Yup, This Is Me!

JWOWW - How I look taking a selfie


  1. tommy 

    I hear you have a huge vagina.is that true? Like a fire cracker went off in that thing.know a guy who you been with…

    April 2 at 10:19am  / Reply
    • Wendy 

      thats extremely rude.

      April 2 at 10:52am  / Reply
    • Mabel 

      That’s so mature…

      April 2 at 11:19am  / Reply
    • Amanda 

      Guys that say that a girl has a “huge Vagina” have tiny little dicks asshole. why go out of your way to get on here just to HATE???? HATER!!!

      April 2 at 11:28am  / Reply
    • Mercedes Gasca 

      Tommy u r such a DISGRACE u consider ur self a man NOT! Please u will always b a DOUCHEBAG

      April 2 at 11:32am  / Reply
    • shelby 

      Why? Why do even have to put something like this on her page? It’s past the point of being rude or a hater. It’s being a bully. This is why children turn out the way they do. The see/heat things like this and think it’s okay.

      April 2 at 11:51am  / Reply
    • Wes Broome 

      big enough for a baby to come out? cause i think that’s what all woman have. . .

      April 3 at 9:44pm  / Reply
    • Shea 

      I find it so funny when guys say girls have “huge vaginas.” Do you not realize that vaginas are so elastic that it’s quite difficult for them to be “huge” unless the man’s penis is tiny? Even after children, a woman’s vagina doesn’t stretch out so much that it’s noticeable. The question you asked just explains how low your IQ is when it comes to women. Good luck with that immaturity in life :)

      April 3 at 9:57pm  / Reply
    • Big eh 

      Yo for real that niggas on point she got that big ol gaping vagina us guys can’t stand

      April 3 at 10:23pm  / Reply
    • ashleeey!012714 

      You’re just mad that you gotta small dick & you couldn’t get a bad bitch like jwow .. WOW, I feel sorry for you.. :,)

      April 4 at 2:47pm  / Reply
    • Girlpower 

      How about posting a selfie of you and you pathetic buddies sorry excuses for penises and then we can talk about why your little dick couldnt reach and or find the hole, which would explain why her vagina may have seemed so big to your friend.

      April 4 at 3:40pm  / Reply
  2. KJ 

    Where the baby bump

    April 2 at 10:20am  / Reply
  3. Katie Caroline Carter 

    Seems tommy has this weird jackassy way of wanting to say.. He wants to bang u?!?!!
    Seems as of he wants you since he “KNOWS”someone thats been with you… Jealous much?? ?

    Anyways, post some pics of your baby bump

    April 2 at 11:16am  / Reply
  4. Deana Childress 

    Guarantee the guy ain’t had nobody. He’s just a freak in hater

    April 2 at 6:48pm  / Reply
  5. Jess 

    That tommy dude is only hatin because he could never be with someone as good looking as you and he has probably been rejected by anyone he asks out so he is bitter and will die alone. Have fun dude! Cause if you don’t change your ways you will forever be miserable, sad, and ugly on the inside and out

    April 3 at 9:58pm  / Reply
  6. Emme 

    Wow “Tommy”, you are so courageous. Posting trash about a pregnant woman behind a computer. Bet, you wouldn’t ask that dumbass question to her man in person. You pencil dick!

    April 4 at 3:48am  / Reply
  7. KC 

    Ain’t no woman got a big pussy. It’s all you jerkoff guys that have small dicks. You’ll say anything to make yourself seem bigger than you are.

    April 4 at 8:19am  / Reply


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