Orange Is NOT The New Black…

Pick up any fashion magazine, or look at what has been hot on the runways for the spring & summer and you will see a lot of orange. ORANGE! While I personally will tell my clients “Navy is the new black” you will never hear me say “Orange is the new Black.” My reason…it’s awful. Granted this is just my opinion, but I have dressed enough women over the years to say with all certainty, orange, is by far, one the most difficult colors to wear. You need a certain skin tone to pull off this crayola color, and most of the time, it just does not work. I love color, don’t get me wrong. I like a splash of color, like in a shoe or bag, or even a top. I also like dresses in pinks, greens, and blues for the summer. But orange is good only if it is in a cocktail. Morning Mimosa anyone? Til next week my lil fashionistas!!

Cat Hutton


  1. Carrie DeCosta 

    I’m not a fan of orange either!

    June 18 at 7:21pm  / Reply
    • campenb 

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      June 22 at 7:28pm  / Reply
  2. Suzanne Pohl 

    Orange is the New Black is based off of a Netflix show where a women goes to prison and wears an orange jumpsuit. It is not a new fashion fad…fyi

    June 18 at 10:18pm  / Reply
    • why did u bother 

      Duh…. it was an obvious pun, and did not need an explaination….

      June 19 at 12:15am  / Reply
      • Cassie McConnaughey 

        She did not mention the show at all which leads us to believe that it’s not a pun. If it is a pun, it’s nowhere near obvious. She just seems dense.

        June 19 at 12:23am
    • cat hutton 

      I am the one who writes these posts, lol, and yes I am aware of the show, but in all truth, 2014 is showing sooooo much orange!! After I wrote the post I thought I should have referenced the show. I am not sure why I am defending myself here, guess that is what “dense” people do. No harm done I assure you, I have been called far worse. haha

      June 20 at 10:11am  / Reply
  3. mercedzes 

    I cannot wait until you have your baby! (: plus I completely agree with you!
    -Love Sadiez

    June 19 at 1:30am  / Reply
  4. Pony Pow 

    All I could read was: blah, blah, yatta, yatta and some meow, meow and then whoff, whoff Hahaha

    June 19 at 7:05am  / Reply


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