Wombmates Episode 5: Astrology with Our Babies!

Watch this weeks episode of Wombmates! Too funny! I hope my little babe isn’t too “crabby” LOL.


  1. Carrie D 

    I love these! So cute & cracks me up every week!

    June 27 at 1:38pm  / Reply
  2. Kaitlyn goodine 

    I’m a libra !! Can’t wait for the new season to start !

    June 28 at 12:14pm  / Reply
  3. Andrea Maccagnano McNinch 

    I loved episode one. Couldn’t wait for the next one to be posted. Now I see episode 5!!! How did I miss 2-4??? Looking forward to the new season, also.

    June 28 at 9:34pm  / Reply
  4. imsnerruc 

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    July 1 at 8:20am  / Reply
  5. Kimberly 

    I’m a libra, (born october 18)❤ And my dad is a cancer!

    July 1 at 3:20pm  / Reply
  6. Jennifer Russell 

    Congrats Jenni & Roger!!!!

    July 14 at 3:32pm  / Reply


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