Wombmates, Ep. 3:Panic During Parental Foreplay

Hey guys!! You HAVE to check out our Wombmates Series! This week’s episode stars Snooki, Jionni, Roger, me, and, most importantly, our little babes! It’s beyond funny! Check it out! XOXO


  1. Ayarose Cadangen Tokias 

    omg! that is so freaking funny. lol

    June 13 at 3:24pm  / Reply
    • rinbeamsexc 

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  2. Tricia 

    Omg yass sooki I love u I love the cartoon so cute

    June 13 at 3:30pm  / Reply
  3. kim 

    Lol that was so funny i love yall so much

    June 13 at 3:39pm  / Reply
  4. Spanishmama 

    LMBO!! “I don’t wanna get poked”

    June 13 at 3:53pm  / Reply
  5. fkeen_precious  

    Ahahaa Great

    June 13 at 4:03pm  / Reply
  6. kayla ♥ 

    Omg thats cute lol made me laugh

    June 13 at 8:35pm  / Reply
  7. Joyce Parrales 

    That’s too funny!! And cute, but weird!!! Lol :D

    June 13 at 10:00pm  / Reply
  8. Kate Plunkett 

    Argh can’t view in New Zealand :(

    June 14 at 1:03am  / Reply
  9. Carol 

    Can you post the video to your Facebook page please & Thank you Jenni

    June 14 at 9:19am  / Reply
  10. Brittney Rebecca Long 

    Love them

    June 18 at 12:36pm  / Reply
  11. momsky 

    So cute! I am overjoyed to hear of your pregnancy . Congrats to you and Roger. I know I’m a bit behind (so sorry). I’ve been watching Celeb. Marriage Boot Camp and I didn’t think it would end between the two of you., I prayed for the two of you. It’s still being aired but seeing the commercials for Celebration with David Tutera kinda gave it away. Thank God!!! And as I said I truly do apologize but then I found out you’re pregnant and I’m SOOO happy for you both. I’m in PA, not so far from you, I’d be happy to babysit, haha, you don’t even know me, I’m being silly. I’m reading all this shaving stuff, I was 100 lbs when I got pregnant and my belly was so big by my 9th month I couldn’t even see my vag nor did I care, due to the fact you almost always poop anyway, which is a bit more disgusting. Don’t get me wrong I did the best I could shaving but trust me ALL IS FORGOTTEN when you see that little bundle of joy that you and Roger created together. I’m sure Snooki’s filled you in. You probably don’t get chance to read these unfortunately but, I send you and Roger my best and may God bless the 3 of you. That’s going to be one BEAUTIFUL baby. I don’t know if you’ll be breastfeeding but I have breast implants as well and I breastfed. I’m sorry this is a book more than a comment, I wish you could read this, who knows maybe I’ll be lucky and you will. Best of luck to both you and Roger and your new baby. Enjoy every moment because they grow so fast. Unfortunately I was only able to have one and it seems like yesterday we were celebrating all her milestones and planning elaborate Birthday Parties and now she’s 15 and I’d do anything to go back for just one day. You will feel a love you never knew existed and I wish you, Roger and Baby the very best. God Bless all of you. Sending Love your way, Michelle

    June 30 at 8:57am  / Reply
  12. Angela Henry 

    The cartoons are THE BEST!!! sooo funny! Love them and u guys…!! Keep up the good work! U guys are soooo entertaining and I’m a 40yr old!!! And I love u two!!!!

    July 3 at 8:52am  / Reply


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