Wombmates Episode 4: Shopping with Snooki

Actual lol! I’m obsessed with these cartoons!!! They crack me up so much. Watch this week’s episode where me and Snooki aka Nicole go clothing shopping for our baby girls… LMAO!


  1. Helen Lynch 

    I loved the other three, I can’t get this video this time

    June 20 at 3:10pm  / Reply
    • campenb 

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      June 22 at 7:25pm  / Reply
  2. Heather J Robb 

    This is too funny!!!

    June 20 at 3:27pm  / Reply
  3. Heather Green 

    I can’t believe I really just watched that. I thought my morning sickness was over but that was so bad it makes me want to vomit. I went to see if the other ones were the same and omg… Did people really get paid to make that?? SMH

    June 20 at 8:19pm  / Reply
    • Ryleigh 

      Some people really like this and if you don’t like it why do you watch it if you do and all you do is complain about it why do you even watch it heather green!

      June 25 at 8:11pm  / Reply
  4. Carrie D 

    I can’t believe how much I look forward to these every week! So creative & hysterical! I love it!

    June 20 at 9:14pm  / Reply
  5. mom19 

    Cant wait till your next show but i live in Holland so it will take longer for us to see it:(:( but i love youuuu i have a Daughter 4 months old!!!

    June 21 at 3:25am  / Reply
  6. Briana 

    Hey I really like you guys and I hope that someday I can meet the wonderful people

    June 21 at 8:05pm  / Reply
  7. Christina 

    I cannot view this in Canada. :( It sounds hilarious.

    June 25 at 5:12am  / Reply
  8. Anneka Lewis 

    Super cute….. love love this cartoon :)

    June 27 at 10:48am  / Reply


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